This set of three photos were taken by Felipe E. Mac-Auliffe P. They were taken in January 2002 in LA Serena, a northern city in Chile that is a popular holiday destination and visited by crowds during summer time. The pictures show that as you walk along the coast road you’ll see an abundace of advertising signs for Rogers visit to Chile.

The part that I enjoyed most was after the interval there was a magical moment when the entire audience saw a shooting star as Roger was playing Brain Damage. ~ Gonzales



Roger is mobbed at the airport.

Roger is mobbed at the airport.


Roger’s Dressing Room

A little surprise for you.

live1QA warm calm night with a mysterious air, it could not have been better background to receive the almost mythical Roger Waters, who stood with his black bass, like a arquetipycal image for the times past. And it turned out to be almost paradoxical the English musician’s performance, because in spite of being considered a pessimistic and even existentialist, their show overflowed with magic, happiness that overwhelmed the senses. We are not able to more than to say that it was an overwhelming, blinding concert, with a perfect quadraphonic sound, a band that demonstrated it belongs on the first level and it continued, full with emotion, the three hours that the concert lasted.

At about 8.05pm the lights of Estadio Nacional went out and Waters appeared immediately on a kind of platform, amid an ovation of the crowd, and after an explosion, he open the show with the track from the album The Wall”, ‘ In The Flesh? ‘. Behind, on an immense screen, the audience was able to watch the animations of classic imagery of the movie like the march of the hammers, the diverse characters and to Waters, followed by the whole crowd, making the typical sign with the crossed arms. What a beginning! Without losing one second, the bassist along with his band , continued with The happiest Days Of Our Lives/Another Brick In The Wall Part 2″, without a doubt one of the well known songs of the whole career of Pink Floyd where the audience became a choir of 65 thousand voices singing: “We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”. Afetr thunderous applause, Waters took his acoustic guitar and it began with the riff of the unforgettable topic off The Wall”, ‘ Mother’. On the screen behind there appeared the image that represents its mother in the movie, giving a total coherence among the visual elements and the music that he/she was interpreting.

The following set was for the brilliant and sad songs from the album Final The Cut”,’get your filthy hans off my desert’ and ‘ Southampton Dock’, to then open the way to something that until a while ago would have been unexpected for the fanatics. Waters took his guitar and began with the track that opens the album ” Animals “, ‘ Pigs On The Wings, Part 1 ‘ and later, the same as the original disk, it continued with the extensive song of more than 15 minutes of musical delight, ‘ Dogs’ where the typical recordings of the factory and the pig could be appreciated flying in the air on the screen . Already in this part of the show, the band composed by the guitarists Snowy White, Andy Fairweather low and Chester Kamen, the keyboardist Harry Waters (the master’s son) and Andrew Wallace, the singer soloist Kathleen Kisson and the choristers Patricia Arnold Morris and Linda Fredericks and the drummer Graham Broad, showed off of its quality in the extensive instrumental parts of this composition.

live2QThe last songs played before the intermission were dedicated entirely to the memory of the primary genius of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, through four songs of the album of 1975, Wish You Were Here”. it was then when the keyboard began with the atmosphere of Shine On Your Crazy Diamond pts 1-5 and a picture of Barrett that little by little was coming closer, until becoming a formless mass, on the screen of the bottom. Without a doubt this song marked one of the highest points in the show, when rapt people sang along the chorus with to Waters and his band. A spotless interpretation, with a clear and sure sound and where the saxophonist Norbert Stachel appeared for the first time, who was the one in charge of closing the extensive song. Then, came one of the great songs of Pink Floyd, ‘ Welcome To The Machine’, the one that produced a total enjoyment for the assisting fanatics that for the first time -and maybe the last one -, they could see and to listen to this beloved classic of the career of Pink Floyd. The set continued with the popular Wish You Were Here” that the public sang together with Waters, to conclude this first part of the show, with the impressive surprise that was to listen ‘ Shine On Your Crazy Diamond pts 6-9 ‘. suddenly, as a gift from the sky, a fleeting star crossed for the whole stadium. The spirit of Barrett showed through the nature, while its picture went going away and enlarging more and more in the screen of the bottom. With a thank you, thank you”, Waters explained that they would take 20 minutes of rest to continue with the second part of the enormous concert.

At about 10.40pm the band appeared again on stage to begin with the rejuvenated version from the classic ” A Saucerful Of Secrets” (1968), ‘ Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’, the one that without a doubt was a luxury for the most educated fanatics in the trajectory of the band. The recital continued with one set of several songs from the album of 1973, The Dark Side Of The Moon”, starting with the beautiful ‘ Breathe’, continuing with the powerfull ‘ Time/Breathe Reprise’, to finish with the excellent version of ‘ Money’. All these songs were received with an enthusiasm without limits by the audience that sangat the top of their lungs the songs mentioned previously.

Full of emotion, Waters began with 5:06 A.M followed by an extracted repertoire of his excellent album of 1992, Amused To Death” where he played not so well known compositions for the public in general, such as ‘ Perfect Sense’, ‘ It’s a Miracle’ and ‘ Amused To Death’, among others. In this part, the giant screen of the bottom showed to the monkey that this seeing confused television and that he/she cannot understand the man and what happens him, this way creating the perfect combination among music, image and the concept that he wants to deliver.

It is also worth mentioning that during the whole show were used sounds, voices and musical parts recorded to create the total atmosphere that each song required.

After this part that audience listened with respect and interest, Waters surprised with the interpretation of two of the most paradigmatics song in the history of Pink Floyd. ‘ Brain Damage’ and ‘ Eclipse’ were really an unpayable gift for all the people that had the luck to be in this concert. This way, Waters said goodbye making a reference next to its musicians. Then after some minutes wait and incessant din on the part of the fans that wanted more, to return to the stage to play ‘ Comfortably Numb’, without a doubt a crowning glory and another of the unmissable songs that was expected with longings to listen. To conclude, Waters interpreted the song ‘ Each Small Candle’ where was projected the beautiful lyrics in immense letters on the screen so that the whole audience could read them. That was the end of a really impressive show and an opportunity that we will never have more it almost for sure.

Written by Hector Aravena and translated by Gonzalez.


richard13The British musician offered one of the best concerts than they have seen themselves in Chile, before more than 65 thousand people.

Roger Waters is closest to a living myth. A man able to create fundamental works of the history of the rock, like ” The wall ” or ” Dark side of the moon “, to bear the latent image of one of the most influential groups of the last century, like Pink Floyd, and to reproduce its sounds faithfully, without an apex of hackneyed nostalgia.

Last night, in the National Stage, before 65 thousand people, the ex- bear of Pink Floyd maintained an impressive concert of almost three hours with the best memories of his old grouping. There there were time for the desvaríos nor no the lamentations. Only moments of moving intensity and real power that served to recall a discografía plagued of problematic, like desencanto, the solitude and the horror of the war.

Waters, with his 57 years, rose with a tremendous legend hills the scene. He let flow the experimentation and density that owner of a as acid language did as successful, shook to the fame of hura6no and displicente with his fanatics, and in addition he showed small solistas joyitas – like ” Amused to death ” and ” Its to miracle ” – that has been maturing through the years.

smallMEverything began to the 21,05 hours with ” In the flesh-part 2 ” and ” The happiest days of our lives “, having like bottom images of the film ” The wall “, whose moving lírica created in 1979. Later, with that deep and felt voice that always is care, the musician interpreted ” Mother ” and ” Another brick in the wall, part 2 “, reviviendo old karma of the unprotected star and the social automatism.

To those heights, the cuadrafónico sound that was restored Pink Floyd in years 70 already had debutado in Chile, which in the long run was an element indispensable for the recreation from a solid and full spectacle of shades. The amplification ready in several points of the field allowed that the sound effects were absolutely charming for a transgeneracional fanatical crowd, that from the first second, demonstrated an unconditional delivery.

Then wine the turn of songs of the shady discs ” final The cut ” (1983) and ” Animals ” (1977), like ” Get your filthy hands off my desert ” and ” Pigs on the wing “, without the visual flying animal effects on the scene or inflatable, although for that reason less nonintense dolls.



Passed one hour of concert, ” Shine on your crazy diamond. Part 1-5 ” served Waters to him to remember Syd Barret, the member of Pink Floyd who retired of the band by madness, and to give him to a sense tribute to its person. Something that repeated moments later, once finalized the intense interpretations of ” Wish you where here ” and ” Welcome to the machine “, with parts 6 to 8 of ” Shine on… ” and ” Breathe “, the subject that gave resumption to the concert, after an interval of 20 minutes.

new2Soon a moment came from melancholy not less special. It interpreted ” Time “, the only composition of his repertoire of last night that Floyd completely told on the autorales credits of the old formation of Pink: Rick Wright, Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

In any case, the other three members of the band were not indispensable last night. Roger Waters had planned very well the composition of his concert and for that reason Snowy White in the guitar replaced the vocal parts of Gilmour in ” Money “, for example, with enough honor; and the tecladista Harry Waters, the son of the ex- Pink Floyd, knew to have with consistent atmospheres each song.

small3MThus, the bear did not have to exorcise the ghosts of his ex- companions and she gave life him to a legend that, in Chile, was only spoken of heard. But that last night – aim- reality became.

Torches and vítores

Last night, the fanatics of Pink Floyd, who went from the 15 to the 60 years, were more than satisfied. Although Roger Waters had openly showed the annoyance that caused to touch songs to him of its old grouping, the musician made enough concessions that fulfilled all the expectations of the assistants who arrived at the National Stage.

The public responded with torches, vítores and applause after each song, in addition to corear the classic letters of like ” Wish you where here ” and ” Another brick in the wall. Part 2 “. And that was enough to them and exceeded.

Set List

In The Flesh
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
Southampton Dock
Pigs On The Wing, Part 1
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
Welcome To The Machine
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-9

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Breathe (In The Air)
The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking, Part 11
(5:06 AM – Every Stranger’s Eyes)
Perfect Sense (Parts I and II)
The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
It’s A Miracle
Amused To Death
Brain Damage
Comfortably Numb


Each Small Candle

This series of pics were provided by Pinky Floyde

Thanks Pinky Floyde

Thanks Pinky Floyde

Pink Floyd bootleg signed by Roger Waters & Snowy White provided by Pinky Floyde

Pink Floyd bootleg signed by Roger Waters & Snowy White provided by Pinky Floyde











Artwork by Miquel Moya

The sponsors for Rogers trip to Chile are Cerveza Cristal, who are running a concourse (competition) to win tickets to the show and lots of other goodies. It seems as if Chile has well & truly taken Roger Waters into it's heart as by all reports Roger is being treated like a national hero! Thanks Felipe E. Mac-Auliffe P.

The sponsors for Rogers trip to Chile are Cerveza Cristal, who are running a concourse (competition) to win tickets to the show and lots of other goodies. It seems as if Chile has well & truly taken Roger Waters into it’s heart as by all reports Roger is being treated like a national hero! Thanks Felipe E. Mac-Auliffe P.

Thanks to Rodrigo Becerra Valle

Thanks to Rodrigo Becerra Valle

Thanks to Rodrigo Becerra Valle

Best seat in the house? This ticket cost Felipe Mac-Auliffe a massive $73,000!

Best seat in the house? This ticket cost Felipe Mac-Auliffe a massive $73,000!

Thanks to Miquel Moya

Thanks to Miquel Moya

Thanks to Gonzalez

Thanks to Gonzalez

Thanks Miquel Moya

This show was sponsored by Cristal Beer.


Thanks to Miquel Moya

Thanks to Gonzalez

Thanks to Gonzalez

With thanks to both Gonzalez & Miquel Moya

With thanks to both Gonzalez & Miquel Moya

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