Thanks to Gerbert Verheij

Thanks to Gerbert Verheij

This was one hell of a show, totally MINDBLOWING, FANTASTIC, MARVELLOUS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! The sound was superb, Roger was in a perfect mood once again, as was the rest of the band.

Highlights: Welcome To The Machine, Money, Perfect Sense Pts 1&2, Every Strangers Eyes (no lip sync!), Comfortably Numb (whoa, those solo’s!). In fact, this whole evening is a highlight to me.

Flickering Flame is really a good song, having heard it twice in its final(?) arrangement now. The Dutch crowd was completely amazed, that is for certain. Roger seemed really impressed by the reactions from the audience. Once again I have to say: Harry Waters deserves a lot of credit for his playing. So does Andy Wallace, who has a more modest role, but can’t be missed.

Andy Fairweather-Low was great during his part in Money. Man, I could go on for hours…

This band is really great! And though we’ll always miss the Gilmour guitar sound on the Floyd songs, Chester is really doing well. And what more needs be said of Snowy White, other than he is a very, very competent and gifted guitarist. The man understands the works.

Roger and band: Thank You for this wonderful concert in Rotterdam! A Night To Remember! Cheers, Dan

Thanks Danny Kroonen

It was a very good show. Roger had a lot of fun while playing his Pink Floyd and solo songs. But…. Roger and the others, they were just only a COVER BAND!!!!!!

Nobody can replace David Gilmour, never!!

And why have Roger no more new songs? It’s always the same, from the old days !!

Is his creativity over?

Thanks pinkf