Great gig last night, the crowd were a bit quiet compared to Italy, but that was always going to be the case. We were probably all slightly more lubricated than intended because of the extra 2 hours in the bar before the show started, but at least it wasn’t cancelled.

There was a change to the animation at the start during Spartacus, being an inside show the wall was probably too small to project “I’m Spartacus” in all the different languages, it was quite cool the way the way they did it, it will be on youtube no doubt if you want to see it.

During his speech at the end of ABITW2, Roger did the whole thing in Czech, apart from half way through when he must have been struggling to read what was written on the cards on the stage, and he switched to English briefly to exclaim “What the FUCK does that say??”, it was pretty funny. Fair play to him for trying, it’s not an easy language.

It was good to have normal service resumed after the Olympic Stadium fiasco, there were quite a few tears by the end of Thin Ice, which has never happened before, not at that part of the show anyway.

Review thanks to mskala147

This show was originally scheduled for the Synot Tip Stadium (Eden Arena). All previously purchased tickets for this show will be honored at the new venue. Please contact your point of purchase for information on how this move will affect your seating.

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