Thanks to Chuck

Thanks to Chuck

hpim0663ly3WOW! Roger and The Band blew all 15,000 of away with over 2 1\2 hours of music and visuals and PYRO that almost blew the roof off the Air Canada Center.

The show started a bit after 8PM and ran until after 11:30PM.

The setlist has remained the same as the previous tour dates and it was BANG ON:

EVERY SONG was played to almost perfection!

Did Roger play any BASS? Absolutley, he had the FENDER bass cranked up extra loud and from my seat in section 102 23rd row ( just below the main PA stack ) I could feel and see every note Roger played. Roger also roved around the stage for the entire show with his usual gestures and smiling like a very happy Legend Of Rock.

The rest of band were extremely tight , in my opinion even tighter than last weeks MSG shows in New York.

Dave K. really is learning to ‘ Shine ‘ with Daves lead solos and has added some of his ‘ over the top ‘ style for flair.

hpim06589la5As usual Graham Broad was hitting the skins like he has played the Floyd for years and during the drum intro for Time he WENT WILD on the tom toms actually jumping in the air to land hard with every hit on toms.

Snowy proved to me once again why he is so comfortable playing the Floyd, he even improvised on a few solos to add some flavour.

Ian Ritchie really stood out on tenor and alto saxes, he has picked up the Floyd touch in 3 short months.

Andy Fairweather Low was a solid as ever and did an excellent job on the DSOTM vocals with Jon Carin who really can handle Rick’s Floyd keyboard part now like a pro.

The 3 girls , Katie , PP and Carol and thier wonderful soulful voices were exceptional for the entire show.

Did Roger’s voice hold up for the entire show? Absolutley , I saw or heard no flaws with his vocals.

PYRO , Mr. Screen , The Spaceman , and THE BIG PIG , AMAZING especially the PRYO. During ‘ Bring The Boys Back Home ‘ I stopped counting the 4 at a time BOMB BLASTS at 20 – WOW , no wonder Graham complains that those blast are too hot.

Did I have a favorite song? No , every song touched my musical soul.

Review thanks to Chuck

hpim06499la4I thought the show was great!

I has great seats with my husband and I got some good pics (although my camera kept dying every 30 seconds!)

The pig flew out and was directly over top of our section, I felt like I could almost touch it!!

Roger seemed so into it and was all over the stage jumping around, and waving at different sections of the audience, the set list was the same.

I was really impressed with Leaving Beirut, he did it very well, and Have a Cigar! I really enjoyed it very much!

Got 2 t-shirts, that came to $85, everything so expensive, I went out to get them when the Final Cut songs were being played, so I missed those, but I could still hear it. Even though I’m not a huge Roger fan, I was impressed and it was a great show and I had a lot of fun, he did a very good job!!

Review thanks to Layla

Above show pics thanks to Chuck

Thanks to watersfan87

I took my son for his first Pink Floyd experience last night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. We were sitting in Section 108 , row 19 and the view of the stage and show were amazing.

Roger Waters was in good form , his voice a bit raspy and he did lip sinc to a few songs , but , who cares when the show was as spectacular as it was.

The song list was the same , the 360 sound was amazing, the first set of songs were great but it did no justice to the 360 sound.

When the Dark Side came on thats when the volume was cranked up and the 360 sound came to life.Our highlite of the night was On the Run , we could feel the building shake from the synthizer music.

Overall , not a concert to miss : fire , bomb explosions, fireworks , 360 sound , a flying spaceman , and to top it off the Pink Floyd flying pig.

My son was amazed at the perfection of the music and the 360 sound during the Dark Side, his favorites were: On the run, Another brick in the Wall , Vera , and Bring the Boys Back Home. The only thing missing were the other members of the band.

Oh well like Vera Lynne says : TILL WE MEET AGAIN SOME SUNNY DAY .

Review thanks to Don & Donald Webb


In a pot smoke filled stadium, everyone shone with old school psychedelic enthusiasm. I don’t know what fans were like in other cities but everyone screamed and cheered……it was quite overwhelming for me and for Roger as you can see on the big screen when he emotionally thanked us all.

IMG_1148The entire show was great musically and I think overall you can’t be picky about small details but this is a review so here it goes. SOYCD was a little disappointing as neither, Snowy or Killer did the intro solo to that song. To me this is the whole essence of the song before Gilmour’s four-note motif just before the drums kick in.

Other reviewers for Toronto mentioned that Snowy put on a great performance. Mind you he is a great guitarist but I think he wasn’t feeling good at all. He stepped back and let Kilminster do most of the work. Snowy definitely was not feeling it. Kilminster on the other hand did a wicked job on his telecaster.

I can go on about little things but those are the ones that stood out the most…..oh yah, during the encore, what happened with their A/V? They kept getting feedback from the moment Vera started and during the first few songs.

I had a great time though….my dad became a big fan because of me and we went together. One thing that people don’t note in their reviews is the variety of the crowd. From 15 year olds to 80 year olds, you don’t see that at many concerts. It is truly a band that will continue to live on from generation to generation.

Final note, “In The Flesh” tour had much better quality talent that shone out. Details like “Money” where they had so much fun with the song. They did stick with the more album accurate version but it is a concert!!!! What is it without improvisation?

If I could relive my Floyd concert moments, the Pulse tour was on top in every department! But Roger certainly rekindled those emotions I felt when I tripped out in 94.

Love you Roger, it would be nice to see all four of you look past your differences for good this time, not just for one night and do something more permanent together.

Review thanks to Nikos from Toronto

IMG_1166Great show and delivered very tight with latest technology and great sounds.

Pink Floyd at its best. The only thing I did not like was that the show started late with 15 minutes wasted at looking at the screen that nobody cared until the band got on the stage. They should at least got on and played instrumental, and Stage lighting was dark as you could not see all band members including Roger, except when at times they shone bright white lights.

This was by far the best Rogers Waters tour. Tshirts and merchandise were overpriced and graphic design were not exciting.

As for the show I would go see it again. It’s time for Pink Floyd.

Review thanks to Rafal Szatkowski

WOW what a show, the best show of the tour so far by far!

great gig last night, the crowd were amazing! setlist as normal, pig and spaceman came out, nearly perfect perforance but the star of the night had to be the crowd! the atmosphere was electirc.

Couple of problems with the LED backdrop were sorted within a few minutes, the sound was incredibly loud (but crystal clear).

When Katie came out to do her solo during Mother the spotlight for some reason stayed on Roger, he walked over to Katie and stood right next to her laughing, the spotlight guy realised after maybe 30 seconds he was on the wrong person and moved it onto Katie, to which they both laughed, Katie said “thank you” during a break in thw words of her solo and carried on.

Img_1152Dave K forgot to turn his acoustic on during his opening notes of WYWH but obviously realised pretty quickly and turned it right on, only missing the first few notes.

I think the backdrop at end of WYWH andd the begining of the FC tracks is fantastic, the poppies floating down to put the flames of the candles out is tremendous, really does work very well. After PS Pt 2 Roger made the comment ” will they ever learn”

Not a single boo was heard during LB, the crowd went crazy during the now infamous Bush lines and the roaring applause after the track had finished was amazing. Andy’s solo at the end was one of the best ive heard.

DSOTM set seams to go by soooo quickly, didnt hear a single flaw in it! the band left the stage and came back for the encore. Ive never heard a crowd as loud, Roger had to stand back and just let the applause die down for at least 30 seconds before he could introduce the band, he commented on how Toronto was the Rock n Roll capital and was obviously very moved by the whole night.

Id have to say this was THE best performance so far, sound, performance, crowd, everything was just right tonight.

Review thanks to Simon Wimpenny

IMG_1186What an exciting year to be a Pink Floyd fan. I am very happy to say I saw 3 of the 4 members live this year, including a very big fan of theirs, David Bowie at the Gilmour show in London. Last night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Roger Waters delivered a solid show which was visually and audibly stunning.

The screen with the radio and the bottle of scotch was very effective. It really set a great mood and, if like me you’ve seen the Wall movie many times, it added poignant effect. In The Flesh is just a great opener. Mother I found a little hurried. Same for Set the Controls and Shine On (which is missing the first guitar solo). I can’t really complain though as with over 2 ½ hours of music, Rog has to make some concessions. Great guitar and vocals on Have a Cigar. What a treat to hear this live.

Img_1191I loved the poppies floating down at the end of WYWH. It was a very effective segue into The Final Cut material. Perfect Sense always brings shivers and was performed magnificently last night. Leaving Beirut is getting better with every listen, it was great to see Andy Fairweather-Low jamming away (I do miss his guitar playing on Every Strangers Eye but at least we have the DVD for that). Also the “graphic novel” visuals were absolutely fantastic. Some people have complained that the cartoon is not effective; however, I find it adds another dimension to the song. Certainly thinking that this occurred when Rog was a teenager so it delves into his memory metaphorically. Also, as this is in Canada, people cheered and did not boo during this song. Finally, Sheep came and I couldn’t wait to see the Pig. What a great song live (I missed hearing Dogs but this was a great stand-in).

Dark Side of course was amazing but so short. Graham Broad did a great Time intro on the tom toms and I loved how the vocals were shared amongst Dave, Andy, Jon and the wonderful back-up singers. I heard Mica Paris doing GGITS in London and last night’s rendition just blew that one away. I had shivers down my spine.

IMG_1189Great encore, great visuals once again. I did find it eerie that the Pink character looked somewhat like David Gilmour; but, perhaps that was because we were way at the back of the concert hall.

Overall, this was a fabulous show. One cannot help but to compare the Gilmour and Waters show and material. I am very happy to have seen both and retain excellent memories of both. As this show is fresher in my mind, I do think it has the edge as Rog is more of a show-man and he has a message he wants to deliver and deliver it he does! At 63 years of age, who knows if Roger will tour again; however, if this would be the last time I saw him, I would be one very contented fan.

Review thanks to hollowman

Pictures in above section thanks to Eskimospy

IMG_1172It’s hard to know where to begin as im sure you know after seeing his concert. im 18 yrs old and have been a huge fan or upsets with Floyd since I first heard another brick and comfortably numb back in gr 8. so like I mentioned I saw Rogers show in Toronto sept 20th and me and my brother started out the evening by sparking a joint beside the CN Tower then made our way to the show, it was a bit frustrating when walking up i heard scalpers trying to sell roger water tickets for only $20 when i had to pay $230 bucks per ticket…worth every cent regardless. arriving in our seats at first was a little disappointing to see the in the row in front and behind us there were a bunch of 60 yr olds sitting there and beside me a 11 yrd old kid with his father which made it hard to light up around but not only that for the most the show those ppl barely clapped for the songs, no one stood up for the most of the night, no cheering which sucked i just want to add for those ppl who were there in the 100’s sections your all extremely ignorant! either way i was still insanely pumped.

Roger came on around 8:25 and opened up with in the flesh…a great opening song with great pyrotechnics to get everyone except my section really pumped up, then he played mother which got a good reaction from the crowd and then went on to speak saying how nice it was to be there and thanks for everyone for coming. Set the controls was very good the video backdrop was trippy and suited it perfectly and it didnt take long to notice all the aisles in the building to be covered in a smokey haze with that beautiful smell. Shine on was the best played songs in the first set the band was very tight with the solos being to a tee and of course the slide show of syd that got a great and solemn applause from the audience. i loved have a cigar i thought it was allot better then people had made it out to sound from previous concerts and made the transition into wish you were here sound that much better, tho as amazingly talented snow and mike were on guitar that played David Gilmour’s solos exact for most of the songs I still missed David’s distinct touch on the strings along with Rick Wright on keyboard but hey no complaints this far those songs were just like the records and roger sang the perfectly. I did notice some lip sync near the end of shine on I have to say. though I don’t like the two songs from the final cut they sounded good live and I was happy to hear them. perfect sense was awesome the spaceman was very realistic and creepy cool to watch! then leaving beirut came on were roger explained thoroughly what its about so ppl didnt boo him as much i suppose but i liked it the comics playing in the background was a very unique thing to see in concert and i only heard one time ppl booing but fuck them. sheep was amazing sounded very good and everyone of course loves seing the classic pig and seeing “impeach bush” written on its ass made it that much better haha.

IMG_1144After the 15 min break dark side started which bugged me only cuz i knew how fast the show would end now. breathe came in and the audience roared it gave me chills realising im going to see one of the best albums ever made played live by the composer! on the run was to much it blew me away not only the sound/loudness but the really trippy background video with the darkside vortex is how i can explain it. time was solid and the crowd sang the whole song. money got a very loud reception and was played amazingly by the band the solos were perfect. the great gig was not one of my favourite songs on the album but it was seeing it live, PP Arnolds singing was hard to describe it was bone chilling just left the audience in aww. she did a great job and got probly the loudest responce up that point. any color you like had a great video similar to on the run and the sound was booming! and lunitics and eclipse were had to sit through i didnt want the show to end but it was coming close and roger was really having fun with those two songs. dark side just blew by but was just as good and better then i could ever imagine. it didnt take long for Rog to come back out for happiest days and another brick in the wall and finally at this point the crowd was actually standing! they only negative things about the whole show was during vera and bring the boys back home the amps banged out a loud horrible sound from some technical difficulties which im sure made roger fucking livid lol but still sounded awesome and the pyro for bring the boys back home gave tremendous heat through the building and made ur seats rattle with the force of it! and then came on comfortably numb a perfect ending and job very well done by the entire band making a unforgettable night and the best show of my life! thanks so much roger and the band i hope next year he’ll tour north america with the wall!

Review thanks to Paul

Thanks to Miles

Thanks to Miles

Set List

FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.

SECOND HALF: Dark Side of the Moon.

ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.

Thanks to Layla

Thanks to Chuck

Thanks to Chuck

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Thanks to Phil O’Connor

Thanks to Phil O'Connor

Thanks to Phil O’Connor

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