Thanks to Mike

Thanks to Mike

Tim Hallam of Australia gets to meet Roger. Taken backstage at Universal Ampitheater.

Tim Hallam of Australia gets to meet Roger. Taken backstage at Universal Ampitheater.

First Set:

In the Flesh * The Happiest Days of Our Lives * Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) * Mother * Get You Filthy Hands Off My Desert * Southampton Dock * Pigs On the Wing * Dogs * Welcome to the Machine * Wish You Were Here * Shine On

Second Set:

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun * Speak to Me * Breathe * Time * Breathe (reprise) * Money * Every Strangers Eyes * Perfect Sense (Part 1) * Perfect Sense (Part 2) The Bravery of Being Out of Range * It’s a Miracle * Amused to Death * Brain Damage/Eclipse * Comfortably Numb * Each small Candle (Encore)

Thanks to Stephen Schneider

Thanks to Stephen Schneider

Well all the crazies were out outside of Hollywood, at the first of 2 nights at Universal Amphitheater, the show got started a little late, it was supposed to start at 8:15 but didn’t start until about 8:30. Jim Ladd (DJ from Radio Kaos) came out and introduced the show and then it all began. In the Flesh was a good start, the place went wild. I have seen alot of shows at Universal, but I have never seen it this packed. The Wall set went well and sounded fantastic, everyone was in top form, maybe they finally warmed up from the earlier shows. Southampton Dock gave me chills, I wish he had done more from the Final Cut. The 2 songs from Animals were great. I think everyone did a good job for Dogs, considering it’s complexity. The sitting around at the table playing cards was great, it made me laugh. Off into the Wish you were Here set, everything went well except Wish you were Here which I thought the intro was terrible, but Shine on made up for it…..oh Syd where are you….anyways…..Roger called for an intermission, and I went out for a smoke and ran into a fellow Floyd nut from Rochester, NY who had been following the tour around a bit. I went back in just before they started playing Set the Controls, which was absolutely fantastic, man that tenor sax made the song sound even more Indian than it had in the first place, no flaming gongs though, but real nice oil slides. The Darkside set was a real crowd pleaser. Everybody was up on their feet. Then, the solo material. This was great, he should’ve done more, the band sounded great, Roger was very animated and inspired. After the Bravery of Being out of Range, he had a little message for this group saying that when he had performed that song at the Walden Woods benefit in 92, right here at Universal, it was the warm reception that he was given at the time that made him decide to go on tour again. I thought that was great. Comfortably Numb was excellent, the duelling guitar solos were both great, Gilmour was missed, but not by much 😉 . Then the encore of Each Small Candle, I thought that this is a great song, and boy did it borrow elements from a few Floyd songs. The show ended at about 11:30, it was a great night. I wish I was going to the 2nd night and down to Irvine Meadows, ah well, we can’t all afford the 60$ ticket prices.

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My first time seeing Roger live:

I Live only 2 blocks away,So I Didn’t have to drive up there,I Was excited all the way up the hill,They have a shuttle that takes you to the top of the hill, I ate at Tommy’s in City Walk.After that I Went to the entrance, they were a few fans hanging out,they didn’t let us in the first gates till around 7:15PM, then we got to the second somewhat gates,and we had to wait while the Souvenir stands finished setting up.

Then after that,We still had to wait before entering the amphitheater Didn’t get to my seat till about almost 8 PM..

I Must say that the whole show was overwelming,The Sound was excellent Have been to a lot of shows at Universal,and this by far was the best one.

Roger was really enjoying himself,you could just see he was having fun with the show. The show did start 15 minutes late, Jim Ladd came out to Introduce Roger and the crowd went nuts..

The crowd was well behaved,till around the middle of the show, I Couldn’t see what was going on,but near the mixing desk there was something going on,Security was rushing over there for some reason.

My thanks to Roger & The Band..

Thanks to Mike.


All news clippings thanks to Dai Willey

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