294_9406Thanks to the generosity of Patrick Renaud* some lucky person is going to win two great tickets to see David Gilmour’s sold out Royal Albert Hall (London) show on 30th May. Remember, this could be quite some special show, as it’s one of the concerts where ‘it is possible that some guests may be added to the bill’ and is also one of the shows that will be recorded for the Tour’s DVD.

The rules are quite simple, but if they are not followed to the letter, your entry may be disqualified.

1. You must NEVER have seen Pink Floyd or David Gilmour live before.

2. You can only submit one (1) entry per person. (ID will be required from the winner, so don’t submit false names, as if you can’t prove who you are, the prize will go to somebody else.)

3. Send an email to col@pinkfloydz.com The Subject Heading MUST be I want to see David Gilmour

4. The email MUST contain your FULL NAME, AGE and POSTAL ADDRESS.

5. Tell us in about 100 – 150 words what meaning this wonderful prize would mean to you.

The prize is two tickets (Stalls) for the Royal Albert Hall for 30 May 2006 to see David Gilmour perform. Getting to and from the show, and accommodation is NOT INCLUDED.

The winner MUST produce photo identification by email prior to the tickets being sent. They must also agree to having their winning entry published on A Fleeting Glimpse, and agree to provide a recent photograph of themselves for inclusion on this website.

Good luck. Remember entries close at midnight on 14 May 2006 (Brisbane time)

* Patrick is giving these tickets away because he has already seen David Gilmour 4 times, and now wants somebody else to have the opportunity of seeing David live. It’s Patrick’s wish that the tickets should go to somebody who has never seen Pink Floyd or David perform live before. Please honour Patrick’s request.

Without doubt, this was the hardest competition we have ever judged. There were some great stories, and some brilliant reasons as to why people wanted to see David live in concert. However, there could only be one winner, and we have selected Julie Bentley of Manchester UK. Below is Julie’s winning entry. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

juliebentleyI first heard of Pink Floyd when my sister, Helen, played Meddle in 1971. I was 13 and it was as though I had been struck by a thunderbolt. I thought that Echoes was, and still is, one of the greatest things ever written. I used to come home from school and lie on the floor in front of the old gas fire and play it on my red vinyl record player.

From then both Helen and I were devoted fans and regularly discussed the merits of each of the members of the group, the new albums etc. She was for Roger Waters but I was always a David Gilmour fan. Those perfect luscious lips!!

Echoes stuck with me all through my life and seemed to fit whatever was happening to me. When I was sad it was suitably calming but on other days, it made me feel joyous to be alive. Sadly, my sister died in 1999 aged 50 but any of PF’s music can make me feel like she is still here.

So you can imagine my happiness and excitement when I heard that David was going to play it on this tour. I was promised tickets for Manchester by a close friend and I actually cried at the the thought that I would hear it live. It was as though it was an actual part of me, and Helen would also have been with me in spirit. I counted down the days, made a copy of the set list on the computer and literally felt as if I would burst with anticipation.

Then last Friday, he let me down and said that he had to give the tickets to someone else. Devastated is a minor word to use to explain how I felt. I cannot see how anyone can take a persons lifelong dream away from them that easily. Needless to say, he is no longer a friend but the good news is that, YOU could now become my new best friend in all the world ever by letting me win the tickets!!

I really can’t convey what it will mean to me. It is something that I have wanted since I was 13 but never thought that I would have. It was within my grasp and taken away but you have given me fresh hope. I would willingly walk the 280 miles to London to hear him. Please make my life complete.

Update. well the show has now come and gone, and Julie tells us what it was like

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