You know sometimes you can be in the right place at just the right time. That’s exactly what happened to Jeff Mahaffey on June 11th 2000. We will let Jeff tell his story in his own words.

Jeff & His wife and some other bloke.........

Jeff & His wife and some other bloke………

I had already got an autograph from Roger a couple of years ago, “To Jeff Best Wishes Roger Waters”, so all I wanted was to shake his hand and hopefully get a photo with him. I got the autograph after I wrote him a nine page letter on various topics, Pink Floyd, politics, his work. I do know that Roger gets the letters, I also know that they do mean a great deal to him. He has stated this repeatedly in various interviews, and well the autograph was something that proved it also. I didn’t even ask for one, he is the greatest.

We arrived at the Starplex (Dallas, Texas) around 3:30 in the afternoon, anyone that knows me, knows that a “fault” I have is my big ambitions. I never doubted for any amount of time that I would get to meet Roger several people can account for this also, some laughed and all (except my wife) doubted that I would Roger Waters is the ONLY person I have ever looked up to, as a person (if you are any kind of a Waters fan, then you already know what I mean). And the only people I shared this with were those that REALLY knew me.

A friend of Jeff's with Roger

A friend of Jeff’s with Roger

Anyway, we waited with about 8 to 10 other people (luckily none were wearing Division Bell Tour T-Shirts) we watched as several different cars and catering vans pulled in and out of the backstage area. Is there a soundcheck today? No, not today we were told. Later on we heard some instruments, keyboards playing the intro to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, Dogs barking and the such. I wondered if Roger was already in there? Next plan . . !?! Finally around 5:30 or so a white van with black windows, seriously I know I know . . “Black out vans . .” pulled into and wasn’t even stopped at the gate, just waved right on through. Two gentleman with suits is all we could see in there, first to exit the van Snowy White, Simon (Wimpenny) and myself started hollering “SNOWY, SNOWY, Can we get an autograph”!! Next was Graham Broad, I was the only hollering this time “GRAHAM, Hey GRAHAM over here”!! Snowy stuck his head back in the van and was talking to someone. This is the time the guard starting closing the gate , “Au, come on man, pleeeease just leave it open and let us watch, pleeeeeease”! Then out from around the other side of the gate stepped Roger’s manager (I believe I was the only one aware who this guy was?!?), “No, No, open the gate back up Roger want’s to meet them”. The gate opened, the van backed up, I could not believe what I was seeing!! The van came to a stop, the side doors opened and there sat Roger!!

Roger's Tour Manager Andrew Zweck is on the left

Roger’s Tour Manager Andrew Zweck is on the left

There were only a few people there but the majority of them had multiple items to get signed, majorly uncool in my book. We had passed the time while waiting around discussing various Floyd and Roger topics, one of them was: Roger had stated that if there were a *few* fans there he would stop and meet them, he get displeased signing several items for the same person at the same time and really unhappy seeing the same faces show after show after show continuously asking for him to sign things. I am sure he knows something about eBay, this is just my insight as far as the eBay thing goes. Oh yeah, one thing I found kind of cool was after we had all seen/meet Roger he said, “Just let me out here, I’ll walk the rest of the way”, his manager told him no he needed to stay in the van and let them take him on back.

Roger's manager snapped these pictures

Roger’s manager snapped these pictures

Also it was Roger’s manager who snapped the picture of my wife and myself. I walked up to the van and Roger held out his hand and thanked me for coming, I mumbled some shaky phrases and shook his hand . I then let go and motioned for my wife, when she got there the picture was snapped. In hindsight I wish I would have gotten a picture shaking his hand, but just look at what I am leaning against . . HIS FRIGGIN’ LEG!! What gall I must have, sorry Roger!

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