Does Pink Floyd visit Madrid in the 21st century? The owner would be false and its materialization, already completely unfeasible. But last night was not a substitute, but the most legitimate recreations possible. And a sound shock like you do not know the same: if you have no choice but to flay the eardrums, it happens on such an occasion.

No one would say ‘Is this the life we ​​really want?’, The album that in 2017 served Roger Waters to end 25 years of record silence, which is a flimsy collection. On the contrary, any young man who approaches her may think that she has never heard anything so overwhelming. But who wants to listen to the premiere repertoire if the man who made us flesh last night in the WiZink is the founder of one of the most apotheosical bands in history?

We do not know what degree of frustration will occur to a gentleman of 74 springs that only transcends what he conceived as a thirty-year-old, but it is evident that he compromises and assumes it. The tour is called ‘Us + Them’, as one of his famous classics, and last night he gave the 15,000 attendees 18 pieces of Pink Floyd out of a total of 22. You extract the average, but the football fan would sum it up like this: win.

The experience was, above all, a colossal experience, an audiophile slap as the memory does not manage to find another similar one. The sound supposes an overwhelming shock that embraces all the spatial orientations, and all this is not restricted to a mere technical question. To disdain its value would be as absurd as the baker who does not give importance to flour.

Waters does not provide news: we have heard ‘The dark side of the moon’, ‘The wall’ and ‘Animals’ millions of times and variations on the originals are very subtle. The audiovisual support is striking but not unheard of. And that? The vocal duo of the two choristers (Jess and Holly, of the Lucius group) in ‘The great gig in the sky’ was, like so many moments, of an untouchable beauty. ‘Wish you were here’ will always fill the basins of tears. And the messages of “resistance” of the intermediate, against neofascism or the founder of Facebook, represented a cry in red letters just when in any big event only the beer is quoted upwards. Waters will be a rich old man, but not comfortable.

The 20 minute break leads to an extensive review of ‘Animals’ from ‘Dogs’ and ‘Pigs’, two large pieces, uncomfortable, disturbing and, 41 years after publication, perhaps more effective than ever. The central runway that descends from the ceiling, similar to that of U2 in the tour of ‘Innocence + Experience’, is a virgin only comparable to the guitar work of Jonathan Wilson himself (“that resident jipi that must be in every band “, According to Waters), a signing that neither Iniesta for Japanese football.

Pigs’ serves, you know in advance, to ridicule Trump with the grudge of grotesque photos and, even worse, the mere consecutive reproduction of some of his most stupid statements. But it is even more remarkable the torrid orgy of the saxophone that scribbles throughout ‘Us and them’, another one of those solos that our great-great-grandchildren will continue to lick. Those same ones that the name of Donald will only sound like an ancient cartoon.

We can agree with him in all or nothing, but Waters does not shut up and his speech after the two final pieces of ‘The dark side of the moon’ (with the iconic prism laser drawn on the audience) is a passion formal very beautiful. Our man would have it very easy not to get involved in berenjenales, but never, and less now, he had the intention of keeping silent. If, in addition, his effort to get close to us and to inflame us lasts for almost three hours, it is very difficult to assign him any reproach. Roger has aged well; his music, even better. May he and all of us.

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Capacity 15,000+



Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid (English: Community of Madrid Sports Centre), since November 2016 called WiZink Center for sponsorship reasons, is an indoor sporting arena located in Madrid, Spain. Its capacity is 15,000 people for basketball matches and 15,500 for concerts (with standing public ramp).

The former building, which was built in 1960, was destroyed by a fire in 2001. Architects Enrique Hermoso and Paloma Huidobro projected a High-Tech style new arena that was built at the same place between 2002 and 2005.

The arena hosted two major international basketball events in the first decade of the 21st century. It hosted the knockout stage of EuroBasket 2007, and the following year hosted the EuroLeague’s Final Four 2008. It also hosted three times the final stage of the Copa del Rey of basketball in 2006, 2009 and 2011.

The arena was the final’s venue for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the Euroleague Final Four 2015.

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