Great songs, jumbled theses: Roger Waters’ shows a great Pink Floyd reincarnation in Berlin. But it ends with missionary zeal.

Of course it is but his victory lap through the arena am Ostbahnhof after two hours: the infamous inflatable rubber pig by drones controlled, a marvel of stage technology. It is admired by more than 10,000 spectators at the concert by Roger Waters and cheered. Instead a neutral emblazoned on it, surprisingly does the pig without controversial symbolism together with the star of David “Stay Human”-logo.

The song is called “pigs (three different ones)”, was constructed in 1977 and is reinterpreted to the Trump song visually. Not that the 45th President of the United States would have earned every abusive song. But its likeness to animal body or small Dick-Antikentorsi to assemble and lead the ten-minute prog rock monster in the Hall-wide lettering “Trump is a pig” is not exactly subtle.


Moderation has never been a virtue by Roger Waters. On his creative fury, the located in the ambitious concept album “Animals” (1977) and “the wall” (1979) and always monströseren tours showed, Pink Floyd broke. Last but not least by the ugly dispute with his ex-colleagues waters was long considered trademark for Stinkstiefeligkeit.

It is little to feel this evening with the first of two concerts. The 74, blessed with an age attractiveness reminiscent of Richard Gere, behaves to its eight-Member touring band very gentlemanlike, fluctuates to a loving idea. This he has every reason, wears it hired collective but unerringly by the three-quarters of Pink Floyd classics existing and program completed with pieces of waters’ recent solo-album.

The technical level from this may be one of the best reincarnations of Pink Floyd, which you can get for the money. The Briton Dave Kilminster and the Californian Jonathan Wilson (“our resident hippie”) share the job once performed Dave Gilmour – lead guitarist and singer, and make it great. Kilminsters filigree solos are pleasantly unprahlerisch and maximum effective, Wilson’s singing exactly meets Gilmour elegiac tone. The unbreakable Campfire anthem “Wish You Were Here” will be lifted by an interplay on two acoustic guitars in celestial spheres.

Where more complex songs of set of are necessary, the singers of Jess intervene Wolfe and Holly casual from the New York indie band Lucius the himself at “the great gig in the sky” in daring coloratura. Four more cracks, including drummer Joey Waronker as Nick Mason replacement, provide the Foundation for the correct implementation of the sacrosanct Floyd songs, so is waters on knurriges Bassgeplonke, the singing solo pieces and animating gesturing can focus.

That this is more than a nostalgia-blessed evening, ensures the Homo Politicus Roger Waters. To “another brick in the wall” he raises a dozen Berlin schoolchildren in Guantanamo inmate clothing on the stage, under which they wear T-Shirts with the inscription “Resist” (resist). Whereas they should defend themselves, appears during the ensuing break: Mark Zuckerberg, neo-fascism, Nikki Haley (UN Goodwill Ambassador of the United States), anti-Semitism – and “Israeli anti-Semitism”.

This concern is as central to him, clearly waters shortly before the end of the concert – in the wake of the heart zerschmelzend beautiful “Eclipse” – in a rumbling Suada, in which he for the enemy Israel BDS (boycott, disinvestment and sanctions) campaign promotes and the anti-Semitism officers attacking Government, Felix Klein. And even if there are quite cheers for waters’ jumbled theses , many fans are uncomfortable squirming in their seats, would be spared her pleasure by the missionary zeal of their hero.

“There would have to be a time machine, all would have to be young again,” an elderly lady says to her companion. Right, back to a time when rock music might be still a Virgin. That it no longer is this contradictory evening painfully makes clear.

Review Translated And Sent In By Jörg Wunder

Capacity 17,000+



The Mercedes-Benz Arena originally known as O2 World is a multipurpose indoor arena located in the Friedrichshain neighborhood of Berlin, Germany. The arena opened in September 2008. Developed by Anschutz Entertainment Group, O2 Germany purchased the naming rights.

With a capacity of 17,000 people, it is home to the Eisbären Berlin ice hockey club and the ALBA Berlin basketball team, and is used for other ice hockey, basketball and handball matches as well as concerts. The surrounding area will be filled with various entertainment venues including a cinema, a casino, a hotel and various bars and restaurants.

The arena hosted the 2008–09 Euroleague Final four. The arena was one of the most prominent elements of the Mediaspree urban redevelopment project, quickly gaining emblematic status in the debates surrounding the project’s impact.

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