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Our good friend John Hortatsos at the book signing event with Polly Samson in Chicago. John supplied all the above images.

Great show, lots of energy tonight from David. He seems to be having lots of fun, his guitar work tonight was top notch, as was his voice. It was a great venue, the sound was excellent..better than United Center! Some moments that stood out were “What Do You Want From Me?” Being a setlist regular now, tonight’s version came packing big balls! Also “Sorrow” and especially “Comfortably Numb” had everyone in my section going crazy! The entire show was amazing, although please someone tell “El Magnifico” to give up on the opening to “WYWH” yikes! He butchers it every time. I do have to say this tour is his best..and the solo for “Money” had me melting to my seat!….

Next stop is Friday at the UC!

Review & above pictures thanks to Anthony Rapata

Incredible show last night. Compared to the cavernous United Center the show at The Auditorium was like being in your living room if you were sitting close enough like we were (John and I had 15 row dead center VIP seats and worth every penny!). The stage was so small and Mr Screen seemed to just squeeze into the space above the stage. The sound was amazing as expected and very loud. The floor beneath us was vibrating and pulsing all night from the bass. And it was really nice to be sitting in very comfy seats for the entire show up until Run Like Hell. With a sloping floor and a shorter guy sitting in front of me I had an unobscured view of the stage. The venue also seemed to influence the crowd which was much more well behaved than at the UC.

The performance was solid, the best I’ve seen since I can remember even though he flubbed a few lyrics (like during In Any Tongue – he just backed away from the mic, laughed at himself, and resumed singing). Fat Old Sun gave him his first of many well-deserved standing ovations. It was an amazing night not likely to be topped, but I’m hopeful. 2 down, 3 to go!

Above review & pictures thanks to RonToon

Above pictures thanks to Robert Perry

The show in Chicago last night was great. Same energy that he had at the other 6 shows. There is such a big difference emotionally between a David show and a Roger show. mini-rant: I don’t get how someone can be just a Roger fan. Put down the Wall and listen to some David songs.. Fat Old Sun is incredible!

Unfortunately I sat in front of a guy who claimed to be the biggest pink floyd fan ever. He wouldn’t shut up. He’s exactly the guy Roger would have spit on in 1977. I wish I could have grabbed a photo of him for all to beware. He’s from Pennsylvania, maybe 50. He’s the one wearing the David Gilmour shirt. #Idiot. He’ll be at Friday’s show and all of the NY shows. He was talking with his gal the whole night, yelling at people to sit down, being rude to everyone. When I started recording a song he went on and on about people recording during a concert and started humming and whistling to mess up my sound. Apparently at the break the people behind him told security so a security gal sat on the floor next to him to keep him in line. It was so great, he was pissed. He was yelling for people to not stand up or you’ll get in trouble. I wish they would have kicked him out.

Awesome Pictures

Review thanks to Chris M (cheapfilm)

I attended the Monday night show at the United Center and the Wednesday night show at the Auditorium. I had great seats for both. The United Center Concert was a typical arena show. David and the band put on an awesome show despite the size of facility. The Auditorium show was much more intimate and acoustically enjoyable, My friend and I met fans that came from not all over the country but from Germany as well to this show. I talked with one of the cameramen after the show and he said there is a good chance a lot of the footage shot on the tour would be used for a DVD.



Above review, pic & ticket scan thanks to James Grisamore

First Set: 5 A.M.; Rattle That Lock; Faces Of Stone; Wish You Were Here; What Do You Want From Me: A Boat Lies Waiting; The Blue; Money; Us And Them; In Any Tongue; High Hopes.

Second Set: Astronomy Domine; Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5); Fat Old Sun; Coming Back To Life; The Girl In The Yellow Dress; Today; Sorrow; Run Like Hell.

Encores: Time/Breathe (reprise); Comfortably Numb.

With thanks to John Hortatsos


With thanks to Robert Perry


The collectables “Gold Hot Seat” holders received for buying premium tickets to the Chicago shows. A lanyard with laminate, 3-D poster and note book. Thanks to James Grisamore.


Capacity: 3901

Address: 50 E Congress Pkwy, Chicago, IL‎

Auditorium Theatre is the music and performance venue inside the Auditorium Building at 50 Congress Parkway in Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by the Richardsonian Romanesque Style of architect Henry Hobson Richardson, the building was designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan and completed in 1889. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed in the theatre until 1904 as well as the Chicago Grand Opera Company until its relocation to the Civic Opera House in 1929. The theatre currently hosts performances by the Joffrey Ballet, in addition to a variety of concerts, musicals, and performers.

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