So much has been said, heard and written about the sad demise of “Syd” Barrett that I feel it’s pointless for me to add anything further. And to attempt to evince a laugh or two from his unfortunate story would be both inappropriate and insensitive.

The only thing I will say – as sensitively as possible – is that the increasingly erratic behaviour exhibited by Syd towards the end of his association with Pink Floyd at least kept the heat off me.

No matter what stuff up I caused, or what nutty, cornball stunt I pulled, it all paled into insignificance ( or, to quote an old friend of mine, “smalled into incomparison” ) compared with what Syd was getting up to. So in some way I feel quite indebted to Syd for masking my deficiencies, and allowing me to remain onboard with Pink Floyd through this very delicate and difficult period.

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