All pictures (except where specified) thanks to Kurt Lawson

DSC03591Entrance: I arrived at 7:00 with my dad to the Hollywood Bowl, and god there was some bad traffic. Thats what we get for being late. It wasnt all that bad tho, we luckly found parking fast but it was pretty far from the acual place. Me and my dad had to run like hell (pun intended), in order to make it before the first song. Luckily we were just overly peranoid and the show didnt start till 8:00. This was my first Floyd related concert ever. My dad was at the 94 DB concert and Ive been into Pink for only 3 years now. I didnt know what to exspect, it was really tense. Well it turns out, people in LA see the Hollywood Bowl as some big party. When i went in, the first thing i saw was just a bunch of people hanging out and drinking beer and guys trying to pick up chicks. I didnt mind, but I expected somthing differnt. It was an older crowd, and just looking at all them, i could tell they werent here for Roger, but there to get drunk off their asses. There were metal dectectors, before going in the stadium, but I just walked through and they didnt even say anything. Looked right at me too. Then I went to the merch, laughed at their prices, and then went inside to find my seat.

DSC03608Entertainment: Before I review the show itself song by song. I just want to say the ONLY complaint I had about the show. THE CROWD: god, they were the most boringest people ive ever seen. Ive never seen a rock concert where the whole entire crowd was sitting down almost the whole way through. You’d think they’d be crazy and animate because they were drunk, but no. They just there whole time, maybe sombody or me would go “wooohh!” or something but that’s it. And at one point, people COULDN’T sit down. Through out the whole show people were walking all about, either to go talk to a friend at a differnt row or go to get some more beer. During the best songs too. God, it was sick. Hollywood Bowl is like a chill spot or something, one big party, with a band playing in the backround. At least that’s what it looks like to them! ….. okay, now that thats off my chest.

In The Flesh – Roger came out with the spotlight on him and i went crazy. But I dont think any one around me knew who the hell he was. I stood up expecting the rest of the crowd to also as the song started. But I was baffled to see that everybody were just sitting down watching and talking, so….i sat down haha. Great awesome performance, didn’t get the crowd into it what so ever but it sure did for me. Cept everyone cheered when the “that ones smoking a joint” line was song. Overall, awesome performance. Just a little dissapointed about what the crowd was going to be like for the show. But i got over it during the next song.

Mother – I love this song, but my dad loves it 10x more. He sang along, and then someone behind us told us “shhh…” so he sang louder! haha then I sang with him. good times. and another great performance.

Set The Controls – Incredible. It was a big surprise, it almost sounded like a complete remake of it. So much better then the original, so hypnotic and it really got me into the acual band itself. Snowy White so damn awsome on this, I loved it. Loved the changes.

Shine On – This seemed to be the first song people acually knew. I started to get chills durng the opening and it hit me! Im at a Roger Waters concert! How awsome!! Another awsome performance, no screw ups and awsome video of Syd. (people around me acually thought it was Waters when he was younger

Have A Cigar – I couldnt help but stand up and rock out on my invisible guitar on this song. It was just great. A great rocker. I also started to notice Rogers bass on this one. You could hear it clearly through out the show from where i was sitting. Hollywood Bowl blew me away with its sound, it was just perfect. Heard every note from every instrument.

WYWH – A tad bit dissapointing. I love this song to death. People in the garden seats and pool area (the real floyd fans) pulled out their lighters, so the lame drunks pulled out theres. So did I! Pretty good performance, Waters pulled some good vocals, the sax was a bit out of place tho. Like Gilmours version better by a long shot.

Southamton Dock – Some beautiful video for this part. The seagules scared the crap out of me at first. It was coming from behind us, like all the sound affects for the rest of the show. But the someone turned up the seagules a bit too loud. Couldnt hear Rogers singing a few parts. Good song tho. My dad has never heard this one, he seemed to like it alot tho.

Fletcher Memorial – People around me were all talking after Osama Bin Ladens face appeared on the screen. I thought i was very cool! I have a new love for this song, it was really awsome. Some guy in the crowd said “good night!” towards the end of it. (like in the song). And the guy in front of me said “shut up!” and everyone laughed. Yeah, pretty sad lol

Perfect Sense – I was really looking foward to this one. I was dissapointed there was only one song from Amused To Death, but thank god it was that one. Amazing performance from PP. Arnold. Roger played his invisable violen during the Vietaniese quartet bit. I was deeply surprised that this song acaully got the crowd into the show. Paticurly on Part 2. I was singing so loud, i nearly choked. The voices of the announcers were great, sounded very real. Again amazing sound and amazing performance. The crowd seemed to enjoy it.

Leaving Beirut – Brought the crowd down a notch again. But i had a fun and thats all that matters. Roger introduced the song, and it began. However it was probly the least great performance of the whole show. I couldnt read the top half of the comic strip because of the lights on the sealing, and I was just dissapointed by the song itself. I loved hearing it on Rock in Rio video on youtube, but this song seemed to lack somthing for me. This is when people started getting up and walking around again. My dad went to the bathroom during this and he said theyre were alot of people out there just hanging out, as if nothings going on! Aw, well still good performance. No booing from where i was at, mostly just nothing.

Sheep – Wow, just wow. Incredible, had me on the edge of my seat. It has always been one of my favorites but it just mind blowing live. The pyro, the pig, and everything! The crowd loved it. Awsome performance! Truly somthing else. I was suprised that they brought the pig so far to back of the stadium, it flew right over me. It had a spotlight following it and when the pig went by me, i had the spot light right smack down on me. It was a weird feeling, and weird that it was on me when the pig was like 20 feet above me! Everyone cheered when the pig turned his ass too us to reveal “Impeach Bush”. Great pyro, it went pretty far into the air. After the song Roger said “okay, 15 minute intermission, or acaully i think it might be 20 today, and then wel come back and do Dark Side Of The Moon” And thats when the crowd cheered the loudest i heard so far.

Dark Side Of The Moon – Well this was somthing, i cant even describe how much I loved this whole performance. To me, better then the first half. For the first time in the show, I felt that the crowd was acaully preparing them selves for what was gonna happen next. Roger came out and said somthing like “well usually there would be hearts beating right now, but all of our hearts are still beating, and getting faster and faster as show continues. Anyway, i would like to introduce Nick Mason!” Everybody cheered, and they hugged, it was an awsome moment seeing them on the screen toghether. Then the heat beats began. Now im not even gonna do this song by song beacause it just felt so complete as an album and as a performance. This was Dark Side of the moon and we all know that this has Rock music forever. I’ll just start by saying that it was a great moment in my life, truly a dream come true. Nick Mason did an awsome performance on Time. Great Gig, brought the house down, David missed an entire line on Money, Us and Them made my dad tear up, and Brain Damage surprised me with the floating Dark Side logo. I tottally didnt see that coming. I felt lucky that it was at the Hollywood Bowl shows and not the others. I looked so freakin’ cool, I just couldnt stop staring at it. They did an amazing job with that one, I couldnt tell it was being held by a crane! Great performance and a thunderous applause and the end, i was screaming my ass off. It was a great feeling, still have chills from it.

DSC03587Encore – After, the band took a bow and left, people acaully started to leave! I yelled “theres still 5 more songs left!” But they ignored, cept for this one couple who said “really? wow! this is a really long show!”. Before anyone had a chance to leave, Roger came back and introduced the entire band, this gave a chance for everyone to come back to their seats lol. Everyone cheered as Roger named each band member. (Harry looks really weird, his beard scared the hell outa us) Then Happiest Days Of Our Lives kicked into high gear. This was the funnest part of the concert. Everybody still standing from cheering for Eclipse and they were too lazy to sit back down, which is good! It was great me and my dad were singing along and having a great time. Then Another Brick Part 2 started and it brought the concert to a whole knew level. The crowd went insane, we were all singing and punching our fist towards the air. It was great. Two girls infront of us started freak dancing! Great performance and awsome solos from Dave and Snow. Everybody acaully sung to Vera, I guess the people like me in my area finally decided to let it out and sing. Alot of people around me didnt know it, but they still stood up. Bring the Boys Back Home was 10x better then I expected, it was the long version and acaully got the crowd going. I sung along. Then came the best ending I could possibly ask for. As the door knock and telephone signals came and the sound was begining to put the audiance in a trance it all goes dead, then back to life with the beggining of Comforatbly Numb, it was phenominal, maybe my favorite performance. I felt so alive, i glowed up and i just felt joy. Me and my dad sang to together and the crowd was loving every single note that came out Kilminsterd guitar. It was great, a very moving and a more then perfect end to a phenominal concert. The fire works and explosions were awsome sight to see. Roger said goodnight and Nick said thank you. It was great seeing them together and great to see that these men that have already given us so much beautiful music over the decades and have already changed Rock itself can still put on a truly stunning show. Thank you Roger.

Exit: What can I say? We left. We had a long way back to the car, and there were like 10 people along the way there trying to sell us fake tour shirts. I couldnt afford the real ones, so i said why not a bought one. Its pretty bootlegged looking but I like it. Doesnt matter what shirt I walked out with. I can say i walked out knowing I just witnessed to my very first Floydian concert. I dont have much money but I loved buying so many albums and dvd over these short 3 years, nothing makes me more happier, Pink Floyd is in my heart, beating all the time. And now that ive seen Roger, I know theres a greater joy, the greatest joy Ive gotten from being a Pink Floyd fan so far. I thank my Dad and God that im fortunate enough to witness this event, and thank you for reading. ~ Louie A Soto The 3rd

oh and sorry for all the spelling mistakes, im tired. 🙂

Review thanks to loudaman88

DSC03610Wow, what an amazing experience. I was incredibly paranoid about getting there on time, so I got to the Bowl about an hour early. I felt stupid because I ended up taking my big camera, which was too bulky to sneak in, so I had to leave it in the car. I went to merchandise and bought the b&w young Roger tee, taking advantage of the time I had before the concert started.

When I walked in, I did a double take, thinking to myself “Why is there a huge bottle on the stage?” The projection screen was incredible, it was really clear looking.

The show was kind of late starting, which left me dying in anticipation. I liked the screen projection in the minutes before the show started, a giant hand would come down and tune the radio to whatever was playing as pre-show music. It was kind of a let down almost- when the hand came down, I was expecting the show to start in 30 seconds, but I still waited 5-10 minutes.

In the Flesh was absolutely amazing. From the minute Roger shouted “Eins, Zwei, Drei” I could tell that I was definitely going to be losing my voice from all the cheering I was going to do tonight. This song took advantage of the quadraphonic system, as in the middle of the song it sounded like rockets were shooting across the stadium. It was cool to look at as well, they had this perfectly timed to rows of fireworks shooting off.

Mother was next, Roger mouthed the words “no f***ing way” after the line “Mother should I trust the government,” which made the people around me who noticed it laugh. Roger played acoustic guitar, he did this for quite a few songs. Kind of cool to see him do that instead of boring ol’ bass all the time.

Set the Controls was awesome. It was just incredible. I had already been excited for it, Roger going back to the old days, but the performance absolutely blew away my expectations. The screen projection showed little oil bubbles, which was cool in itself, but when the song took off the bubbles turned red and looked like they were boiling. Awesome guitar solo on this- absolutely filled the entire stadium.

Shine On was good. IMO this is played too often, but hearing it in person definitely changes your perspective on it- everything was just perfect. Space projection on the screen was interesting, especially when the song got to the middle parts.

Have a Cigar was ok. Some spot on performances by the band, but really, I think this was my least loved song.

Wish you Were Here got me excited again though, I loved the projection of Syd on the screen.

Southampton Dock was good, but you could tell that the crowd wasn’t loving it as much. I wondered if it was just that this isn’t as well known of a song, which had me scared for the upcoming solo songs. People started heading for the restrooms. Awesome sound effects though, a whole flock of seagulls seemed to be right over our heads.

Fletcher Memorial Home was really awesome. Final Cut songs aren’t something that I thought would be good in concert, but the performance really blew me away, and I found myself singing along for the whole song.

Perfect Sense prompted a mass exodus to the bathrooms, which I thought was really horrible as this was probably one of the highlights of the show. PP Arnold has such a lovely voice, and when the “global anthem” part of the song came on, Roger tried to get the crowd to sing along. I thought it was a lot to ask of the people who were just there for the beer, but there were enough people singing along to make it really cool.

Ooooh, the infamous Leaving Beirut. Roger introduced the song beforehand, and while I personally love this song, I was happy that my dad wasn’t there. Beautiful saxophone work though.

DSC03605Sheep!! What can I say, except that it was completely awesome. Spectacular visual effects- huge spurts of flame shot up from the stage, probably at least 15 feet tall. I felt like I was going to wet myself when the pig came out though. The graffiti actually adds something, it made the pig look really aggressive. They led the pig through the whole stadium, and I got some really good pictures on my cellphone.

Intermission the guy sitting next to me decided to show up- he asked me if Roger had played The Wall yet. I told him no, but he was too busy lighting up to really care. I liked the screen during intermission- the moon was projected, and it would slowly get bigger until it filled the whole screen.

Roger came out and introduced Nick, to huge cheers from the crowd. The guys in front of me were really excited- they didn’t know he was going to be here.

Good slide guitar parts on Breathe. The vocals were right on- I wasn’t sure how playing Dark Side of the Moon would work out without David, but I didn’t think that it really lacked anything without him.

On the Run was really trippy. The sound in the stadium was really pulsing through the song- pretty cool I thought.

Time was really awesome, Nick really did good on this one. This was the part that the drunk guy in the row across from me started shouting and screaming, which he did for the rest of the entire show. At first I was really irritated, but it kind of got funny after a while. You could still hear the band just fine, which was all I was concerned about.

Thanks to chadbanjo

Thanks to chadbanjo

Great Gig was spot on. Great vocal work- she was absolutely spot on, much much better than the PULSE version (which left me cringing.)

Money really got the crowd excited. I noticed that the mikes started to crackle a little bit, and David forgot some of the words for a little bit, but the guitar solo rocked.

Us and Them was good- this was the part that the drunk guy across the row jumped up out of his seat, fell down the stairs, and rolled into the seats a couple rows down. His daughter (girlfriend?) was really embarrassed, but she tried to play it cool.

Brain Damage! A huge, huge prism was raised out of the ceiling in this one, which was really cool in itself, but when it shot the rainbow out of it I was just dying of excitement. Eclipse was absolutely spectacular as well.

After this, everyone started moving towards the exit, but Roger started the encores before they were out the gate. Happiest Days ruled, and everyone was standing and singing at the top of their lungs for Another Brick. The girl behind me was shouting “Wro-ong, do it again” in all the appropriate places, which I thought was pretty cute.

Thanks to chadbanjo

Thanks to chadbanjo

Vera and Bring the Boys were incredibly spectacular. I was apprehensive about these songs, but Roger really pulled them off well. Lots of people singing for Bring the Boys Back Home.

Finally… Comfortably Numb. It almost defies description, but of it I’ll just say: nothing beats hearing it live. Absolutely nothing. Forget every recording of it you’ve ever heard, forget all the bootlegs you’ve listened to, because to really get it you need to be there.

Getting out was a pain, it took me nearly an hour just to walk out the stadium! I was so tired, I was glad that someone else was driving because I fell asleep in the parking lot and didn’t get up until I got home. All in all though, this concert was absolutely amazing.

Review thanks to chadbanjo

1005062217I was at this show and have nothing but raves about the whole evening. I don’t know were he was sitting but my experience with the crowd is a lot more positive than a previous revewer. For him to complain that the crowd was older and appeared not to be there for Roger is completely insane. Everyone that I met was over-the-top with enthusiasm for the show.

His lackluster review is bewildering and I apologize for putting more emphasis on his point of view rather than thedetails of the concert itself but after reading what you have posted as a representative for the October 6th’s Hollywood Bowl show I had to respond.

I do understand that he is still at that point in his life were concert going is measured on the scale of audiencestanding the entire time equals success. Trust me when I say that the show that Roger Waters offered with the videos, fireworks and inflated objects there was so much to take in and absorb that it truly seemed to be an individual experience, which made it even more exciting.

It was one of the nights that you just didn’t want to end. Overall, it was magical. Waiting for the show to begin and huge in the sky, a full moon. Right when the video starts clouds begin to creep slowly in front of this bright, bright light in the dark night sky and exactly at the right time as the band begins to play the clouds have covered up the entire existence of what had been so blazingly bright to make it the Dark Side. Very awesome!!!

Thank you Roger Waters for memories that I will hold forever.

Oh, and the crowd was great.

Relax, Louie A Soto The 3rd and do not worry about what over people seem to be doing or missing when obviously, you and dad were getting it and really that is all that matters.

Review thanks to njk

DSC03574My second night at the Bowl was a little different than the first. I was in much better spirits after arriving in 1/2 the time it took to get there the previous night. And, to my surprise, I was dead center (the bowl has a convoluted seat numbering system). The sound was excellent as the night before, but with a bit of an issue. At random times starting from the Dark Side set there were several pops, as if someone had hit a mic hard or something. Most people did not notice this, and I was unsure if that was what I was hearing until after Comfortably numb and I heard it again as they were walking off stage (with no insturments playing or anything). During sheep, the right side flame cannon mis-fired several times, unlike the previous night. The pig was not let go into the sky, instead dissapearing out the back right corner of the Bowl. Apparently the local authorities were threatening arrests if the pig was let go again, presumably so that it would not float up into LAX airspace, since the sky is a busy place around this city. John Carins voice was still a bit rough for Us and Them as he was the night before, and Dave forgot most of the last verse of Money. It was still a very nice time, and the sound quality overal was near perfect especially from dead center.

The crowd seemed more into it and vocal than the night before. Thursday’s crowd was very chill. I don’t know why people in another review that I read were complaining about people moving around. That’s par for any concert I’ve been to recently. The Bowl in particular is a place people like to sit and drink and eat at. Gilmour and Waters are the only shows I’ve been to where people were sitting down for part of the show at all.

All in all, it was another fine performance from everyone. I still have the criticisms of the guitar effects and tone used on certain songs (as compared with Gilmour), but I can look past those for the most part. A great time for everyone!

DSC03593One thing I thought was nice about Thursday and Friday (and likely Sunday) was the nice added bonus of a Dark Side of the Moon concert illuminated by the full bright side of the moon. The full moon light could plainly been seen on the entire crowd. It was a nice touch on timing of the show.

Also, during the video for Us and Them (this is true of probably all the shows on this tour), Roger shows an image of President Bush during the lyrics “Out of my way, it’s a busy day, I’ve got things on my mind,” followed by the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner. All the sharp jabs at Bush and the administration were greeted by cheers in my section of the audience, as was true last night.

I’m looking forward to night 3!

Review thanks to Kurt Lawson

DSC03597I arrived at the Hollywood Bowl around 6:00pm, an hour and a half before the supposed 7:30pm start time. Most people wore the usual Pink Floyd attire, but some wore Waters shirts and a few even had Division Bell shirts on. The speakers played predominantly Neil Young music before the show, and I believe a little Chuck Berry was thrown in there as well. This music played as I found my seat, which was toward the back of the Bowl and slightly to the right.

As 7:30 neared, the crowd started to cheer every time the music stopped, only to be disappointed by the beginning of yet another song. Something like the outlines of a gigantic soda bottle seemed to sit on the left side of the stage, but I wasn’t sure if it was only my imagination. Around 8:00, however, a screen film appeared on the stage’s rectangular backdrop, and the bottle turned out to be part of the screen film—it was a bottle containing an alcoholic drink. To the right of this bottle were an old-fashioned radio (in the center of the screen), an empty glass, and perhaps an ashtray. A hand could be seen periodically pouring a drink into the glass and changing the radio station while cigarette smoke drifted through the air. The crowd became excited when the hand began changing the radio stations, perhaps expecting the band to play “Wish You Were Here,” but Roger was just toying with us. Among other songs, the radio played Elvis’s rendition of “Hound Dog.” The crowd groaned when the radio started playing Abba songs, but the protagonist’s hand always changed the station whenever Abba came on, to the crowd’s roaring approval.

Eventually, Waters was greeted with applause as he walked on stage, and after a further wait, “In the Flesh” commenced, with large doses of pyrotechnics and quadraphonic sound. The radio was again seen changing stations before “Mother” came on, but it was not used as a segue too many other times during the show. Roger made his familiar grimace when he sang, “Mother, should I trust the government?” and Katie Kissoon (I think it was her) did a wonderful job with Gilmour’s part.

DSC03600Roger played acoustic guitar on “Mother,” as well as the following song, “Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun.” Images from the Arnold Layne promo video accompanied this song, and I think some psychedelic imagery accompanied the rockier guitar and saxophone bits added at the end. “Shine On” followed with a drastically shortened beginning—Kilminster started right at the infamous four note sequence, and didn’t do much else. “Have a Cigar” was next, with Roger apparently lip-synching it again. The line that goes, “Well, I’ve always had a deep respect, and I mean that most sincerely,” sounded exactly like it has throughout this tour. To be clear, I couldn’t visibly see Roger lip-synching any songs, and no one around me seemed to notice it, but there was no reason to think that he had suddenly changed his ways.

As the opening guitar notes of “Wish You Were Here” sounded, the sedated crowd became somewhat more excited. The crowd seemed more alive at the Gilmour concert I went to, but it could be because this was a larger venue and I was sitting in the back. Roger stayed on the acoustic guitar to sing “Southampton Dock,” although it seemed like I was the only one singing along. Rear speakers blared loud bird noises, but these sound effects sometimes overpowered the songs (at least from where I was sitting). “Fletcher” followed, with the spoken-word part contrasting with the apparently lip-synched portion. “Perfect Sense” made good use of the quadraphonic sound, and indeed there were several times during the night when people were looking behind them, as if startled by the bizarre sounds. Some of the crowd may have been singing along to “Perfect Sense,” or it may have just been the prerecorded audience from the studio version. In any case, P.P. Arnold deservedly received one of the biggest ovations all night, and indeed, the female singers were appreciated all night long.

Roger then told the audience that he was going to play a new song, and he proceeded to talk about the autobiographical incident that inspired “Leaving Beirut,” saying that the song was about that story, among other things. He also remarked that hitchhiking between Beirut and London is not something one would want to try these days. Roger wisely omitted the spoken word part of the song, leaving the word balloons of the comic book-style screen film to tell the story. For me, this wasn’t entirely successful, as a lighting rig obstructed my view of the top part of the screen, not to mention the fact that most of the audience probably wasn’t reading along. Whenever the backup singers chimed in, three points of a word balloon would point toward them, as if the word balloon was emanating from them. The main word balloon was supposed to point toward Roger, but unfortunately, his placement on the stage didn’t “synch” up with it. California is certainly one of the most liberal states in the union, and the crowd cheered loudly during the anti-Bush parts. “Sheep” opened with a mix of sheep “baahing” and dogs barking from the rear speakers. The crowd got a little more into this song with its faster tempo, and they really went wild when the pig appeared. The pig had some wires attached to it, and some crew members walked around the Bowl with it, so that every section of the audience could get a good view of its political slogans before it descended into the trees at the end of the song. It could be that the pig wasn’t released into the air, so as to appease local officials, who had complained the night before. The pig was certainly a highlight of the show, and many people (including myself) took pictures and filmed the pig with their cell phones. Once “Sheep” concluded, Roger said that the band would take either a 15 or 20 minute break and then play DSOTM, to which the crowd responded with enormous applause.

During the intermission, the sounds of a bubbling brook played over the speakers, but these were not necessarily directly lifted from “Granchester Meadows,” although it is interesting to note that Roger mentions this song in an interview featured in the program. A full moon also appeared on the screen during the intermission. (There was also a full moon in the sky during the concert.)

Roger came back on stage, saying, “Normally, we start off with the heartbeats right now, but our hearts are already beating in anticipation of the arrival of Nick Mason!” The arrival of Nick was certainly one of the highlights of the evening, and the crowd applauded Nick enthusiastically. Later on, when Roger was introducing the band, he introduced Nick as “almost the oldest man on stage.” Roger must have hugged Nick at least three times during the evening.

As for DSOTM, the voices heard during “Speak to Me” and throughout DSOTM blared very loudly from the rear speakers. “Breathe” appeared to be sung in unison by Kilminster, Fairweather Low, and Carin. “On the Run” featured some extra sound effects, and whenever some very jarring sounds would appear, the psychedelic rainbows/2001-style zoom through space of Mr. Screen would abruptly switch to an odd assortment of images. Mason’s only real chance to shine was during the drum intro to “Time,” but he did a great job. Waters sung the verse, with Carin handling the chorus. “Time” and some other songs used the original films from the 70’s, but with colored filters over them. Some songs, including “The Great Gig in the Sky” show the featured singer underneath a colored filter (The bowl featured three screens, I think, that were used for close-ups.). The slightly extended “Great Gig” probably got the biggest applause for any individual performance, and it was a remarkable performance (I think the singer was Carol Kenyon.). The only technical problem I noticed during the show was when Kilminster’s voice was inaudible for a few seconds during the second verse of “Money.” Carin sang the verses of “Us and Them,” but they had on odd vibe, compared with Gilmour’s smooth vocals, although Waters’ choruses worked quite well. Despite the absence of Gilmour and Wright, “Any Colour You Like” sounded very good. The crowd was already enjoying DSOTM, but they really got into it when Roger sang “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse.” During “Eclipse,” a large, white, neon pyramid (a 3D version of the prism) appeared high above the crowd, with the familiar white line on one side of it and the rainbow on the other side. It’s hard to describe this effect, but it was as if an artificial rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky, and it was probably the most memorable visual of the entire show.

The encore finally got the whole crowd on their feet and singing along. It was great to see Roger yell, “You! Yes you! Stand still, laddy!” as the spotlight shown on a lucky fan. Everyone in the Bowl sang along to “Brick, Pt. 2,” perhaps more so during the children’s parts. Some people started sitting back down for “Vera,” although many people surprisingly sang along to it. “Bring the Boys Back Home” got a lot of people near me back on their feet. This song had an extended section with more fanfare noises, etc. “Comfortably Numb” was great, with Dave and Snowy trading solos, and blasts of fireworks announcing the end of a great night.

It was a wonderful show, but the lip-synching and the absurd lack of solo material probably made this show a notch below the Gilmour show I saw. Still, I will never forget the night I saw perhaps the greatest songwriter of all time.

Review thanks to Ryan Valentine


Set List

FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.

SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.

ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.

Thanks to Dave Bowers

Thanks to Dave Bowers

Pre Show

Nick Mason is confirmed to play on Dark Side Of The Moon at this concert.

Interview with Nick Mason by our good friend Johnny V of radio station KECH-95 in Idaho

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