Welcome to the A Fleeting Glimpse Collectors Hub.

Designed in collaboration with the Pink Floyd Collectors social media group to showcase a glimpse of the various ticket stubs, posters, adverts, promotional displays, t-shirts, and other memorabilia that has been accumulated by the fans since the band’s inception in 1964.

With extensive galleries covering almost 60 years, we have very carefully organized all material into the relevant categories to make it easy to navigate. Simply click on one of the categories below to view our extensive contributions. You can also enlarge the images by simply clicking on them.

Please Note : This section only features material that has been officially licensed and released to support the band. While there are many different forms of bootleg items circulating, this is something that we will not be showcasing in order to respect and honor the band as a collective.

There are many types of Pink Floyd collector. Some buy every studio, live, compilation and solo album on CD, and then stop there, content with their small but perfectly formed, hi-fidelity shrine. Others take it a step further, and amass a drawer of t-shirts, ranging from Primark crop-tops to authentic 1970s original concert t-shirts they’ve frantically bid on at 3am on eBay.

Then there are the Floyd collectors who devour shelves of books and stacks of magazines, scouring each page for miniscule details that might give them some insight into their elusive heroes. Others wallpaper their house with concert posters old and new. Some arrange ticket stubs of the dozens of gigs they’ve attended in an aesthetically pleasing way. Many fall down the rabbit hole of vinyl, and find themselves staring at a battered Mexican pressing of Dark Side of the Moon in an overpriced record store and thinking to themselves, “Yes, I need another copy of an album I already own 84 copies of, in eight different formats.” That’s part of the sheer joy of being a Pink Floyd collector. It can go as far as you want it to go, in whatever direction you want to take it. It may culminate in a pair of Wish You Were Here socks, or in the Pink Floyd branded VW Golf. It might even end with David Gilmour’s Black Strat hanging on your bedroom wall.

A Fleeting Glimpse is proud to present their ongoing collaboration with Pink Floyd Collectors Facebook group. Feast your eyes on a cornucopia of Pink Floyd goodies that will showcase the far reaches of uber-nerd collecting!

Delve deep in to the peculiar and beautiful artefacts that have been amassed for your viewing pleasure! And wonder to yourself, “Whose idea was it to release a promotional Dark Side of the Moon cherry flavoured lollipop and where can I buy one? ” – Natalie Lyons (Long Serving AFG Associate)

The passion to collect has always fascinated me. People collect everything from travel posters to trains to instruments to race cars to matchbooks to art.  Shall we buy a new guitar? Shall we drive a more powerful car?

I suppose it’s an expression of our identity. Some are more completists than others. Certainly none are more dedicated than A Fleeting Glimpse, who has asked me to tell you about their consolidated collection of all things Pink Floyd called the Collectors Hub, which is really something and a labor of love.Ticket stubs, memorabilia, brochures, promo material, it’s sort of amazing the effort that went into this. And I’m sort of amazed how much of it I’ve been a part of. Highly recommended, and best of all, free. ” – Jon Carin (Long serving Pink Floyd collaborator)

We are very grateful for the help of the Pink Floyd Collectors social media group with this exhibit. With extensive galleries combining various materials from 1967 to the present day, we hope that many of our visitors will appreciate seeing the items that the passionate fans have accumulated over the years. By no means is this exhibit definitive, as the amount of material in the public domain is endless, but we certainly have one of the biggest showcases, and hopefully, with the wonders of technology, this is something we can keep updating on a regular basis for years to come.” – Liam Creedon (AFG Site Director)

We are so grateful to Liam and the ‘Fleeting Glimpse‘ community for inviting us to participate. Our remit has always been to share and accept contributions from others who share our same passion for collecting. To organize everything into one place and make it easy to navigate seemed impossible to us, but with hard work and innovation, Liam has more than achieved this. We look forward to seeing the hub grow as more memorabilia becomes available. – Philip Waters (Founder Of Pink Floyd Collectors Group)

If you have any material that you think our visitors would be interested you can get in touch by emailing us at Liam@pinkfloydz.com