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Venetta Fields ~ Exclusive Interview In 2004 A Fleeting Glimpse secured an exclusive interview with World renowned Diva Venetta Fields. Venetta has performed with the best, including Pink Floyd (Dark Side tours and backing vocals on Wish You Were Here) Diana Ross, Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, The Rolling Stones, Burt Bacharach, Bob Dylan, The Supremes, Neil Diamond, Bob Seiger, Aretha Franklin, Boz Scaggs, Humble Pie and more!. READ THE  INTERVIEW AND SEE THE PICS HERE

'The Cambridge Mafia' - John Davies's Stories & Pictures - Exclusive to this site John Davies grew up in Cambridge in the same peer group as Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Storm Thorgerson and has maintained friendships with some of them to this day. John has very kindly provided A Fleeting Glimpse exclusive use of some of his Floyd memorabilia and in addition has written down some of his memories of those very early days. This is a fascinating insight into a world seldom seen, and should definitely not be missed HERE

Other Amazing Exhibitions

Taken By Storm
The internet's largest coverage of Storm Thorgerson's traveling Exhibition

Main Index HERE Original Press Release HERE
Exclusive interview with Storm HERE
Private Viewin08 night (with Rick & Nick) HERE
Exclusive interview with Storm HERE
Official Pictures HERE
Los Angeles
Exclusive coverage & Pictures HERE
(Above) The Wallboards! Thanks to our friends Ron Toon & Paul Bridgeman you can now see 38 high res images from the Wall Storyboard that were used to pitch the movie. There are also 15 LIVE pics from the show. Enter

Roger Waters opera Ca Ira features great pictures and stacks of background information. 2005 Rome / 2006 Poland / 2008 Brazil / 2013 Brazil

Coverage of Pink Floyd's long overdue 2005 Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. You can also access to video of the same Hall Of Fame

Mini DurdleBreathtaking & beautiful pics that were taken where the 'Coming Back To Life' photos were shot Durdle Door

An unusual exhibition that featuresb pics of English landmarks with Floyd connections Pink Wuz Ere

Get to learn all about the 'Division Belle' that was used to promote the 1994 Division Bell Tour The Division Bell

Games For MayA small exhibition that is in need of an overhaul. However, it does contain the UFO Rules from 1967 1967

The downfall of Syd Barrett. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, The Cracked Ballad Of Syd Barrett Exclusive

Syd BarrettA collection of Syd Barrett pics. Be warned there are picures of Syd here in later years that may upset some Tribute To Syd

To coincide with the 30th anniversary, Dark Side Of The Moon was released early in 2003 on hybrid SACD. An extensive resource Here

David GilmourPacked with material from the early days, this material is thought to have originated from Nick Mason Open Here Exclusive

Blurry RogerClimb aboard the fantasy train as you read about a show that never was! A work of fiction The Final Cut Exclusive

Up Close & Personal with David Gilmour 29 June 2001 Exclusive amazing pics! then Download The Video!

Background material, details of how the album came to be released, and some scans detailing Roger Waters album In The Flesh

Jugband Blues Exclusive! Read The Review and See The Screen Captures! Unseen Pictures Of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd HERE

Interstellar Paris Oct 2003 - Jan 2004. Over 60 pictures Some amazing exhibitions. Don't miss this! HERE

Pics of David Gilmour , Syd Barrett and Nick Mason (Warning, these are 'personal' pics) Personal Pics

A growing collection of Floyd pics taken in Hard Rock Cafe's. See Syd's guitar! Rock Me

See this incredible exhibition while you still have your sanity The World According To Andy

Echoes - The Best Of Pink Floyd. Here's a selection of alternate album covers, and an article on how the album cover was achieved Here

Details of 'Is There Anybody Out There'. CD covers, pictures from the book, track listings and the official Screen Saver Here

Nick Mason's Inside Out Tour Dozens of pictures and some brilliant reports & stories from the tour HERE

Nick Mason in Belfast As part of the 2004 Belfast Arts Festival at Queens (22 Oct - 7 Nov), Nick Mason gave a candid talk HERE
Why is Steve Carr looking so happy? He's just scored a superb Fender, personally signed by David Gilmour! Read the story HERE
Here It Is! Tsunami Raffle winner Christopher Henricsson holding the Dark Side SACD signed by all 4 members of the band. Go HERE for full winners list.

In the early part of Floyd's British Tour 72, ticket holders were given a 4 page 'Songbook' that contained lyrics for some on the songs from Dark Side. Certainly worth a look at for it's historic value. Here

This unique document contains instructions for the band & crew, details where the band stayed, leisure activities, and who got the double rooms! Check out the British Winter Tour 1974 Schedule HERE

The legendary 'The Wall' demos had been a holy grail for Floyd Collectors for many years. A Fleeting Glimpse scored another scoop by being the first site to offer downloads of this sought after album. The downloads have since been withdrawn, but you can read some backround about the circumstances surrounding the album by going HERE

In 1975 somebody decided to promote Pink Floyd's then back catalogue of eleven albums. They chose a soccer theme, and wittily called the promotion Pink Floyd First XI, having the guys don soccer gear for the campaign. You can see this high res promo booklet HERE

Pink Floyd Millionaire There are over 200 questions about them HERE Can you get to $1,000,000 ?
The Wall Screenplay 95 pages of lyrics, shooting directions & drawings. A must for Floyd collectors HERE

'Albert Magoolie Remembers' A major influence in the success of Pink Floyd, and hardly anyone has heard of him! This massive project exposes all ENTER

A collection of stunning never seen before (at time of publication) photos of the band from around the 1965 period. There are some stunners to be seen HERE
Over the weekend 14-16 October 2011 the Rocky Mountain Audiofest was held in Colorado USA and as part of that event Pink Floyd's iconic Wish You Were Here album received it's debut in the 5.1 SACD format. AFG correspondent Julie Skaggs went along as a special guest of James Guthrie and here is her story and review. A highlight event of 2011was the appearance Wish You Were Here remixed for 5.1 Surround. Now the album’s theme of absence has also been incorporated into a short documentary, entitled The Missing Piano, created by award-winning producer/engineer James Guthrie, who helmed the years-long SACD project from start to finish.