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grinmexico13It was one of the most emotive events of my life. First of all, because when I was born, my home was full of teenagers, so that music’s been like the soundtrack of my life. Even though the very first CD I bought was “A momentary lapse of reason”, I grew up listening to Wish You Were Here and The Wall…all the time. So I took my younger uncle (who’s like 15 years older than me) to the concert, as a payment for my “education”…I felt gulty because I went to both PULSE shows six years ago on my own…

Then I realized I wasn’t the only one that had done that…to tell you the truth, I was glad to see a stadium of 40,000 people capacity completly full. A month before, one of those 5 really cute boys “I know how to dance but that’s it” band had sold out that same scenario, so it’s nice to see that there’s still people with some good taste…and high education.

There were people of all ages…but all of them from a medium-high class…which confirmed my theory that “this isn’t music for everyone” sad, but understandable…It’s hard enough to understand someone bithcing about everything on a really ironic tone if you don’t have the bases to do so on your own language…Imagine now on a language that you don’t understand, foreing politics, and foreing feelings…It took me years to understand who WHITE HOUSE was, you know “pigs”… There weren’t angry teenagers either…so it was a really cool environment.

mexico3About this guy…he was impresed with the audience. When he played “another brick in the wall” everybody was singing, that’s not new…but he was shocked (you should’ve seen the look in his face) when he started to play material from amused to death, and EVERYBODY was singing along…he even stoped singing for a few seconds during “the brabery of being out of range” to listen to the audience…at the end, he thanked us for doing that…maybe you don’t know this, but he didn’t want to come to Mexico in the first place because he thought we weren’t such a good market…there’s the rumor, that mexican audience is the most dificult of all (from Latinamerica of course)…and sometimes, really bad things happen, because as a culture, we all are nuts.For example, U2 anounced not so long ago that they won’t EVER come back here, one of their bodyguards, got into a fight with the bodyguards of the last president’s son, and now he’s on a wheel chair…FOR LIFE. So this guy, wasn’t married to the idea of coming down here. But at the end, everything turned out to be more than ok.

mexico14Then, a weird thing happened…as a part of the show, they’re playing with a huge screen on the back of the stage, and all the time, they’re playing images on it, depending on the part of the performance, for example, during “In the flesh” the cartoon of the hammers, the final cut…a lot of war scenes, and so on….from the dark side of the moon to the end…things got really emotional…they started whit “breath” and some pictures from the moon (WONDERFUL IMAGES) but..during “Time” they started to show the satelite pictures from NEW YORK ON SEPTEMBER 11TH!!! I was shocked!!! I didn’t, not for a single second, thought tihs guy would do anything like that…but right next came “MONEY”, and the images were starving arabians, and old pictures of native americans….then I understood.

But the better part…PERFECT SENSE….it was a sequence of a nuclear bomb…from the carrier, to the city…and it ends up with the explosion, the last scene, the sky full of stars… it made me cry.

Thanks to Paola Núñez

rogmexicoWATERS HYPNOTIZES 40 THOUSAND FAITHFULS It was not the delicate sound of the steel, but the acute concept of the mental walls. So the beginning went, to 20:30 hours, of the dramatic concert of the English Roger Waters. At heart the humanized hammers disclosed by David Gilmore moved the 40 thousand assistants. An increasing emotion surrounded by the powerful and delicate cuadrafónico sound was expressed in a monumental choir. They will be 25 songs altogether, all those that per years waited for the followers of Pink Floyd, represented with dignity by Waters, teacher of the low one, who made mancuerna historical with Syd Barret. Many comment the delicate concert of Eric Clapton, but they indicate that this one, in its total conception, feels like more fort. To the closing of the editing still they lacked 15 songs.

Arturo Cruz Barcenas

CONCIERTORoger Waters appeared in the Forum Sun (CNI in Line) In the frame of its tour ” In the flesh “, the ex- member and creative brain of the famous Pink group Floyd, the English musician Roger Waters offered during its presentation in the ” Forum Sun “, a route by three decades of trajectory, with a spectacle that left much to be desired in the visual aspect, more not thus in the musical comedy.

The artist, with an falsified equipment of cuadrafónico sound, flooded the building with notes of his creation and music that could be listened to in different points from the building. Nevertheless, the technology was not the same one as far as the visual production, since the musician resorted only to projections in three gigantic screens, where could be seen images in reference to the history of Pink Floyd that went from the covers of their discs created by Storm Thorgerson, until animated images of the film ” The wall “.

More than 50 thousand people who went to the concert they could appreciate an amalgam of ages, the same, people of 35 to 40 years which they lived the golden time on Pink Floyd, as well as young that grew thus listening to discs of their parents, adding itself to the followers of the artist and their ex- companions.

mexico11Waters offered a concert that was full of intensity at any moment, reason why is difficult to indicate that she excelled more; nevertheless brick in the honored the great choir of the public with the song ” Another wall (Part II) “, as well as its masters in the interpretation of the low one in the piece ” Money “.

mexico8Presentation was of more than two hours, in that Waters were made accompany in this presentation by six musicians and three coristas, that gave form to 25 songs, between that included themselves: ” Mother “, ” Get your filthy hands off my desert “, ” Shine on you crazy diamond “, ” Every strangers eyes “, ” sense Perfect “, ” Brian damage “, ” Eclipse “, ” It´s to miracle “, ” Pigs on the wind “, ” Each small candle “, ” Seth the for control the heart of the sun ” and ” What the god wants “.

The quality of the artist allowed the luxury him to listen to its background music, to play poker and to drink whiskey with its companions in total scene and after a hand of this game of chance returned to take low his and to continue with its show.

mexico6To the beautiful one, that without being, he was Roger Waters, is very possible, has not listened to Jose Alfredo Jiménez. If he had done, would understand it better the multitude than vitoreó during three hours the night of Tuesday. The pain, the sadness, the abandonment, is feelings that, for the great majority of the Mexicans, deserve a mariachi well and much tequila. The ritual of the pain for the Mexican has celebration airs. For that reason, for little more than 50 thousand fanatics (the term, politically incorrect, fits perfectly) the one of that night long longed for in the Forum Sun, without concerning the inabarcable sadness who transpiraron all and each one of the hymns that were interpreted, was a twisted air celebration. Joy and tear, joy and desconsuelo, pain and joy: Waters in Mexico. It was one night magical. Pure Comunión. Connect. Waters appeared most precise and sober dressed black, as she corresponds to an artist who in his work has let glimpse that if something exceeds to him they are mournings. Caustic until the excess, he did not salute after the quarter cuts. Of entrance tribute to its work rendered summit, The wall. It happened of the artist of fascistoides ways of ” In the flesh “, to the humiliated student and iracundo of ” Another brick in the wall part 2 ” and to the son annulled and asphyxiated of ” Mother “. Soon it continued crossing the best thing of best discs of the Floyd. Of final The cut, that in honor to the truth would have to be considered as its first disc solista, jumped to luckily vindicated and portentoso Animals with two jewels, fleeting and a melancholic one, ” Pigs on the wing “, and another interminable and desconsoladora one, ” Dogs “. Of it happened there to review another great disc, Wish you were here, in which he was one of the best short whiles at night. To sang of that magna builds ” Welcome the machine ” (unexpected), combined to obligadísimas ” Shine on you crazy diamond ” (accompanied by images of Syd Barrett, first leader of the Floyd, to that is dedicated and that for more than 30 years he has been imprisoned of his own one hallucinates) and the incommensurable ” Wish you were here “, coreada by half hundred of thousands of throats. Here, at the hour and 20 minutes of recital, the interval arrived. After the rest, Waters returned with a wink to prehistory with ” for Seth the controls the heart of the sun “, soon to approach completely pure history, without adjectives. ” Breathe “, ” Time ” and ” Money “, of the most famous and respected disc of the Floyd, Dark side of the moon, were the prelude to approach their race like solista. A cut of magnificent the Pros and cons of hitchhiking, part 11 subtitled ” mexico5Every stranger’s eyes “, preceded to the prolonged suite with which, ten years later, Waters still it looks for to make up for of the indifference that the world gave to the last one of its masterpieces: Amused to death. Five cuts of a matchless dramatic quality and intensity. In ” sense Perfect ” Waters shakes to the war any religious connotation to him, ethnic or of any other type. The war is question of money ” expressed in dollars and cents, pounds, chelines and pennies “. It sings embelesado this global hymn species, haranguing to the multitude, looking for his delayed approval. ” Amused to death “, with which this part finishes, includes a lapidaria prophecy on the human species. Waters glimpses that in the future the human ” she will be entertained until the death “, and its words, illustrated with primate in front of the television, in these times post-attacks New York in technicolor, acquire a brutal sense. And of there to grand finale, with an extraordinary trilogy: ” Brain damage ” (and its insurmountable line: ” There is somebody in my head, but I “) and ” Eclipse “, both of Dark are not side of the moon and to finish, not one more a song, but the Song. The purest, naked, more explicit Waters. All the universe Waters encapsulation in seven minutes of a moving text and requinto heartrendering. ” Comfortably numb “, and could not be another one, later arrived three hours to reinventar, like whenever it sounds, the term hopelessness. Waters takes leave and returns to announce one more a song. He turns out to be new, somewhat lukewarm and speaks of the freedom. The public is exhausted and requests more by inertia. No longer there is more. The drop curtain falls, and the river of people, eager for fetiches, hurries in search of the t-shirt, the cap, the cup or any thing that in the future certifies distantly what it was lived, by more inexpressible than it shines: one night with Roger Waters or the art of being so happy with as much sadness.

Antonio Salcedo M


In The Flesh
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
Southampton Dock
Pigs On The Wing, Part 1
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
Welcome To The Machine
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-9

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Breathe (In The Air)
The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking, Part 11
(5:06 AM – Every Stranger’s Eyes)
Perfect Sense (Parts I and II)
The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
It’s A Miracle
Amused To Death
Brain Damage
Comfortably Numb


Flickering Flame














Thanks to Juan de Dios Solis

Thanks to Juan de Dios Solis


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