Above photos with thanks to Linda Heath which were sent in by Ron Toon

AGIAYD was awful for me last night live, but on the album is wonderful. A little more practice required for me before playing again. David didn’t seem comfortable singing it unfortunately.

The gig last night did have mistakes, but come on, that’s the joy of live music and DG could make 180 minutes of mistakes on stage for what it’s worth and I would pay to watch it, as I would RW.

Finally and I don’t think anyone else has mentioned this. T RAH last night lost a bit of English etiquette for me. There was far to much cheering and clapping as tracks started and way to much before the track ended, losing the impact of HH etc.

That said I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my mate who saw the great man for the first time ever live.

Right then, lets save some money for a European trip next summer:)

Thanks to ghars

Hi folks just git back from.RAH

Mr Gilmour and Co were on great form if a little bit tame his ahine on and astronime were great no changes to the setlist.unfortunately lazers were great one song Mr Screen was.good too some of that shine on footage i hadent.seen

overall not bad gig not an epic gig though that setlist just dont do it tbh the tracks hes choosing just aint up to the job tbh he could easily have done a much better Wise

Thanks to breakthrough

Sound for Thursday night was better, but some technical issues during the second set.

The lighting control board failed and they had difficulty switching to the backup.

Most in the audience didn’t notice but there was quite a scramble to get lights going as the band started Today. Had to unplug some wires and run the backup board manually.

Explains why there weren’t lasers before the encores.

Thanks to mooncusser

Last night RLH didn’t sound right, the delay wasn’t set correctly and. Was laboured, that was fixed tonight. A much better show Thursday, bigger and better sound, the Esquire sounded really great and Fat Old Sun was probably the highlight though Astronomy kicked arse too.

Thanks to H Timseel

Enjoyed last nights’s show more than the 1st night, I was sitting up closer, 4 rows back or so in the stalls, front row.

Sat beside 2 nice guys who love their music. The night before, sat beside 2 arseholes drinking 2 beers each at a time shouting “Go on Dave my son” sporadically, drinks spilled on the floor, arms flying imitating drum beats etc while the other had the air guitar in full swing, one lad fell asleep half way through the show then.

The band were more relaxed last night, great laser bit at the end, David struggled on some vocal parts both nights even reneged on the chorus on “In any tongue”. Great shows, looking forward to tonight’s show.

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