didntI’ve been to the second show in Amsterdam last night. It was terrific! I had to pay a lot for my ticket and the seats weren’t that great (not to mention the guy sitting next to me pretending, even during the quiet songs like Smile, to be Animal; that drummer of the Muppet Show. He also was a bad drummer so during the break I gave him two options. 1. To keep rhythm 2. If he couldn’t keep rhythm to leave the drumming to the guy on stage who could. You should’ve seen his face… not angry, but dissapointed…).

The first part of the show was the complete On An Island set, no surprises there. Beautiful lights, great sound, great performance. Too bad the crowd was noisy, lot of people walking, laughing, talking, drinking beer, smoking and smoking weed during the show (which by the way was not allowed, even in Amsterdam). There were also a lot of photo- and video-camera’s…

As said before, no surprises in the first set, but there would be a big one in the second set.

After Shine on and wot’s the deal we heard Fat Old Sun (while on the day before they performed Dominoes – which I like more btw.) After Fat Old Sun we heard the first tunes of COMING BACK TO LIFE!

I believe that this was the first time they played that song on this tour [it is – Matt], but it sounded like they’ve played it all the time, just perfect.

Too bad Wearing the Inside Out and Breathe were skipped because after CBTL they went straight on with Time/Breathe (reprise) which was closely followed by High Hopes. And then the best performance of a song I ever saw… Echoes.

I read a lot about this performance, heard some roio’s, but to be there, hear the performance, see the lights (using mirrors) was just great. While enjoying the song Animal went totally beserk, jumping up and down on his chair, but I let him be. The people in front of me (who looked like exchange students) lit a joint and when I smelled the sweet fragrance I imagined how it had to be like to see Pink Floyd performing in the ’60/’70 (too bad I was born in 1984).

After Echoes there was this very long moment of nothingness… Nothing happened. Ok, people were clapping, cheering, but no: We want more… Some people were leaving, others were turning on their mobile phones and making calls, others were putting on there coats (even while the cloak-room was free of charge, people remained cheap Dutchmen) but waiting if something happened. Then people began stamping, like a wild horde of wildebeasts. Oh my God, Lion King: The Musical all over again!

It took around 5 minutes (I checked) before some people began cheering that they wanted more and Mr. Gilmour & co. came back on stage to perform Wish You Were Here and Comfy Numb. Especially during CN people who were sitting in the back ran up to the stage. I was dying to go there to but I didn’t want to defy Animal. His hands and legs were going everywhere and I do want to live long enough to see Roger and Nick perform someday (being June 10th Arrow Rock Festival).

Finishing the great solo at the end of the song (which is great, but please, Mr. Gilmour, try some more improvising) they took a bow including Dick Parry who we last saw during Shine On at the beginning of the second set. Then they walked off stage and all the hippies and myself went towards the exit…

Thanks to Arvid

Thanks to Jort

Thanks to Jort


Megavenue with a capacity of over 5000 and acoustics engineered especially for live amplified music. Situated near the Arena stadium in Amsterdam South-East. Ideally suited for medium-size acts, and of course ‘intimate’ performances by big names. About the only thing in favour of its location is the excellent accessibility by public transport, and the parking facilities.

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