A great evening. I’m also excited about the musical quality. Great versions of the well-known classics, only Money and Comfortably Numb very close to the original. The new David Gilmour in Jung has pleased me vocally and visually great. From afar, he really went through as David. This gave it even more atmosphere.

As expected, Roger gave a long speech on Palestine Israel and WDR’s withdrawn support. Unfortunately, 50% of the audience did not understand the topic. So a young lady in front of me screamed yeaaahh every time as the WDR was called. Unbelievable that so little English knowledge is still available. The celebrated the transmitter, although the words of Roger are absolutely critical are entitled evil.

Now I am on the train to Munich. Tomorrow follows the 2nd Show, which I look at from him this year. Looking forward to the details that I’ll discover only the second time.

Review Courtesy Of Christian M

Capacity 20,000+



Lanxess Arena (originally Kölnarena, German for Cologne Arena) is an indoor arena, in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is known as the 18,500-capacity home of the Kölner Haie. The arena opened in 1998 and can accommodate 20,000 people for concerts. With its capacity of 18,500, it is the largest ice hockey arena outside North America.

It is primarily used by Kölner Haie (ice hockey), VfL Gummersbach (team handball), Köln RheinStars (basketball), and as a concert venue.

The arena is spanned by a steel arch supporting the roof via steel cables. The height of the arch is 76 m (249 ft) and its weight is 480 tons.

On June 2, 2008, it was announced that Kölnarena would be renamed Lanxess Arena, for a period of ten years.The sponsor, Lanxess AG, is a specialty chemicals group based in the Lanxess Tower in Deutz, Cologne.


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