‘The last few weeks, in fact since the Frankfurt Concert beginning of August, voices have raised in the German Press and in the Jewisch Community asking for a boycott of the Wall shows and calling Roger an antisemite. Roger was asked to withdraw the Star of David which is displayed on the Pig and also on certain projections.

So everybody was expecting the star removed but this was not knowing Roger. The star was displayed and the press has been harsh again.

As it was Roger’s 70 Birthday a bunch of fans succeeded to get most of the audience sing him a happy birthday just beforehand of his Introduction to ‘Mother’. It was a very emotional moment for the audience as well as for Roger who could not hide his emotion and discretely wiped some tears away

Later, during ‘Outside the Wall’ the band also played him a ‘Happy Birthday’ for which he looked much more prepared and in control of himself.

Review thanks to Jean Klein



Chart thanks to Ole Jørgen Skinderhaug

Chart thanks to Ole Jørgen Skinderhaug

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