Considering how short David Gilmour’s latest European tour was, it’s hardly to be expected that the legendary guitarist and former Waters comrade player from Pink Floyd would ever see us again. This former bass guitarist, and after the departure of Syd Barrett, the singer and the main brain of the  band regularly include in his program this town and  has done it twice this year.

With the new album, this time there was no classical program of building and subsequent destruction of the wall from the album “The Wall”, which will be celebrating four decades next year since the release, but it was a two-part split show full of experiences.

And while the first half of the concert was based around the huge projection wall and numerous members from accompanying bands, in which the duo vocalists played a significant role, focusing more on perceiving the exquisite musicians’ genius of the participants, the other being a show as such.

The introductory part closed the hit “Wish You Were Here” and “Another Brick in the Wall,” in which the iconic scene with Waters was also shown by twelve children who were dragged into orange prison mundurs, with the words “Resist” on their chests.

After a twenty-minute break, the end of which was once again excellently announced by the police sirens, the giant construction began to descend from the ceiling, with huge projection screens on the sides, which sharply divided the viewers in the stand into two halves. With  four chimneys and a flying pig, Battersea, which forms the cover of the album “The Animals” (1977), lowers from the roof.

But not only that. The song “Pigs (The Three Different Ones)” supplemented the screening of the harshly criticizing and ridiculing Donald Trump. The American president was thus portrayed as a human-headed pig, like a roaring baby and a miniature penis owner. The worrying shots alternated with controversial quotations, such as: “There is no racist bone in my body,” “If Ivanka was not my daughter, I would be dating her,” or “Good people do not go do politics.” A droned inflatable pig was flying around the entire structure, and the head of the State was great again, and the huge Czech inscription “Trump’s A Pig” ended.

But the author of the most lucrative solo artist’s tour in history has been attacking and criticizing with disconcerting footage. In addition to a number of other world leaders, he also showed extreme poverty and the Black Lives Matter initiative in a single moment when he spoke to the audience (not counting the break announcement), mentioning that we could be amused about how he loved us and shared his words of thanks, but it is more important to mention that when he flew over the Czech Republic in the afternoon, he saw peace. And that you have to realize that the whole human race comes from Africa, so we are equal and we should take care of the other. The whole performance did not just go to music, but also to clear opinions and not always quite pleasant to get into the consciousness.

The conclusion of the concert was a narrative laser expedition that allowed the reconstruction of the most popular rock cover in the shape of a three-dimensional three-dimensional pyramid, reminiscent of “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “Hit Comfortably Numb”. It has been confirmed that when legendary work is combined with modern technologies and unambiguous ideas, something of timelessness can arise. Something that has the potential to talk to both summer fans and the young generation. And for that, Roger Waters and his team deserve a huge advent.

Article Translated Courtesy Of Jan Trávníček

Capacity 18,000+



O2 Arena (formerly Sazka Arena, stylised as O2 arena) is a multi-purpose arena, in Prague, Czech Republic. It is home to HC Sparta Prague of the Czech Extraliga and is the second-largest ice hockey arena in Europe.

It has hosted important sporting events such as the European Athletics Indoor Championships, two Ice Hockey World Championships (2004, 2015), the Euroleague Final Four 2006, the World Floorball Championship, the Davis Cup finals, as well as a handful of NHL and KHL games, including the 2014 Gagarin Cup final. It can also host stage shows, such as concerts, and other large-scale events.


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