Saw the Denver show last night. This production of The Wall is amazing. Roger, the band, the lights, projections, theatrics, everything is amazing. Sure, you could tell Roger lip synchs on some of the songs, but to me it did not matter.

This show is not to be missed. I really wish I could have seen this multiple times. I am also glad I listened to some bootlegs, looked at pictures, videos and read reviews. For me, it made the concert that much better. I was still surprised by some things and did not feel the spoilers changed the show for me. I had great seats and the people around me were fun. Thankfully no drunks or talkers during the show.

Review thanks to HomebrewFloyd


Our good friend Rob from Montana attended the Denver show and got to meet Roger. Rob tells us “Reeling over the Denver show and meeting Roger in the parking lot. He was quite friendly. My friend, Charlie asked Rog, “Will David be making an appearance tonight’? to which Roger gave him a snide look. Truly amazing.”


Thanks to Tim Scribner

Tthanks to Ralph Barilla

Tthanks to Ralph Barilla

The videos from this show have been removed from YouTube by Pink Floyd Management

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