For part of January, and a few weeks in February 2005, Pink Floyd fans were asked to donate any unwanted Pink Floyd items to a giant online raffle, the proceeds of which went towards assisting victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami disaster. The response was enormous, with over 100 prizes donated in a few short weeks. Pink Floyd’s and Roger Waters Management supported the raffle by donating a 30th Anniversary Dark Side Of The Moon CD signed by all 4 members! (Came complete with Certificate of Authenticity). What made this even more special, is that there are only 3 signed copies of this CD in existence, making this a very valuable and desirable prize. There were also 45 Pink Floyd ‘prize packs’ to be won, containing in excess of 100 prizes.

Prize List


Major Prize
30th Anniversary Dark Side signed by all 4 members
(Comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity)

(Not pictured, still sealed Dark Side Of The Moon poster )

(There were also a number of prizes not listed, as they are not ‘official’ in nature)

The Rules

The small print. You are donating money that will be used to help victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami Disaster. For each $10 (Australian) that you donate, you will be allocated 1 ticket in the Pink Floyd Tsunami Raffle.There are no limits on how much you can donate, and therefore it follows that ticket allocation is unlimited. Donations will be accepted as from 7.30pm 1 March 2005 until midnight 31 March 2005 (Brisbane Australia time)

You understand that the prizes listed on this page have been donated, and as such some may not be in a new condition. You also understand that we cannot be held responsible for the working condition of prizes.

We want you to know that no fees will be deducted from funds raised, (with the exception of PayPal fees) but the cost of postage and packaging the prizes will be deducted from the proceeds.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your donation and your ticket number/s.

The prize draw will be over the weekend of 2 & 3 April. Winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be dispatched as soon as possible after the draw, but please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Only the major prize will be sent by certified mail & insured. Any items lost in transit cannot be replaced or compensation made.

Donations can only be made through the PayPal system. If you do not have an account you can sign up for a free PayPal account HERE or you can pay by Visa or Mastercard using the PayPal button below.

Please ensure that you stipulate how much you are donating on the PayPal system. Remember 1 ticket for each $10 donated.

If you agree to these terms, please continue with your donation, accept our grateful thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Raffle Now Drawn
(Details have been left here for any future reference)

Prize Winners

Pictured above, the Major Prize winner Christopher Henricsson sent us this shot and said he really is dazed & confused with his win. He reckons it’s going to take some time before it really sinks in. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everybody who contributed.

These were the other prizes up for grabs. They have been sorted into various packs as shown in the table below. In all, there were 45 prize packs to be won, containing in excess of 100 prizes.

* 87 Tour Book SIGNED by David & Rick
* Video The Wall ( NTSC)
* Syd Barrett button & Pink Pig

Ref02 – USA – Ticket 881

* ‘Comic’ Tour Book SIGNED by Nick Mason
* Video La Vallee (OBC) – NTSC
* Syd Barrett button & Pink Pig


Laura Lampinen – Finland – Ticket 22

* XL Dark Side Hooded Sweatshirt
* 1997 Pink Floyd Calendar
* 1987 Momentary Tour Book


Dan Kelly – Canada – Ticket 276

* Batix ‘marching hammers’ T-shirt (xxl)
* Small Wall poster
* ABITW2/One Of MyTurns Vinyl Single
* The Wall Vinyl LP
* The Wall DVD (Shrink wrapped)


David Gaylor – UK – Ticket 235

* Video ‘Radio KAOS’ – NTSC
* Pro’s & Con’s 45 single
* What God Wants Part 1 45 rpm single
* Radio Waves 12″ Single
* Amused To Death Song Book
* Roger Waters In The Flesh 1999 Tour Book


Mark Brown USA – Ticket 740

* David Gilmour 8 x 12 colour print
* 1984 ‘About Face’ Tour Book
* David Gilmour Vinyl LP
* DVD ‘The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story’ – Region Free
* Syd button & Pink Pig


Matt Leonard USA – Ticket 170

* 1994 Division Bell Tour Book
* Learning / Frost Vinyl Single
* WBCN Bumper Sticker
* 1994 VIP Bell Tour Pass
* CD Take it Back/Astron Dom
* Wish You CD Single
* CD Learn/One Slip/Terminal


Michael Alexander – Canada – Ticket 99

* Pink Floyd – The Visual Documentary by Mabbett & Miles
* Nick Mason Picture Disc LP
* DVD ‘The Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story’ – Region Free
* Peter Whitehead Video (NTSC)
* The First Singles 3 track CD


Monica Pettersson – USA – Ticket 705

* 1994 Pink Floyd Calendar
* 1994 Division Tour Book
* Bridgehampton Program
* Two CD set of Redbeard’s In The Studio ‘The Wall’
* Storm Thorgerson designed collectors cards


Jenny Riley – UK – Ticket 112

* Vinyl inflatable promo small “chair” 30th Anniversary store display
* Brazillian DVD ‘Live At Knebworth’ region free, with bonus ‘Bitz’ magazine


Steven j Murray – Australia – Ticket 80

* Etched Glass 30th Anniversary Prism
* Book There Must Be A Better Way


Stacy Vickery – USA – Ticket 887

* Counter display”Division Bell” rotating motor assembly, base, cap, and “arguing heads” spinner


Toby Last – UK – Ticket 873

* Book – In The Flesh, by Povey & Russel
* Book – There Must Be A Better Way -Freddy Bannister


Mark Stricklin – UK – Ticket 462

* Promo Holland XL T-shirt “Is There Anybody Out There”


Neil Dyson – UK – Ticket 677

* Book – Saucerful/Schaffner
* PULSE Promo Flashing Pin
* 3D Wall Thingy! (Bookmark)
* The Wall – Ticket 18 Feb 81
* Gilmour VIP Pass – Embossed
* DVD ‘Live At Knebworth’
* ‘Piper’ laminated promo card


William Taber – USA – Ticket 554

* Pink Floyd Encyclopedia (Rev)
* 1977 Animals Tour Book
* Animals Vinyl LP
* ‘The Wall’ flyer


Jennifer Dunford – UK – Ticket 46

* Video Magritte’ NTSC
* Book -The Press Reports
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* Wish – Guitar Tab Book
* 3″ ‘Architectural Abdabs’ CD
* Cassette Wish You Were Here


Stuart Cameron – UK – Ticket 628

* ‘Through The Eyes Of’
* Storm designed cards
* Book by Jason Rich
* Set B&W postcards
* Postcards from ‘Shine On’
* CD Slip/ Frost/Dogs


Brent Ingalls – Canada – Ticket 361

* Hampton Jitney -Roger Waters Special Magazine
* Video The Wall Berlin 90 (NTSC)
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* Bridgehampton Program


Gunnar Radberg – Sweden – Ticket 634

* Video When The Wind Blows (NTSC)
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* When The Wind Blows book


Barry Valentine – USA – Ticket 85

* Australian Relics Vinyl LP (Coin Cover)
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* Dark Side Of The Moon Vinyl LP
* More Vinyl LP
* Obscured By Clouds Vinyl LP


Douglas Blaim Jr – USA – Ticket 519

* A Momentary Lapse Vinyl LP
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* Wish You Were Here Vinyl LP
* Meddle Vinyl LP


Matt Cooper – Canada – Ticket 966

* The Final Cut Vinyl LP
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* A Collection Of Great Dance Songs Vinyl LP
* Rick Wright – Wet Dream Vinyl LP
* Mason & Fenn ‘Profiles’ Vinyl LP


Mark Brown – USA – Ticket 738

* Limited edition First Candle Poster (94/100)
* 1990 ‘Wall’ poster
* 30th Anniversary poster
* The Wall DVD Poster
* Syd Barrett ‘Murcia’ poster
* Knebworth 1975 Poster


Penny Newman – USA – Ticket 478

* Dark Side Of The Moon poster
* ‘Wall’ 1990 Poster
* Knebworth 1975 Poster
* Syd Barrett ‘Murcia’ poster


Mark Brown – USA – Ticket 726

* Echoes 2 x CD Set
* ‘The Wall’ flyer
* 1 x Surprise unlisted item


Stewart Feely – UK – Ticket 319

* 2 X Surprise unlisted items
* ‘The Wall’ flyer


Ben Skirvin – USA 432

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Diane Pfiffner – Switzerland – Ticket 284

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


William Taber – USA – Ticket 558

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Richard Sowerby – UK – Ticket 534

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Roberto Germani – Italy – Ticket 365

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Kevin Elwardt – USA – Ticket 424

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Bob Higgison – New Zealand – Ticket 100

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Jason Deere – USA – Ticket 592

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Donald Polacek – USA – Ticket 449

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Mark Gunzinger – USA – Ticket 658

* Floydian Propulsion Project CD


Cecilia Dobner – Switzerland – Ticket 508

* A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd CD


Erik Nielsen – USA – Ticket 167

* A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd CD


William Sminchak – USA – Ticket 489

* Knebworth 1975 Poster
* Syd Barrett ‘Murcia’ poster


Mark Gunzinger – USA – Ticket 648

* Knebworth 1975 Poster
* Syd Barrett ‘Murcia’ poster


Lani Brandon – USA – Ticket 631

* Knebworth 1975 Poster
* Syd Barrett ‘Murcia’ poster


Rudy Taylor – UK – Ticket 514

* Book There Must Be A Better Way -Freddy Bannister


Diane Pfiffner – Switzerland – Ticket 283

* Book There Must Be A Better Way -Freddy Bannister


Claudia Alvis – USA – Ticket 135

The Result


A staggering $8519.78 (Aus) (App $6,605.09 US or 3,491.17 pounds) has just been donated to the World Vision Tsunami Relief Fund. The money was the proceeds from the Pink Floyd Tsunami Raffle that was recently conducted across the web. Pictured above is World Vision’s Mike Fawsitt & raffle co-ordinator Col Turner. Mike said he was delighted to receive the cheque, and thanked Floyd fans for their generosity.


Christopher Henricsson shows his prize.

Christopher Henricsson shows his prize.


We would like to thank the following for their kind donations.

Glenn Connell
Michael Goodall
José Abellán
Gregory Farlow
Gary Beadle
Mark Brown
Grace Hudecek
Keith Jordan
Kristen Piec
Ron Toon
Seth Rivard
Viginia & Robert Beadle
John Davies
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters
PFM Management
Mark Fenwick
Shuki Sen
Steve Belasco
Martha Copeland
Wendy & Freddy & Henrietta Bannister
Michael Mastropaolo
Frank Parish
Michael Teige
John Nemetz
Lior Tcik
Pink Floyd Israeli Forum
Fagnani Mauro
Sammy L Nichols II
David Le Hunte
Chris Lenox
Victor Hopson
Jennifer Dunford
Dan Johnson
Richard P Hermann

And a number of anonymous donors

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