The Delicate Sound Of Thunder tour plundered the globe, and eventually wound its way to Sydney, Australia, in January 1988. It was my first chance to catch up with the guys since I left Astoria after A Momentary Lapse started coming together.

I was invited by David, Nick and Rick to join them at a function on Sydney Harbour. I arrived to find the inflatable pig hovering overhead, which immediately sent shivers up and down my spine. I won’t go into detail here, but let me just say I happened to be there on the day of the Animals album cover fiasco.

It was great catching up with the guys again, and to congratulate them on the new album and the spectacular show. Not only that, but to see Rick and Nick overcoming their drum and organ phobias was a credit to them. Well, it was probably more a credit to David Gilmour. Nonetheless it was great to see them confidently performing live once more.

After a while there were some media commitments and publicity photos to attend to, but everything was thrown into kaos when, you guessed it…….or maybe you didn’t….. the pig broke from its moorings and took off into the stratosphere!

I raced over to David, Nick and Rick blurting out that I had nothing to do with this mishap. But before I could prove my innocence, the three broke into laughter. David Gilmour winked and said, “Don’t worry Magoolie. Just consider this one for old times’ sake.”

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