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First, from the pure viewpoint of a fan wanting a full on concert DVD. The footage, camera work and sound is best I’ve ever heard. I can absolutely see many people buying this when it becomes available and turning up the volume! My biggest complaint, as a fan, is Dave and Robbie don’t get enough screen time (gotta remember this this Roger Waters The Wall).

For example, Young Lust is really a 100% Dave/Robbie song, they carry it and damn, the guitar is so important but there isn’t enough footage of that, it’s more of Roger. Again…this is Roger’s show. I felt that the momentum of the concert was interrupted at times but unless you really know the concert, you wouldn’t know it by this edit. The biggest momentum stopper, yet one of the best parts of the documentary part, is the transition going into CN.

We all know Roger gets the big grin, interacts a slight bit with the crowd and then turns and motions to the wall as the song starts. But, in this it fades to Roger on the beach on a grey cloudy day reading the letter and looking “on the horizon…coming through in waves” you can totally see how they tied it to the words. OK, CN should be all about the performers but, lots of crowd shots. However, not mindless crowd shots, but you can see how emotional the crowd is. Sure Robbie gets a little less camera time but seeing this 20 something year old singing along as he is crying is pretty moving. Reminds me of how emotional of a concert it really was. Absolutely incredible. From CN to when the wall falls is straight concert footage. It’s the best filming and sound I’ve ever seen.

So from the “documentary” viewpoint. Stunning. Damn, they somehow made the entire wall concert fit his search for his fathers grave. They would cut, rather fade, from the end of a song to the documentary part that would completely foreshadow the next song or few songs. Made me look at Roger in a different way and not just the rock star front man of PF.

I guess in the end the documentary parts are powerful in a way to tie in the entire concert and it tells a beautiful story of a guy driven by war and the death of his father, etc.

Pretty cool that after what I thought would be a straight on concert DVD I felt really good watching the film.
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Was the concert footage intermittently interrupted?

Yes but it was done tastefully believe it or not. (ammoj2)

Yes, footage is interrupted but the piece overall is awesome. It’s a really moving piece. It’s just not a 100% high energy concert DVD. It tells a beautiful story of the trip to his fathers grave. When appropriate the documentary part picks up between songs. Not every song, but a few. I will say the concert footage is insanely good and the sound was Dolby Atmos 5.1. From CN on is mostly straight concert footage until after the wall comes down. (SeaNile)

The piece is interrupted by I agree that it was tastefully done….also agree that it provides another perspective…sound quality is top notch…stayed for the post show questions…no mention of a new album,but he did say that he and Evans were looking at a future project involving arenas…also unclear as to whether or not it makes it to DVD..some very floydian moments interspersed in movie…think black car in Final Cut videos from 80’s… (Cold Glass Eye)


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