When the concert started at 20:45, it was not yet dark, so the transition between Spartacus and the Intro was very obvious. One could for instance see the flagmen walking to their respective posititions and the musicians getting onto the stage. So the surprise effect was lost. It took 30 more minutes before it was completely dark as one can see on the pictures.

The sound was incredible, crisp and very loud, the projections, even in partial daylight, were very sharp. Roger was in a good mood, talking in german, even saying some more words about J-C de Menendez.

As we were sitting very high up we had a strange effect during Confortably Numb: The backlight for Dave Kilminster blinded us completely as one can see on the picture.

Roger looked completely insane during Run Like Hell and the following song, you could really think he’s going to get mad and that he will kill the whole audience. Terrific!!

The show was a quite different to those I saw in 2011, much more energetic and at least for me Roger’s Voice was much, much better! He must have had some good vocal training since 2011

All in all great show and great audience, even if not sold out all. I would say that at least 10 to 15% of the arena remained empty. IMG_0476

Above review & pictures thanks to Jean Klein

Bring The Boys Back Home
The Wall Open Air in Frankfurt on August 09th, 2013

After the original show in Dortmund 1981, the re-staging in Berlin 1990 and 2 shows back in 2011, I never thought to see another The Wall show in my life. But the never ending world tour of The Wall returned another time to Europe with the final (?) XXL format for Arenas.

Funny enough, the bad experiences of Waters during the In The Flesh stadium tour back in 1977 were the starting point of the whole concept. Waters never wanted to perform in stadiums anymore! So what? Now The Wall is back and dressed in a perfect stadium outfit!

Besides this, the return of the show gave me the opportunity to see it together with a friend and my 12 year old daughter. She’s a kind of a music freak and so I thought, this would be the one and only chance to let her whitness this event. Beforehand I gave her some information about the songs, the meaning of it all and about the show itself, so that she won’t be overwhelmed by it.

We were seated in block B2 near the middle (on the left side of the mixing desk). This is near enough to the stage to see the details, but also far away enough to watch all projections on the huge wall. Near the mixing desk is always a good place to get the best sound possible, especially for the well known surround sound of floydian gigs.

I won’t talk about all the songs, as there’s nothing new to expect (even The Ballad Of Jean Charles De Menezes at the end of Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 is a standard in the meantime). In comparison to 2011, the show got even bigger now, including new videos and a state of the art projection equipment. This can’t be beaten in terms of size and effects. This is a perfect musical event and not a simple rock show anymore. It combines different aspects for a fantastic journey for the eyes and ears of all fans. What more can one expect?

The band did a wonderful job as usual. And it was really a job! Almost all musicians stayed for most of the show in the background and had no chance, due the restrictions of the given time guideline, to put a mark on one song or another.

Waters was in top form and tried to send his message to all people. Anyone could see: The Wall is his ‘baby’! It means so much to him and he wants to share this with everybody! He played his role (sometimes a bit too excessively) at the front of the stage in his typical way and even acknowledged with a “Thank you!” that his fans raised from their seats after the line “Can you stand up?” during Comfortably Numb.

Musically highlights were for me: Mother, Almost Gone, Hey You, Comfortably Numb (of course!) and Outside The Wall.

On the visual side: In The Flesh?, Empty Spaces & What Shall We Do Now, Bring The Boys Back Home, Run Like Hell and Waiting For The Worms.

Emotional highlights: Vera and Bring The Boys Back Home (in combination with the film projections on the wall).

After almost 2 hours of music and visuals, we were finally forced to get back to reality. My daughter couldn’t believe what she saw! And looking at her face, I knew, I was right to take her with me. Never in her whole life she will ever forget that night together with her dad …

… and then I thought: Was this the last night that I ever saw a show with a(n) (ex)member of Pink Floyd? Only the future can tell!

Review thanks to Hans-Juergen Müller

Ticket scan thanks to Jean Klein

Ticket scan thanks to Jean Klein

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