sydsitThis section of the site is not intended as an extensive resource on Syd Barrett. There are a few web sites who already do that very well, and we don’t wish to duplicate what they are doing. This is more of a quick tribute to Syd, with a small collection of images that we hope you will enjoy.

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F_SYD_SMost visitors to this site will already know that Roger (Syd) Barrett was one of the original founders of Pink Floyd. Syd left the band in 1968 as the other members felt they were unable to go on with Syd, due to his erratic behavior, assumed to be caused by his overindulgence in LSD.

Syd was replaced by David Gilmour and Syd set off on a solo career. Unfortunately he never made it once away from the band. He had several recordings, but returning to the public eye and filling seats at concert halls was rare. Syd then lapsed into obscurity.

This unforgotten hero sadly passed away in 2006.

The pictures you are about to see have been obtained from a number of sources.


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