Tonight’s venue, The Nassau Coliseum is very unique in that its the only place on the tour that Roger is playing where he also played the original wall shows back in the 80’s, this is something he mentioned a few times at the show tonight. I was sitting 14th row in the middle block on the aisle tonight, again my favourite place to sit with the expectation of standing on the front rail.

The place is a lot bigger inside than it is on the outside. It’s a perfect circular building just in the middle of a parking lot and the floor area is obviously sunk into the ground which make it look a lot smaller from the outside.

The gig started as usual around 8:15, again a lot of the audience were seated for a lot of the time but as the show went on they started to get more and more into it and stood for a while. The show was without fault! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that was without a single problem! I’m sure there were some but I certainly didn’t see any. The teacher’s legs were a bit messed up tonight but I wouldn’t call that a problem, one of the wires was just caught under its foot which made it look a bit odd at the bottom. The kids came on as normal and they still have a long way to go to beat the ones that were onstage in Chicago!

As good as the show was it was the best due to people sitting down and the people not as into as say Chicago or New York. Roger commented about the show he played there all them years ago and the crowd roared with cheers and whistles, again Roger telling the crowd what a “miserable old man” he was back in them days!

The first halves of the shows seem to fly by now for me, the highlight definitely being “What Shall We Do Now” I’m so pleased he decided to play this at the shows, it’s always funny looking around and watching peoples faces who have no idea what this track is! as it wasn’t on the album and only in the film. I love it and its one of the best tracks in the first half for sure.

After intermission, I made my way back to my seat for the second half, this is my favourite half of the show, I just think Roger outs that bit more effort into the whole part that he plays. Watch when he initially walks onstage during In The Flesh, he walked onstage, stands still, looks at the backing singers, smirks at them and moves on, he acknowledges Robbie with a salute type hand gesture and just as he walks past he waves his finger to Robbie to follow him, Roger then stops at Dave, again acknowledges him and Dave returns the acknowledgment, he then carries on to Snowy, Roger smirks at him and Snowy doesn’t look at him at all, he just stares forward all the time, all part of the act of course. Roger then continues to look at the audience in a menacing way, picking people out and pointing to them and mouthing something that I haven’t been able to work out yet but I will.

One thing I do like is how the lighting rig is a circle which is half behind the wall and half in front of it and you can see all the lights move forward for the second half of the show so they can shine on the front of the stage; Mark Brickman has done a fantastic job of the lighting on this tour and you can tell that every little details has been thought about and tested.

Comfy Numb was again faultless and played with such passion that only Dave K can give it. His actions at the end of his solo tell you how pleased he is with the solo and how pleased he is with the crowd’s reaction, not only does the crowd know a good solo but you can tell he does too.

The wall came down great tonight, forward then backwards then forwards. Lots of rippling on it too before it actually falls.

Had a great night, the only “downer” was I was sat on my own tonight, no friends sat beside me, had a cool virtual sing along with Kami by text though during Waiting for the Worms but there’s nothing like seeing a show with good friends next to you who appreciate the show and don’t just dance along to Another Brick Pt 3 and then talk the rest of the way through the show.

Above images & review thanks to Simon Wimpenny

I saw the show last night at the Nassau Coliseum, and… not that good. Let me explain. The set was just half built when it started. There was construction work being done during part of the concert! That is unbeleivable. The sheer incompetence… And my seats were lousy. Floor center seats, but for most of the show there was this freaking wall blocking my view! How can they sell these “bombs”? And the construction workmanship was so poor that the wall came down after just a couple of hours! My advice, Roger, don’t hire these clowns anymore. And ask for your money back… You’re entitled to it.

Review thanks to luismatos

Videos from this concert have been removed as Pink Floyd claim copyright on them

The Wall certainly wasn’t the only thing falling apart last night in that “building.”

One note about last night…about 15 minutes before showtime there was an announcement… “Ladies and gentlemen…Roger has no problem with you taking photos, but please, turn off the flash. All you get is a picture of a white wall, and it ruins the projections we’ve worked so hard on. Please turn your cameras to the force flash off position.”

Of course it was ignored throughout the show – they should make the announcement closer to showtime, and again after the intermission. Didn’t really bother me but it’s stupid. Flash photography at a concert is retarded, all you get is the back of people’s heads, and like roger said, a white wall. That was my 4th show and the first time I’d heard that announcement.

Review thanks to crazy levi

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