We were too close to see the fireworks go off on the top of the roof but we certainly weren’t disappointed, we not only heard the opening notes to In The Flesh but felt them right in our chest! The sound was loud but not just loud, it was incredibly clear. This show just lends itself to the outdoors, the size, the loudness needed to get to the rear of the field and the size of the projected wall just make this show at home in an outdoor venue. Unfortunately the Stuka was a good 10 seconds behind the end of INT and the crew shook their heads as they looked up when it crashed through the wall into the flames. Not only were the band enjoying tonight’s show but as it was the first night of the tour, a lot of the crew kept coming out to see how good the gig looked.

siteI did notice the projections were nowhere near as clear as they were at the Arnhem show, they were still bright but I’m pretty sure the section we were in front of was just slightly out of focus. The rest of the wall looked better but due to the projectors being a lot further back than they were in Arnhem it still lost a little bit of the detail. There were certainly a lot more tickets sold for tonight’s show, 40,000 in total i believe.

I didn’t spot any mistakes by the band tonight, one of the projectors threw up the words “change the air filter” onto the wall for3 0 seconds but apart from that it was a flawless show. In Arnhem they didn’t put the “No Fucking Way” on the left side of the wall in the local language, i got my cell phone camera ready just in case and they did indeed do it tonight.

Review thanks to Simon Wimpenny

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