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The crowd in Italy are always good,especially when its general admission and they are standing on the floor. Tonight was no exception, the applause and cheers as the airplane crashed through the wall was tremendous, the Italians are ever so passionate about their music and show it in how loud they cheer and applause. As hard as it was for me to see this show from so far back (well further back than I’m used to!) it was great to see the new projections fully and be able to appreciate them how they are meant to be appreciated. I’m still impressed with how bright and how much better these new projectors are and much more details is seen on the wall.

Roger had some serious problems with his microphone during Nobody Home, it was constantly cutting out and he tried three or four times hitting it hard on the end to fix it but to no avail, then resorting to holding the microphone out towards the crowd to sing the lyrics for him! The crowd were amazing for Run Like Hell, following every clap in unison with Roger and when he told them to clap louder they did. I still think this is just like a warm up show for how the crowd will be in Rome! The pig came out during “Flesh 2” and stayed out until the wall came down before again being slaughtered by the crowd and ripped to “take home size pieces” by the Italian crowd.

Review & above pictures thanks to Simon Wimpenny

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