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This show was originally scheduled for The Forum but was moved to the Staples Center

Got to the seat, with the excellent view, and the show was just fantastic. So much better than the night before due to the unobstructed view! Again the sound could not have been better, I was even moved more then the first night, plus all the additional sites that I missed the first night, like on ABITW when the “shadow” figure writes the graffiti and then walks right past the band, at first I thought it was a real guy, then as he “walked” behind Roger you can tell it was in the projection, again very cool.

I also noticed that there are some extra speakers above the band that moved up and down during the show, specifically during Young Lust where they come down about 30 feet.

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Have to say, the crowd in LA was really well behaved. Almost to well behaved. Run Like Hell was the only time anyone stood up and grooved. My date was dancing sitting down the whole show which I thought was very impressive. The guy next to us complemented us on our “commitment to smoking weed and how he thought we were powerful people for being so incognito with it.” We were so incognito some of our clouds ended up framing a poor guy across the aisle who had just taken his first toke. He was told to stop it but continued on anyway.

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Videos from this concert have been removed as Pink Floyd claim copyright on them

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