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Battersea Power Station Saved?A consortium backed by the Malaysian government has been named as the preferred bidder for Battersea power station in a £400m deal that could save the historic structure. In a statement the consortium said it planned to “preserve the facade of the historical power plant with its iconic chimney stacks”. The decision means Chelsea Football Club and its owner Roman Abramovich are likely to miss out on the 38-acre site after identifying it as a potential location for a new 60,000-seater stadium. MORE

A Fleeting Glimpse At The Astoria You may have read elsewhere on this site about the lucky guy who bought Rick Wright's Kurzweil K2000 Synthesizer. He goes by the name of Chris, and he has been creating some wonderful Floyd sounding songs. If you Follow This Link you can listen to a song that Chris has dedicated to Guy Pratt. We think this is well worth a listen, as you scroll down the page to find some very interesting photographs that were taken of David Gilmour's houseboat Astoria and of his boat at the bottom of the garden! Many thanks for sharing Chris!

The Gilmours In The News Couple of interesting stories concerning the Gilmour family. First the family evacuated their £3million seaside mansion in a bomb scare on 25 May Read Story Then they made the papers again after they lopped the top off their controversial beach hut! Read Story

On The House! We reckon this tribute is unique! Ralph Erthel from Northern New South Wales Australia has taken his dedication to Pink Floyd to new heights. Work is still underway, but after a long hard slog Ralph's paint job on his house is almost complete. Professional mural painter Guy Crossley helped out on the Animals side of the house. Hard to spot on the photos but the little pics inside the bricks on The Wall side- they're all Floyd album covers.

Click thumbnails to enlarge

Harry Waters Solo Show Following on from the smash success of his solo show in Buenos Aires in March, Harry Waters has now announced he will be performing at Ft Lauderdale on the 18th June in between the Wall shows. This will be bigger than his last few solo shows and will be a fundraising event for a community arts project. Live Nation are behind this one and tickets will be available on Ticketmaster at $20 each. The boys from Venice will be appearing too along with Robbie and a couple of other people. (With thanks to Simon Wimpenny for the heads up) Click image to enlarge.

The Wall Live In Québec City One more date has been added to Roger Waters' The Wall Live tour. On July 21, Roger will perform at Les Plaines D'Abraham in Québec City, QC. This will be an outdoor show on the historic Plains of Abraham.(where the English and French fought in 1759). Capacity is expected to be the largest of the tour, with 75,000 seats @ $99 (General admission) and 9000 seats @ $199 (Golden Circle). We understand The Wall will be a massive 800 foot long! Full details of this special concert event will be announced at a Press Conference in Quebec City on Tuesday 22nd May at 4-30p.m. local time. Pre-sale tickets will be available soon after that from

This rehearsal footage may appear on The Wall Live DVD (Whenever that may be!)

Roger Waters On US 60 Minutes On 20 May See the full interview as Steve Kroft interviews Roger Waters about his record breaking Wall Tour.

Roger Waters To Appear On Jim Ladd Show Jim Ladd has announced that Roger Waters will be on his XM satellite radio show Thursday May 17. Jim said "Roger loves to bust my chops so that alone would be worth the price of admission" UPDATE During the broadcast Roger announced that a Pink Floyd channel will take over the Deep Tracks spot on the US Sirius XM Radio starting 25 May. Then from June there is to be dedicated Pink Floyd channel for those lucky enough to have access to Sirius XM. The channel though is thought to be a short term project and will of course feature officially released material, live shows, and will also feature solo albums from the various band members.

Rick Wright's Kurzweil K2000 - How I Came To Be The New Owner We recently brought you the news that Rick Wrights Kurzweil K2000 Synthesizer was up for sale on eBay. Now, we have tracked down the owner and you can read his story as to how he came to acquire this part of Floyd history, along with a full set of photos and a bunch of videos that we are sure you are going to enjoy. Do not miss this SPECIAL REPORT

New David Gilmour Song For Polly David Gilmour surprised his wife Polly Samson by playing a number of songs at her 50th birthday bash at the Century Theatre in Notting Hill London on 27 April. About 150 guests attended including Nick Mason, Ringo Starr and Jeff Beck. David was accompanied by Phil Manzanera and Guy Pratt.and others. The set list (as Tweeted by Polly) included Smile/The Blue/This Heaven/Where We Start/High Hopes/ and the new (unnamed) song. A bunch of pictures of the event can be seen at REX FEATURES Pictured right (L to R) are David Gilmour, Nick Mason & Guy Pratt (We are indebted to Pulse & Spirit for the original heads up)

The Missing Piano - A Film By James Guthrie Read our Exclusive Report (and access the video) of the preview of the documentary which was filmed and edited by James Guthrie, a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Wish You Were Here SACD - by AFG correspondent Julie Skaggs.

Rick Wright's Kurzweil K2000 On eBay We can't speak for the authenticity of this item but it appears that Rick Wright's Kurzweil K2000 Synthesizer, as used on the PULSE Tour & DVD, was up for sale on eBay. (Since withdrawn) The sellers claim that it was part of a sale of Rick's estate, along with his yacht. If you were interested, you needed to have deep pockets because the 'Buy It Now' price was a cool £65,000 eBay (Thanks to Matt North for the heads up) MORE Read a Great Story about sailing on Rick Wright's Yacht! (Thanks to Paul Trotman for the heads up)

Wish You Were Here - The Making Of In September 2011 A Fleeting Glimpse was contacted by Eagle Rock Entertainment to see if we could assist with research into the making of the Wish You Were Here album. Now we have learned that VH1 will be broadcasting a documentary on the making of Wish You Were Here on 3 March @ 7.30pm. We are not sure if this is the documentary we helped contribute to, but in any event it should be worth a watch as we have been told that in the promos it looks to be current, and includes David Gilmour at the mixing board with Black Strat in tow. UPDATE This was indeed the Eagle Rock documentary that we contributed to. FURTHER UPDATE The DVD & Blu-ray of this most excellent show will be released in June 25 (UK) and June 26 (US) and can be ordered or pre-ordered from the following Amazon Links UK .DVD or Blu-ray - USA DVD or Blu-ray

Orphans Are Alive & Kicking You might sometimes visit this site and think that not much new is being reported, but because you don't see anything new on the main page doesn't mean to say we are slacking! We are constantly working on the site, a lot of the time 'behind the scenes' (Such as our MASSIVE coverage of Roger Waters tour) and many other parts of the site receive our attention on a daily basis. Our latest effort involves updating the Orphans section with a great exhibition of some 1994 Volkswagen advertising items, for the Pink Floyd Division Bell tour. Check It Out

Douglas Adams The Party 11 March 2012 would have been Douglas Adams’ 60th Birthday. To celebrate this event, Douglas' family and friends are holding a very special birthday celebration in his honour at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. An evening's entertainment from some of the finest names in the world of science, comedy, entertainment and music, with a very special premiere performance of Douglas' material, this is one event that is definitely not to be missed. Headlining this great event is a band who last performed in Douglas' sitting room, reforming here, starring Gary Brooker, Robbie Mcintosh, Wix Wickens and Margo Buchanan, plus some very SPECIAL GUESTS. You never know who might turn up! SOURCE (And check out The Band link on that site. (With thanks to James for the heads up) UPDATE Well we gave you the hint some months ago and if you picked up on it and attended this show you would have seen David Gilmour perform Wish You Were Here with his acoustic!

Robbie Wyckoff Was Surprised! There's a nice new interview just become available with Robbie Wyckoff, who as you will know is currently touring with Roger Waters. Robbie talks about his new album, about his Pink Floyd tattoo and expresses his surprise when told that Roger has said he may tour The Wall again in 2013 (We even get a mention!) There's a lot more besides. Check It Out

Robbie Wyckoff New Album Hot off the success of “The Wall” tour with Roger Waters, the man with the golden voice Robbie Wyckoff brings his soulful rock sound to the mainstream. For those of you who have already seen and heard Robbie in action at a Wall show, you will know that this man has an incredible voice. Now here is your chance to grab a copy of his new album. 'Lose Control' (With thanks for the heads up to loyal Robbie fan Julie) You can read a lot more about Robbie on his OFFICIAL SITE and if you haven't read it already (or even if you have) read (or read again) our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW from earlier this year.

Their Back! Beyond The Darkside, one of the worlds foremost Pink Floyd Tribute Bands, will be performing a special one off show at the Gold Coast Arts Center (Queensland Australia) on Saturday 21 April. Tickets for this venue usually sell out quickly so we urge you not to miss out. To reserve your seats call the box office on (07) 5588 4000 MORE INFO

The Raging Storm - Our View Some weeks ago we brought you the news of Storm Thorgerson's new book The Raging Storm (Co-written with Peter Curzon). Well we finally got around to sticking our nose in this latest offering from Stormstudios and have to say were more than impressed. The first thing that grabs you is the landscape format, it's very much like opening a gatefold album (Ah, those were the days!) and so you get a much wider view of the graphics. And what graphics they are! The book is PACKED with images 'executed' (Storm's word) over the last 4 years. Just about all images are accompanied by explanations from Storm and, true to his style, are hilarious. This is not a Pink Floyd book, but images associated with them are liberally interspersed throughout. In addition, also featured are Biffy Clyro, Pendulum, Wombats, Shpongle, Disco Biscuits, Powderfinger, Muse, Steve Miller and Pink Floyd and many others. It's 160 pages of pure magnificence and can be ordered direct from TheRagingStorm HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Second Harry Waters Show For Buenos Aires Following on from the huge sucess of Harry's solo show in Buenos Aires on March 11th, Harry will be performing a second show, this one at the La Oreja Negra on 19th March. Tickets are available HERE or click for MORE INFORMATION

Off The Record - New Nick Mason Interview Sometime over the weekend Friday, March 2, through Sunday, March 4 over 80 stations will air OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson featuring the music of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" as well as Joe's brand new conversation with drummer Nick Mason. You can check a partial list of stations carrying the broadcast at

Harry Waters Solo Show In Buenos Aires Harry Waters will be taking a break from The Wall tour and performing his own show on Sunday, March 11 at THIS VENUE Some of you may recall that Harry did the same thing whilst on tour in 2010 in Miami (On his birthday on 15 Nov) Roger turned up for that show, although didn't appear on stage, but Graham Broad and Marky Lennon did get up to do "My Funny Valentine" and Dave Kilminster joined at the end of the show for a "jam" that got started. In fact, except for Jon Carin and GE Smith, the rest of the Wall band were actually at that gig! Now we don't know who is going to be at the Buenos Aires show but it may be well worth checking out! You might also be interested to know that Harry has released a new version of his album, and as a bonus for the Latin American edition, Harry has joined forces with an act in Argentina called Timotteo. They recorded two bonus songs that appear on the new version of the album. The new version of the CD is Now Available to purchase via Amazon USA UPDATE There's a full review of this show with pictures HERE

Redbeard - In The Studio Redbeard's US radio show In The Studio is spotlighting the new Wall Immersion set this week. Insiders have told us that there is a strong likelihood of some new interviews with the band. We can't promise that, but we do know that it's almost certain that Nick will provide an new interview and hopes are high for Roger & David to do the same. MORE INFO . Don't forget, our comprehensive guide to Pink Floyd's back catalog can be found at This Location

Tour Book Project - Bath 1970 It's been some time since we updated our ever growing collection of Tour Books, but we are now pleased to tell you that the program from Bath 1970 has been sent to us. We haven't been able to use all the pages as they are mostly non Floyd related, but we have been able to produce a list of acts that appeared at the festival, and the page of the book that is dedicated to Pink Floyd. Not the largest exhibition we have, but well worth a few minutes of your time. BATH 1970

Pink Floyd On Rockline Please be advised that the story that he surviving members of Pink Floyd would be be special guests on Rockline on Wednesday, February 22 and on hand to answer your questions was false. The original source who claimed this have now changed their story to read "Previous taped interviews with the surviving members of Pink Floyd will air on the nationally syndicated U.S. program Rockline".

Boston Show Finally Official After a long wait, finally the Boston show of 1st July at Fenway Park has been officially announced. Tickets wereavailable for pre sale from from February 13th and will be on general sale as from February 20. Tickets also available from Roger Waters Tickets Boston

Second New York Concert Announced July 6th's Yankee Stadium show is now sold out and a second NY Yankee Stadium show on July 7 has been announced. pre sales started on February 5th at 10am ET. General onsale started on February 11th.Tickets also available from Roger Waters Tour & Tickets

Roger Waters On Howard Stern Roger has appeared on the Howard Stern show (18th Jan) on SiriusXM channel 100 You can download the show in MP3 HERE (Right click, save as) or it can be streamed from Roger's Facebook Page but be warned ADULT CONTENT. Disclosed: Tickets for the New York Yankee Stadium Wall show go on sale on January 30 through Live Nation. pre sale starts 23 January. Nth American tickets are also available from Roger Waters Tour and Tickets THE FULL INTERVIEW CAN BE SEEN HERE

Here We Go! Here we are on the eve of Roger Waters 2012 tour and rehearsals are in full swing in Perth Australia. AFG correspondent Brad Noack was lucky enough to be invited to the rehearsal on the 25 Jan and you can read his report (with pic) in our dedicated Perth Wall section. We have had a number of reports from different members of the band to say they are having a great time and enjoying the glorious weather in Perth. If you are going to one of the BRISBANE shows, there will be pre-show meet ups at the venue in the 'Stars' bar. We will be kicking off at about 6.30pm on each night of the three concerts there, so look for the AFG baner and be sure to join us and say hello to other like minded fans..

Roger Waters Boston Wall Show The show to be held at Boston's Fenway Park on 1 July has still yet to be officially confirmed. Unofficial sources have told us that negotiation are still underway and that it's likely to be still a number of weeks away (mid Feb) until negotiations are complete and an announcement about ticket sales is made.

Roger Waters Spliced Again! As we told you some months ago, Roger Waters had been planning on marrying his long time fiancee Laurie Durning in early January. We have now been given the wink that the event took place last Saturday (14th Jan). This is Roger's fourth marriage.

2012 Year Of The Rumour (Rumor If You Live In The USA) First it was Pink Floyd at the Olympics, then David Gilmour in the recording studio, now we are informed that Guitar World Magazine (February edition) has implied (by the use of sloppy editing) that there is going to be an Experience and Immersion release of Meddle this year. All three stories are JUST NOT TRUE and that has been OFFICIALLY confirmed.

David Gilmour Working On New Album? There have been a number of rumours circulating in recent days that David Gilmour is in the recording studio working on a new album. (It's also rumoured that he will tour in 2012/13). We have can now tell you that despite some web sites and media outlets claiming this it is true it's 100% certain that this is false and this is OFFICIAL!

Rumour Denied David Gilmour has officially denied that Pink Floyd will be reforming their classic line-up to play at this summer's Olympic Games in London. A report in the London Evening Standard on January 3 claimed that the band were set to reconvene for their first official performance since Live 8 in 2005 but that story is pure fiction.

The Wall For Europe in 2013? Roger Waters has told Rolling Stone that he *may* take his epic masterpiece The Wall back to Europe in 2013. When asked if the 2012 tour was to be his last, Roger said "They wanted me to go back to Europe after I finish this August* and I've said, "No, I'm not going to do that." But The Wall is an extraordinarily satisfying piece to perform, so it may well be that I go back to Europe in 2013. I have no idea whether it's the last big tour. I just don't know". *As Roger's 2012 tour is officially scheduled to end on 14th July in Philadelphia it's left us wondering if Roger made a Floydian slip by saying August and that more dates will be added for 2012? Keep checking back as we will be keeping a careful watch!

Alan Styles Passes We are sad to report that Alan Styles, long time Pink Floyd main roadie for many years, died on December 8th at the age of 75. He passed away in a US hospital after suffering with pneumonia. Alan had recently moved to the USA and his sister Ann said he passed peacefully there. Alan of course was the subject of Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast on Atom Heart Mother and also appeared on the back cover of Ummagumma. Our condolences to friends & family.

Morumbi Date Change The Roger Waters Wall concert scheduled for March 31st at Morumbi Stadium in São Paulo has been postponed until Tuesday April 3. Reason given is that "As a result of technical and logistical issues that do not allow enough time for the show to happen in the way it was conceived". Original tickets will be honoured on the new date and seats remain the same.

Roger To Tie The Knot After a seven-year engagement, Roger Waters will tie the knot with fiancee Laurie Durning. The couple plan to marry early next year, before the next leg of Roger's Wall Tour begins. Laurie has said it will be a low key affair with only close friends. This will be Roger's fourth marriage. Source

Second Night In Edmonton Roger Waters will stage a 2nd show in Edmonton Canada, this one being on the 29th May at Rexall Place. Tickets go on sale on 21st November. MORE! Another couple of dates have been announced for the tour, this time it's Mexico on April 27 & 28 at Foro Sol in Mexico City. Tickets on sale soon. AND MORE! Winnipeg gets a second night, this one is on June 1st at the MTS Centre. Tickets Presales for many shows are available at or will be shortly. Nth American tickets are also available from Roger Waters Tour and Tickets

10th FREE Show In Argentina? We have had a number of emails from South American fans telling us that Roger Waters may play a free show in Argentina, date and venue unknown. (Although there have been a few suggestions). We held off bringing this story to you because it was so vague, but it now appears that the Argentinian Minister Of Culture (Hernan Lombardi) has confirmed on radio that this event will occur. In his statement, we are told that he referenced that it will be a 'cultural event' and the word is that this will not be a performance of The Wall. We will keep an eye on this and bring you more news when we get it. Report (Sorry, not in English) UPDATE It seems as if Argentinian Minister Of Culture (Hernan Lombardi) visited Roger in Manhattan recently to negotitate two performances of Roger's opera Ca Ira at the Theatre Colon. We understand that Roger has agreed and the performances will take place some time in March. We are told that the events will not be free, but large screens will be place outside the venue. (Thanks to the many who wrote in about this)

(Left to right) Dave Kilminster, Graham Broad, Snowy White & Harry Waters accepting the award for the Event Of The Year 'The Wall Live Tour' at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour recently. (Pic thanks to Ellie)

Sorry Europe! There have been a lot of rumours flying around for some time now that Roger Waters would take his stunning Wall show back to Europe in 2012 (after he finishes his North American tour). We put this directly to Mark Fenwick (Roger's Manager) who has confirmed to us that Roger WILL NOT be touring Europe in 2012. (and if you heard the rumour of a Wish You Were Here tour in 2013 you can forget that as well).

The Raging Storm Our good friend Storm Thorgerson has a new book out and it looks like a cracker! For £35 you can get the limited edition Wibalin "Cherry Red" hardback edition with custom designed logo in Luxor block foil. The book contains the album graphics of StormStudios over the last 4 years. All previously unpublished in book form. Includes Biffy Clyro, Pendulum, Wombats, Shpongle, Disco Biscuits, Powderfinger, Muse, Steve Miller and Pink Floyd amongst others. It's 160 pages full colour on semi matt paper Landscape format. The first 25 orders will receive copies signed by Storm Thorgerson. If you have a bigger budget, theres a Deluxe edition available for £395 which as well as the book, includes Biffy Clyro "Only Revolutions" Limited edition fine art giclee print. You can find more information about the book at Stormstudios where you can also download some tasty wallpaper for free!

Roger Waters 2012 Dates Latest There's been a lot of changing around with Roger's Los Angeles date & venue. First it was to be on the 19th May at the Memorial Coliseum (USC) then it went to May 18th (with venue TBA) but now, judging by what Roger Waters himself said, when he phoned in on DJ Jim Ladd's farewell broadcast, it's now to be on 19th May at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena! We are still waiting on final confirmation of that but we reckon if anybody should know it's Roger. ALSO a second Santiago Chile show has been announced for March 3 at the Estadio Nacional. FURTHER UPDATE Here we go again! There is now doubt that Roger will be able to take his Wall show to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on 19th May (as stated by Roger) due to the stadium's $156 million renovation. (Read Story) If so, that still leaves the Los Angeles concert without a date & venue! We are following up on this and hope to have more news soon. RESOLVED! We have just had official confirmation that the Los Angeles show will be on 19th May at the Memorial Coliseum (USC). Isn't this where we came in?

Spot On AFG! Well we did it again! The Roger Waters Wall North American tour dates we published back on 27/28 October have just about all been confirmed (Remember we made the announcement at least 5 days before they were officially released). We note that the gig for May 19th that we have listed for Memorial Coliseum (LA) is listed as TBA in the official announcement. Likewise the gigs we have listed for July 1st (Boston Fenway) & July 6th (NY Yankee Stadium) are also listed officially as TBA. We will update you on these venues when made official but in the meantime we will treat them as 'unofficial'. The official announcement also contained the Canadian dates, and these are as follows.

May 26 Vancouver - BC Place
May 28 Edmonton - Rexall Place
May 31 Winnipeg - MTS Center
June 23 Toronto - Rogers Centre
June 25 Ottawa - Scotiabank Place
June 26 Montréal - Bell Centre

Many presales for the North American dates will begin on Nov 7th and will be on general sale as from 10am on Nov 14th from Ticketmaster US or Ticketmaster Canada Nth American tickets are also available from Roger Waters Tour and Tickets

We would like to go on record to thank the many people behind the scenes who were involved in bringing you the news of the USA tour before anybody, anywhere, (and one in particular who shall remain nameless!) Now the dates are official the AFG forum is hard at it organising the 2012 Convocations. Next years major convocations will be held in San Francisco and Boston, with dozens of other minor meet ups also in the works. Head on over to The Forum for more information.

It's That Time Of Year Hard to believe we know, but orders are now being taken for Pink Floyd's 2012 Official calendar! We want you to know that a small commission is received for every sale made through our special links, and that has enabled us in prior years to help defray our hosting and other fees. So, by ordering from the following links you are helping to keep this site going for another year! Amazon USA | UK

WOW! Since publishing Roger's 2012 USA Tour Dates we have been bombarded with emails asking us for more information. As we understand it, the USA Tour will be officially announced next week (first week in November) and that Live Nation (and possibly Roger) will be giving a press conference at Wrigley Field, Chicago next Tuesday morning, (1 Nov). It's further understood that tickets will go on sale VERY SOON, although we are not sure if this means pre-sales (As in Amex & Please, no more emails about this, as we have told you everything we currently know. However, if you would like to join in the very lively discussion about this (and find out more about the upcoming AFG convocations in the USA in 2012) then hop over to THE FORUM where hundreds of like minded people are doing the same. AFG, first with the news.

Roger Waters USA Dates Scoop! Not yet official, but you know they will be. AFG scoops the world again with Roger Waters 2012 USA dates. As we say, not official YET!
Tue May 01 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
Thu May 03 - Austin, TX - Frank Erwin Center
Sat May 05 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center
Mon May 07 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
Fri May 11 - San Francisco, CA - AT&T Park
Sun May 13 - San Diego, CA - Valley View Casino Center
Tue May 15 - Phoenix, AZ - US Airways
Sat May 19 - Los Angeles, CA - Memorial Coliseum (USC)
Tue May 22 - Portland, OR - Rose Garden
Thu May 24 - Seattle, WA - Key Arena
Sun Jun 03 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
Tue Jun 05 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
Wed Jun 06 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
Fri Jun 08 - Chicago, IL - Wrigley Field
Sun Jun 10 - Louisville, KY - KFC Center
Mon Jun 11 - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
Wed Jun 13 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
Fri Jun 15 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - BankAtlantic Center
Sat Jun 16 - Orlando, FL - Amway Center
Tue Jun 19 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
Thu Jun 21 - Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
Thu Jun 28 - Albany, NY - Times Union Center
Fri Jun 29 - Hartford, CT - XL Center
Sun Jul 01 - Boston, MA- Fenway
Tue Jul 03- Pittsburgh, PA- Consol Energy Center
Fri Jul 06- New York, NY- Yankee Stadium
Mon Jul 09- Raleigh, NC- RBC Center
Tue Jul 10- Charlotte, NC- Time Warner Cable Arena
Thu Jul 12- Washington DC- Verizon Center
Sat Jul 14- Philadelphia, PA- Citizens Bank Park

Storm Thorgerson Private Viewing Night You may recall, we recently told you about Storm Thorgerson's new exhibition that's being staged at the IG Gallery in London? AFG was fortunate enough to be invited along for the Private Viewing night, so we packed off a couple of our London correspondents Natalie & Paul Thake, to see what it was all about. Be sure not to miss their Exclusive Report

Roger Digs Deep "Check out One Small House, they are special people, help if you can. Each small candle lights a corner of the dark." — Roger Waters. Join Roger and help build homes for 10 extremely impoverished families in Mexico this December. From now through the end of December, Roger will match every dollar donated by fans. More Information

A Jewel Of The Pink Floyd Catalog Receives Additional Shine From 5.1 Mix As we revealed a while back, Pink Floyd's iconic Wish You Were Here album received it's debut in the 5.1 SACD format at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Colorado over the weekend 14-16 October. AFG correspondent Julie Skaggs attended on our behalf (as a special guest of James Guthrie who was also in attendance) and has filed an absolutely brilliant in depth report that's sure to please! We know that many of you will also be delighted to hear that James revealed that The Wall may get the 5.1 SACD treatment (but that's some way down the track) and that he is working on the upcoming Roger Waters DVD/Blu-ray release of The Wall Live: 30th Anniversary. Read this GREAT REPORT

One Fans View The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion sets (and other releases) are now well settled in to their new homes across the world, and bringing pleasure to untold legions of fans. AFG correspondent Eric Blaustein has taken time out to analyse The Dark Side of The Moon - Early Mix 1972 that can be found in the Dark Side Immersion Box Set and filed This Review.

Storm Thorgerson Returns to IG Gallery The Idea Generation Gallery in London has a new Storm Thorgerson exhibition running from 21 October to 13 November. This one is called BIG & SMALL and is advertised as 'From billboards and bus sides, to digital downloads and postage stamps, BIG & SMALL will illustrate the vast diversity of format now facing music designers'. This is Storm's second exhibition at the IG and, true to form, will include site specific and interactive installations and a number of live events that will make for a truly immersive, memorable experience. The gallery is situated at 11 Chance Street, E2 7JB and can be contacted on +44 (0) 20 7749 6850 More Information

Let Him Go Argentina! Well we can't say it was unexpected, but it's still gratifying to finally learn that Roger Waters will perform for the 9th (yes, we said ninth!) time at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires on March 20th. The Roger Waters pre-sale in now on. In addition pre-sales are now on for all previously announced Brazilian shows.AFG 2012 Rest Of Word Coverage

Roger Waters Rescheduled Brazilian Shows Announced. Following the unprecedented demand for Roger Waters The Wall Live tour in Argentina, the previously announced Brazilian dates were removed from the tour calendar to be rescheduled. The rescheduled dates have now been announced as:

  • Mar 25 Porto Alegre Beira Rio Stadium
  • Mar 29 Rio de Janeiro Engenhão Stadium
  • Mar 31 São Paulo Morumbi Stadium
  • Apr 1 São Paulo Morumbi Stadium presale will begin very soon. Don't forget to visit the 2012 Rest Of World tour rooms for all the latest info on this amazing tour.

The Record Producers - Pink Floyd Special Currently there are a myriad of Pink Floyd specials doing the rounds. Radio & TV shows and print media have all gotten into the act and it's impossible to list them all. However we do think the Richard Allinson & Steve Levine BBC Radio 2 show, broadcast on 3 October, is a bit of a stand out, You still have a chance to re-listen to this little gem (be quick, only a few days left at the time of writing this).UPDATE This show has caused a mini sensation. We have received dozens of comments saying it's the best show since sliced bread! The news gets even better as an EXTENDED 95 mins VERSION is now available.

An Evening With Nick Mason 28 September 2011

The Wall Heading Back To The USA Roger Waters has confirmed in This Interview that he will be taking his sensational Wall Tour back to the USA.UPDATE Roger has told that he intends to bring the tour back to the USA in 2012. Roger is planning on hitting the cities he missed first time around (Austin gets a mention) as well as baseball stadiums in a few big cities. He said "But we want to base the tour around Saturday nights in baseball stadiums. As we speak, I'm at my office working on an outdoor version of the show." Roger also confirmed that they have already done light tests at Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium and it works fine.He also said that 'they' are trying to get him to go back to Europe next year, but added "But I think I'll be completely cooked by the end of July next year." (which indicates to us that the USA leg will be sometime between late March (after the South American leg concludes) and July. Full Story

Wow - Immerse This! As many of you will know, the Dark Side Immersion sets and other associated releases started arriving in people homes last week. AFG have already listened to a few of the discs from our Immersion set advance copy, and all we can say is THIS IS INCREDIBLE! This really has to be experienced to be believed with hours of listening & viewing pleasure to be had here. We don't want to spoil any surprises, so we won't do a review on site, but if you do want to know more there are some early reviews in THE FORUM . This week the publicity machine ramps up, so be on the look out for flying pigs, TV & radio and newspaper ads, and of course thousands of comments on the net. If you haven't ordered your copy already, hop in quick at Amazon USA or Amazon UK Trust us on this one, no Floyd home should be without one of these truly sensational sets.

Pink Floyd Week On Jimmy Fallon Show The popular US TV show "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" had a special Pink Floyd week commencing 26 Sept. Monday The Shins kicked off the week and performed Breathe and Nick Mason was interviewed. Tuesday was super interesting when Roger Waters teamed up with the Foo Fighters (for the first time ever) and in This Interview ROGER HAS CONFIRMED THAT HE WILL BRING THE WALL BACK TO THE USA. "Lucifer Sam" was performed by MGMT on Wednesday, followed on Thursday by "Wish You Were Here" by Dierks Bentley and Pearl Jam rounded the week off by performing "Mother" on Friday.

Pigs Might Fly - Again! EMI Music have confirmed that on Monday 26th September they will launch the 'Why Pink Floyd?' campaign of 2011 remasters and collectors' editions by recreating the legendary Pink Floyd Animals sleeve. They will be floating a second version of the iconic Pink Floyd pig (nicknamed 'Algie' in December 1976), above Battersea Power Station. The new animal has been manufactured at the same German factory that created the original, and it will be the first time in 35 years for a Pink Floyd pig to fly above the London landmark – weather permitting, of course.

Competition Time! In celebration of the new Rock Music Memorabilia web site, we are happy to announce our latest competition. Rock Music Memorabilia a long established company and sponsor of this site, have provided us with a cracking prize to celebrate the launch of the new site, and one lucky visitor to AFG will score a 1970-75 Pink Floyd combined commemorative set, which is jam packed full of Floyd goodies. To be in with a chance to win, simply check out the commemorative set then drop an email to with the subject heading Floyd Set and tell us who appeared backstage on a horse in 1975! Don't forget to include your name and mailing address and get your entries in (One per person please) by no later than 30th September. WE HAVE A WINNER! Before we reveal the name a couple of comments. We received hundreds of entries into this competition but almost 1/3rd were not eligible to win as NO MAILING ADDRESS was provided. We also had to laugh when several people thought David Gilmour was the answer, when it clearly stated that it was Roy Harper! Anyway, our lucky winner is Franz Svoboda of Wareham Massachusetts USA.

David Gilmour Talks About Why Pink Floyd?

Wish You Were There? The annual Rocky Mountain Audiofest to be held from 14 - 16 October will have a special (and we do mean special) treat this year. A demonstration of the Wish You Were Here SACD 5.1 will be played through Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC) speakers - the same speakers used by James Guthrie to mix this project. This will be a real treat for audiophiles and will be made even better by the appearance of the notoriously publicity shy James Guthrie, who will be in attendance for the discussion of this monumental preview. More details will soon be on the site

Why Pink Floyd? Promotional Videos Many of you would no doubt have noticed a bundle of Pink Floyd promotional videos hitting the net recently. There's a comprehensive list of what is available, and a hot discussion going on about them in THE FORUM With close on 13,000 members, and one of the most active forums of its type, isn't it time you joined in?

Nick Mason' Car Collection Mark Hales, driver and author, guides us around Nick Mason's incredible car collection ahead of the Goodwood Revival meeting. (Thanks to Craig Bovaird for the heads up) Please Note: The video we had posted here of Nick's car collection has been removed due to the auto play nature of the video creating problems for AFG visitors. It's still available on the Telegraph site, so if you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth a look VIDEO1 There's also a second video which features Nick's Maserati T61 Birdcage VIDEO2 and to cap things off an Interview With Nick

Floyd Items Wanted For New TV Show TV Production Company Fever Media are looking for Pink Floyd fans who are willing to sell their valuables to their team of Dealers in a brand new TV format for Discovery International. Some of the biggest players in the worlds of antiques, collectable's and pawnbroking will be spending their own cash on ANYTHING of value. They’ve got thousands to spend and they want to spend BIG. In this brand new international TV format, members of the public will try and sell their valuables to a panel of high-flying international dealers for big money. One by one sellers will enter the dealers’ space and try to get the best deal for their prized possession. Fever Media are after any Pink Floyd memorabilia or fascinating items that members of the public think their Dealers may be interested in buying. So, if you have something Pink Floyd related that you think might be of interest (and of course it should be something scarce & valuable), then contact Fever Media at or you can phone them in the UK on 020 7428 5756. Be quick, filming starts 24th October and if your item is selected you get to be on TV!

Contents Of Wall Immersion Set Revealed Far too many details to fit on this page, we have created a special Pop Up Display so you can drool over the contents. With over 60 demos plus dozens of other goodies this is a MUST HAVE. To be released on 27th (UK) & 28th (USA) February 2012 you can order now from Amazon USA | UK

'More' On DVD & Blu-ray Barbet Schroeder created a sensation when his controversial first feature film 'More' opened in 1969. (Quickly becoming a cult classic). Now on Blu-ray for the first time, it's to be released by the British Film Institute ( BFI) in a Dual Format Edition (DVD & Blu-ray) along with a newly commissioned documentary on the story behind it. The film is famous for its subdued, moody Pink Floyd soundtrack, featuring some of the band's most spontaneous and eclectic work – including Green is the Colour, Cymbaline and The Nile Song. Also included is an illustrated booklet with notes on the soundtrack. 'More' will be released on 19th September, you can pre-order from Amazon UK now.

More Roger Waters Dates! Seems the world can't get enough of Roger Waters and his Wall Tour. Hot on the heels of his 6th show in Buenos Aires being announced, comes some more Australian dates. Put these in your diaries: Perth January 28th, Brisbane 4th February, Melbourne 11th February. UPDATE Reports are coming in that a 7th show for Buenos Aires has been scheduled for March 17th. This date has already been set aside for a show in Brazil, so we are investigating if there has been a change in the schedule. CONFIRMED As we reported back on 26 Aug; an additional show now been confirmed for March 17th in Buenos Aires. The dates previously announced for Brazil will be rescheduled and announced soon. We also understand that more dates in Brazil will be added. 2012 Tour Rooms EVEN MORE!!! Bloody Heck, will Roger ever be allowed to leave Buenos Aires? A record smashing 8th show has just been announced for March 18th, at the River Plate Stadium.

Nick Sedgwick Passes Away Long time friend of Roger Waters, Nick Sedgwick sadly passed away this week. Nick will be remembered for his work on the 'Is There Anybody Out There' interviews (in the cover booklet) and the liner notes interview on the 'In The Flesh' album. Nick was a childhood friend of Roger's and was part of the Cambridge Mafia Roger has made the following statement on his Facebook page:

One of my oldest friends, Nick Sedgwick, died this week of brain cancer. I shall miss him a lot. I share this sad news with you all for a good reason.
He leaves behind a manuscript, "IN THE PINK" (not a hunting memoir).
His memoir traces the unfolding of events in 1974 and 1975 concerning both me and Pink Floyd. In the summer of 1974 Nick accompanied me, and my then wife Judy, to Greece. We spent the whole summer there and Nick witnessed the beginnings of the end of that marriage.
That autumn he travelled with Pink Floyd all round England on The Dark Side Of The Moon Tour. He carried a cassette recorder on which he recorded many conversations and documented the progress of the tour. In the spring of 1975 he came to America with the band and includes his recollections of that time also.
When Nick finished the work in 1975 there was some resistance in the band to its publication, not surprising really as none of us comes out of it very well, it's a bit warts and all, so it never saw the light of day.
It is Nick's wish that it be made available now to all those interested in that bit of Pink Floyd history and that all proceeds go to his wife and son.
To that end I am preparing three versions, a simple PDF, a hardback version, and a super de-lux illustrated limited edition signed and annotated by me and hopefully including excerpts from the cassettes.

40th Anniversary Celebration of Meddle 'Classic Rock Presents Prog' are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Meddle by publishing a 12 page Pink Floyd special contained in the edition that's on sale 31 August. The special edition comes in a slick wallet (pictured) and has the cover designed by none other that Storm Thorgerson Featuring brand new interviews with Nick Mason & engineer John Leckie. This edition also delves into to the Why Pink Floyd? campaign, with Nick re-assessing every Pink Floyd studio album and engineer Andy Jackson taking us behind the scenes of unearthing the hidden treasures that make up the new reissues. Add to this interviews with Gentle Giant, Dream Theater, Opeth, Primus, David Bedford, The Flower Kings, TesseracT and a free CD, this is well worth looking out for.

Roger Waters Third Buenos Aires Show Announced Demand for tickets to Roger Waters' The Wall Live performances in Buenos Aires has been unprecedented. Online ticket sales set a new record for fastest-ever sales in Argentina and both previously announced shows are now sold out. Due to this overwhelming success, a third performance of The Wall Live in Buenos Aires has been announced for March 12. 2012 Tour Rooms UPDATE: Massive rush for tickets! The March 12th show SOLD OUT (55,000 tickets) in 6 hours! A 4th show has been announced for 10th March and we understand that negotiations are underway for a 5th show. More when we get it. UPDATE We are reliably informed that a 5th show has been scheduled for 14th March. ANOTHER ONE! 6th show announced for 16 March.

Wish You Were Here SACD - Finally! After years of waiting it's almost in our grasp! The long anticipated Wish You Were Here hybrid SACD is finally available to pre-order. Lovingly created by maestro James Guthrie, and released independently from the Pink Floyd Back Catalog, this masterpiece will be in homes as from 7 November and is a must have for your collections. Order Here

New Interviews With David Gilmour & Nick Mason Keep an eye open for a special issue of MOJO magazine. On sale the 23rd August, there's to be a bumper Floyd cover story and an in depth piece on Wish You Were Here & The Dark Side of the Moon which features new interviews with David Gilmour & Nick Mason, and our good friend Mark Blake. UPDATE: Even better than expected, this SPECIAL EDITION features a free CD that celebrates The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here albums. Featuring Doug Paisley, Wolf People, Of Arrowe Hill, Lia Ices, Gallops, Matt Berry, Neville Skelly and more! As we previously advised, Mark Blake talks to David & Nick about the turmoil, indecision and soul-searching of mid-’70s Floyd. To cap things off nicely the second MOJO vinyl edition has landed. MOJO asked some of their favourite contemporary artists to celebrate the forthcoming reissue The Dark Side Of The Moon, by re-recording the tracks for a new, exclusive version of the record that comes in a limited run of 10,000 copies. The vinyl can be Ordered Here and if not sold out before will be available at HMV and WH Smith in the UK and Barnes & Noble in the US.

'Pink Floyd Games' - Puts Floyd Fans to the Test Do you know all there is to know about Pink Floyd?  TourBuddy Systems asks that question with the launch of "Pink Floyd Games" -- the largest collection of Floyd trivia and information in the App Store. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with free updates included. It is also offered in a full-sized iPad version for the same low price of .99 cents. Users with multiple devices can download it once, on any device, and play it on all their devices. This interactive quiz offers Floyd Fans a treasure trove of questions about the band, their music, the members and their lives both on and off the stage. Trivia questions are served up randomly with each new round, so users can play over and over. Questions range in difficulty and the points earned for each question vary accordingly. Fans can see how their knowledge stacks up against their friends and even brag about their score on Email, Facebook or Twitter, without leaving the app. MORE INFORMATION

Money - It's A Gas Billboard are reporting that Roger Waters Wall tour for the period 1st Nov 2010 through 31st May 2011 raked in a massive $114,431,363. During that period Roger performed a total of 69 shows (ALL sold out) and was seen by 1,005,490 people. Of course the figures will be far greater than that as the tour started back on 15th September 2010 (making 28 shows prior to the reporting period), and finished, (for the time being) on 12 July 2011 (making 23 shows performed after the reporting period). Wikipedia have the tour currently listed as the 23rd highest grossing of all time and base this on only 97 shows (Out of the120 performed to date) which grossed $156,523,755 and was attended by 1,350,990 people. With further shows to come in Australia, New Zealand & South America the tour is set to break into the top 10 of biggest grossing of all time. Source

John "Hoppy" Hopkins Exhibition John 'Hoppy' Hopkins for those that don't know was a leading figure in London in the swinging 60's. Co-founder of the legendary UFO club, (where Pink Floyd started on their road to fame & fortune) Hoppy has lead an incredible life. An accomplished photographer, doing various stints at Melody Maker, The Times and Peace News amoungst others, he has amassed an amazing archive of pictures down the years. Now here's your chance to get a fleeting glimpse of Hoppy's work, as we were fortunate enough to be invited along to the Opening Night of his photograpy exhibition in London recently. REPORT

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