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We sat quite a bit further back tonight, about 5 or 6 rows from the actual top row of the stadium. We had one of the surround speakers a lot nearer to us where we were and this became evident as soon as the show started.

The crowd were just the same as the night before and started the Mexican wave going about 30 minute before show time. Id say it was just as full as the 1st show if not a little more tonight.

In The Flesh just suits the stadium shows ever so well, the pyros, the lights, the flag bearer, everything just works so well in a stadium, the slower tracks just don’t have enough “ooomph” to come across in the stadium i don’t think. The sound and video was still out of synch with the “live” feed on each end.

Both last night and tonight before the start of Rogers speech at the beginning of Mother the crowd started the “Ole, Ole, Ole” chanting, forcing Roger to wait a good 60 seconds before he could get a word in edgeways. He spoke briefly to the crowd in Spanish, his favourite words being “mucho gracias” he then went into the “miserable, youn, fucked up little Roger” speech in English.The crowd didn’t react as much as i thought when the Spanish words “NI EN PEDO” was projected on the wall, same with the line “Mother should i trust the government” id been at shows where the reaction and crowd were a lot louder in the response. The projected “live” feed of Robbie singing during Mother is fantastic, its a real nice close up and is great to watch and be able to see from the rear, something that i do think will get lost watching the shows from closer up.

I really have enjoyed seeing the projections from our seats the last two nights, only because of the scale of the stadium show i think, i enjoyed it a lot more than the one or two shows i saw from the rear of the arena shows i saw. The bomber planes, the falling symbols and especially all the projections in the 2nd half of the show.

Its kind of hard to explain how they have integrated the video shown on the sides of the wall and the wall projections themselves but at certain points its so hard to tell where one ends and the other starts. The “fucking flowers” sequence is especially good as you seen the flowers on the “mr screen” in the middle and you then see them on either side of the wall but they have also made it look like there are bricks at the side and below the flowers than have fallen down, its really hard to explain and needs to be seen to know what i mean. There’s a couple of projected white doves fly up across the screen and the wall towards the end of the track too, i believe these are new were added for the 2012 shows.

The sound tonight was a little off to us, but not due to technical issues or anything like that but just due to the position of the surround speaker to our left. You don’t realise how much sound actually comes out of the surround speakers till you are right next to them! the sound again though was crystal clear tonight and each instrument had its own sound stage and was clearly defined and audible.

We stayed in our”seats” for the intermission, the crowd tonight sat down for the whole show, last night they stood up the instant Roger walked onstage but tonight just remained seated, i’ll never understand the logic behind this.

The stadium size show really does come into its own during the second half, due to the size of the wall and it now being fully built the scale of the projections are incredible.

For the 1st time last night and tonight Kami and i were above Robbie and Dave when they were stood aopt the wall during Comfy Numb! we had a great view of the guys even though they looked so far away. The spotlight behind Dave shone in our eyes a bit and was a touch distracting but watching Roger hit the wall and seeing all the wall crumble was certainly a sight worth seeing from where we were sat.

When Roger now shouts thank you at the end of the 2nd In The Flesh, the words “Gracias” is projected on the wall, when he then shouts the word for a second time the word again is projected on the wall but 100 times the size of the first, simple, but effective. When he asks if there are any paranoids in the audience, again the words in Spanish are projected on the wall for all to see.

The new graphics for Run Like Hell are the best I’ve ever seen and definitely the best in the show for me, again words cant explain what they’ve done, you have to see it,

The pig was carried round the venue on two lines by two people last night, not remote control. It was then brought down in the large space behind the soundboard and as the wall was falling down the crowd were encouraged to go and rip the pig to bits!! this happened the night before too.

Before the centre of the wall actually falls down theyve been very clever and now use projections on the end of the wall to make it look like the ends are falling down.

Another great stadium show and i can now say i 100% prefer the stadium shows to the arena ones! Our seats for the remaining shows will be a lot closer to the stage and it’ll be interesting to see just how the projections and the “live” video feeds looks from there!

Above review thanks to Simon Wimpenny.
Read Simon’s excellent BLOG for more pictures and longer reviews

Our good friend Joaquim Arnes (Right) continues to proudly fly an AFG banner at Roger's shows.

Our good friend Joaquim Arnes (Right) continues to proudly fly an AFG banner at Roger’s shows.

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