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Wow, that was very different…

28july2If the 27th show was a starter, the 28th show was a Monumental Main Course… Absolutely perfect, on all sides, voice, show, crowd, guitar playing. It was the last show of the summer tour, before the RAH dates. And we felt very quickly this was a « special show ».

David talked a lot, joking etc. When introducing the musicians, they all greeted each other, he thanked Chuck Leavell, who had to leave the tour because « a bunch of r’n’roll friends requested him » (IE the Stones).

Guy seemed the most entertaining one (on both shows). As we were close to the stage, during a quiet inter-songs moment, I shouted « Guy, You Rock », to be replied from the man by a « thank you », not in the microphone, but we heard it well, people around us heard it too and laughed.

28july3David talked about the fact it was the last show, and just before Girl In the Yellow Dress, 12 minutes before noon, he said: « it’s a special night, because in 12 minutes, we’ll be on our marriage anniversary with Polly, 22 years of marriage, still a young couple ». Everybody cheered, of course.

Musically now. It was just incredible. You know, like when you hear multiple nights of a tour on bootleg and you say, wow, THIS one is different. Not even ONE mistake during solos or from the musicians. Plus he was clearly incredibly inspired, we heard some typical solos phrases, but also some adventurous, but always very melodic, superb, well-placed.

Can’t find the words, but it was really a SPECIAL show…Plus, we had One of these days on the 27th, and on the 28th we had Astronomy + Dancing Right In Front of Me + Coming Back to Life, so it was a 24 songs show.

Highlights? Well… ALL of the show was a highlight…Every solo was inspired, Money, In Any Tongue (this song always make my girlfriend cry, and I understand her…), Wish You Were Here, Fat Old Sun… C Numb of course.

28july4But really, there wasn’t a « proper » highlight because every song was a highlight, just simply perfect. A bit like hearing one of their best Live CD (which is always a cut of multiple dates), except it was live, spontaneous and happened on the SAME date.

I have to say I understand why he chose to change some of the line up. It seems he started the RTL tour a bit on the ground of the OAI tour, but we all know someone was missing. And it seems he realized it and said to himself he had to change things, take newcomers (well, old and well known newcomers ) to give it a fresh breath, and maybe to assume the change forward. And he did well ! Greg Philinganes and Chuck Leavell, and also Chester Kamen, they all brought their style, their inspiration, and their musician craftsmanship.
And you know what? It works very well ! There are moments where he lets places for the keyboards, the sax, for Chester Kamen, and throughout the show, there is communication, interplay, musical conversations. It feels as if David is more relaxed to move forward and let things happen musically, and he enjoys it ! A breath of Fresh Air, but a very good one…

Show ended with long goodbyes, crowd cheering. As the band left the stage, David stayed a few minutes more, and walked really front stage, on the edge, and cheered the crowd, waved goodby front, left, right, with a BIG smile.

In a word: I think, even if I saw the Meltdown Gig in person, and the Meltdown Gig was a good one, I now can say that yesterday I saw my BEST Floyd related concert. And I saw a few ones, but it was really special.

Well… I started writing, and couldn’t stop, in order to communicate my enthusiasm.

Above review & pictures thanks to Pierre-Alain Bernard

It was Gilmour’s anniversary (22 years I believe), so he talked a little about it.
Last night of this leg of the tour, it showed in his playing which was loose and great. Voice was very good.
Second half of the show there was light rain, but that gave the lasers a nice glittering effect.
Crowd was appreciative and silent at the right moments. Good atmosphere.
Astronome domine was played
Rolling Stone keyboardist had his last night (probably going back to Stones, or ‘higher powers’ in Gilmours words). No word on who will replace him.
Above slideshow & review thanks to Jort Mass

Gilmour sounded very powerful.  The last time I saw him was in the Royal Albert Hall last september.  Back then, his voice sounded very tired and he had problems reaching the high notes, especially in TGITYD.  His guitar playing was at his best.

There was a nice musical referral to “On The Turning Away” in the solo of “In Any Tongue” – must be a Guy Pratt joke!  It started to rain in the second half but no-one seemed to care.

As always, the lights, video and sound were perfect.  The rain helped the lasers in CN to show their full effect.

One of the best Gilmour shows I have seen!

Review thanks to Dieter Vanmarcke

First Set: 5 am, Rattle That Lock, Faces of Stone, What Do You Want From Me, The Blue, The Great Gig In the Sky, A Boat Lies Waiting, Wish You Were Here, Money, In Any Tongue, High Hopes

Second Set:  Astronomy Dominé, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Fat Old Sun, Dancing Right In Front of Me, Coming Back To Life, On an Island, The Girl In the Yellow Dress, Today, Sorrow, Run Like Hell,

Encore: Time, Breathe (Reprise), Comfortably Numb


Tickets: www.livenation.be and www.ticketmaster.be (On sale 5 Feb)

Capacity: Est 8000

Address: Grote Markt 3300 Tienen Belgium

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