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Pink Floyd and Roger Waters news from the worlds most respected Pink Floyd/Roger Waters site. Over 50 Million visitors can't be wrong! Features the latest OFFICIAL news, pictures, reviews, interviews, lyrics, forum, links, and so much more.Now in its 17th big year, Pink Floyd A Fleeting Glimpse continues to attract new audiences. The site is widely acknowledged as a great source for Floyd news and has picked up a massive cult following over the years. (We passed the 50 Million visitor mark way back in Nov 2012!) A Fleeting Glimpse (Or AFG as its become known) is used by a cross section of the Floyd/Waters online community, including new fans & crusty old fossils, who spend all their life researching Floyd. I fit into the latter category by the way, having been a Floyd fan since 1966. My name is Col Turner, and I run this site on behalf of fans all over the planet. Without your contributions the site could not exist. If you have anything Floyd related that you think may be of interest, drop us a line (  Don't forget, in the best Pink Floyd tradition, there are several hidden links on this site, can you find them? Col Turner ~ Gold Coast, Australia

The Endless River

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Interview With Nick Mason
David Gilmour Says Farewell To Earls Court On Saturday Night (13 Dec) David Gilmour joined the 'Bombay Bicycle Club' at the very last show at Earls Court Arena. Bulldozers are set to move in on Earls Court as the famous exhibition centre is destroyed to make way for a controversial £8bn redevelopment which will replace the West London entertainment hub with luxury flats. David played lap steel guitar on the London's band's own song 'Rinse Me Down' (Correct Title), before he picked up an acoustic guitar and sang Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' much to the delight of the packed-out crowd.
Dark Side Of The Moon Back In Orbit! Following on from the amazing sales of The Endless River (it's gone platinum in some countries) The Dark Side Of The Moon has shot back into the Billboard chart at No 13. It moved just over 38,000 album equivalent units last week, comprised mostly of pure album sales (nearly 38,000; up 940 percent). That’s the album’s highest rank since the Oct. 15, 2011-dated chart, when it re-entered at No. 12 following a new deluxe reissue. With 889 weeks on the chart, it continues to rule as the album with most charted weeks in the history of the tally.
The Purple Gang Many, many years ago we featured part of The Purple Gang story on this site. If you want to delve back into the past you can read our 2 part article that was written by founder member Chris (Joe) Beard. For those that don't know The Purple Gang were an integral part of The Summer Of Love (1967) and recorded the Hippy anthem 'Granny Takes A Trip'. They appeared on the same bill as Pink Floyd many times at UFO (Where it can be said that Pink Floyd really started their amazing journey to stardom) and other 'happenings' such as the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream. Now we are delighted to tell you that Joe Beard has put pen to paper and written a book about those times and the Kindle edition is now available to download. The Purple Gang were a group of young hopefuls, who met at Stockport Art College, formed a jug band then headed off to London to seek fame and fortune. Their talent was spotted and the band were on the cusp of stardom – until their first single – Granny Takes a Trip – was banned by the BBC. Justifying the ban, the BBC controller at the time commented: “. . . a song with a dubious title designed to corrupt the nation’s youth – and a band that boasts a warlock for a singer will not be tolerated by any decent society . . .” Despite the huge setback – or because of it – their record became one of the theme songs of the Summer of Love in 1967 and the London Underground sub-culture movement. John Peel said: “I really think that Granny is one of the all-time great records.” Record producer Joe Boyd wrote: …I produced it (Granny Takes A Trip) the same week as Pink Floyd’s Arnold Layne – one night later. The two seemed part of the same world then. The London scene was greatly enriched that summer of 1967 by their contribution…” Syd Barrett said at the time (Refering to Arnold Layne and Granny Takes A Trip) "They can have No.2 and we`ll have No.1" You can access Joe's book Taking the Purple: The extraordinary story of The Purple Gang - Granny Takes a Trip . . . and all that! from our dedicated Amazon links and we urge you to do so. Canada | USA | Germany | Italy | UK Or you can order a copy of the book (available early in 2015) by contacting Cost is £17 by PayPal and includes Postage.
Surfacing The video of Surfacing from The Endless River is now available in our dedicated Endless River section.
The Division Bell Nominated For Grammy Award The Division Bell 20th Anniversary Edition in 5.1 has been nominated for Best Surround Sound Album at the upcoming Grammy Awards. The winner will be announced on Feb 8th, 2015.
David Gilmour's New Album - Latest It seems as if work on David's new solo album is picking up pace and here's a few tid bits that we have learned. Steve Distanislao has done the majority of the percussion and Nick Mason may also appear on a track or two (Depending on what's chosen to go on the album). It's understood (although not confirmed) that Phil Manzanera is doing some guitar duties and there's the possibility that Guy Pratt will pick up his bass again (Although again, that's not confirmed and it's only an outside chance). We are also almost certain (again not confirmed) that Jon Carin will be playing keyboards. Of course it's already known that Crosby and Nash have put down at least one track. David is also known to have said “I have a little bit of Rick playing from my solo stuff that will hopefully appear on my next solo album.” Another source said "The demos are amazing, a complete 360 degrees from On An Island" (and yes we know that 360 gets you back to where you started, we think they meant to say 180) so it is all starting to come together. We are also delighted to welcome on board whom we will be working in conjunction with, on both the album and tour.
Cinema Meets Planetarium - Dark Side Special From December 6th the Infoversum in Groningen (Netherlands) will be screening a special surreal performance of Dark Side Of The Moon (See video clip below). It will then run every Saturday evening until 3 January. The Infoversum is a spectacular venue (Check It Out) it's a cinema where visitors can experience a multi-dimensional view of the universe through 3D projections in a Planetarium setting. Although Dark Side Of The Moon will only be in 2D it still promises to be a trip like no other, with fantastic sound and incredible images that provide an unforgettable experience of this legendary album. For more information about these screenings Check Out The Site Now we imagine that many of you will be sitting there scratching your heads and saying 'but there is no Dark Side Of The Moon movie' but there is now! Starlight Productions were commissioned to produce something spectacular and that's just what they did. Visit This Site, turn out the lights, crank up the volume and be prepared to be amazed!
Got An Hour To Spare? There's a really good interview/special with David Gilmour as he to speaks to BBC's Tom Robinson about David's influences and the music that has shaped the band. It runs for an hour and covers a lot of ground. Highly Recommended.
Pink Floyd Rare Posters We have been fortunate in obtaining permission from (an awesome picture-sharing community for collectors) to display a small collection of rare Pink Floyd posters. What makes this collection especially interesting is that sale prices are displayed, along with descriptions of each poster. You may have seen a couple of these before but not realised just how much they are worth! Show Me
Ca Ira Nashville - First Night Cancelled Further to our story in September about Roger Waters Opera Ca Ira making its U.S. premiere in Nashville at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center on January 29 & 30. We have been advised that the performance on the 29th has been cancelled. The performance for the 30th will still go ahead and it's been confirmed that Roger will be in attendance as the narrator. More Info or phone 615-687-6400
It's St. Nick! Just in time for Christmas, Nick Mason puts in a guest appearance on the stunningly beautiful Kirsty Bertarelli new single 'The Ghosts of Christmas Past'. The song was written by Kirsty, and in order to give it some extra power during the crescendo, she enlisted the help of a young choir from her home town. The 28 member choir is comprised of young adults and staff from the YMCA – none of whom had ever set foot in a professional recording studio before. The recording was made in Abbey Road’s huge Studio One – the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio. The choir was joined by Kirsty’s band, as well as by Nick Mason on drums. You can order the song/s (there's more than one) now from Amazon UK

Update - The full version of the song is now available below.

Click to enlarge
Christmas Is Coming! Stumped what to buy your Floyd friends for Christmas (or even yourself!) Why not grab an official 2015 Pink Floyd Calendar and put a smile on someone's dial? Amazon UK | USA | Canada | Germany | Italy
The Endless River Round Up With so much information about The Endless River clogging up our main page we have moved most of the content to our Dedicated Section and would request you go there to access just about all the information that is available. Despite our closing off any further reviews recently, they still continue to come in, so a few more have been added to our special Fan Reviews section. The album has been a sensation in most parts of the world seeing it debut at Number 1 in most countries (The obvious exception being the USA where it debuted at Number 3)
David Gilmour Tour Dates Did you get excited when you read that headline? Well so did a lot of other fans when they read that recently on another site! (Apparently missing the disclaimer at the top that said the tour dates were based on the On An Island tour) We have had a stack of enquiries asking if the tour dates are legit and the answer is a resounding NO!!! No dates are announced yet, and the album isn't even finished! We have since been contacted by a representative of the site in question to say that they are going to make the disclaimers more obvious. UPDATE We are pleased to advise that the site in question have now updated the site to reflect the fact that the dates listed are suppositions only. It seems the confusion was caused by the site guessing a date in Brazil, that somebody misinterpreted as a fact, and circulated an email to that effect. (Probably something lost in the translation). All is well with the world now! You can be sure that if & when Official tour dates are announced they will be listed on AFG.
Andy Jackson's New Album - Signal To Noise Regular visitors will recall that some months ago we told you about Pink Floyd Engineer Andy Jackson's New Album 'Signal To Noise'.After listening to an advance copy of Andy's New Album 'Signal To Noise' were most impressed. So much so that we decided to ask Andy to do an exclusive interview for this site (See below) This is one brilliant album and not to be missed!

Above - The Boy In The Forest.
Below - The AFG Exclusive Interview.

Signal To Noise is now available from the following Amazon links

Nick Mason: Is This The End For Pink Floyd? Australia's Triple M's Lee Simon went one-on-one with the 70-year-old drummer and founding member to talk in depth about the new record, and answer questions about their future recording and tour plans.
And Now For Something Completely Different. PFA Publishing have announced the publication of their latest book, titled The Final Cut – A History of Pink Floyd 1982-1983. The book features an insiders look at the making of The Final Cut album, insights into the Pink Floyd recording process, an examination of the Holophonic recording process used on the album, a song by song analysis of The Final Cut album, and a glimpse into the making of The Final Cut film. It also includes a world-wide The Final Cut discography, as well as over 150 illustrations, with many rare and previously unpublished photos of the recording sessions, and pictures of The Final Cut memorabilia from The Pink Floyd Archives collection. With contributions from James Guthrie, Willie Christie, Andy Jackson, and others. This beautiful hardcover book is a limited edition of just 1,500 copies, with each copy numbered and signed by the author. The Final Cut book is a companion book to their Comfortably Numb – A History of The Wall book, and is being offered solely to their subscribers (those who purchased the Comfortably Numb book). Subscribers can purchase more than one copy of the book if they so desire. (Note: If you would like to receive the same numbered book as your Comfortably Numb book, you will need to place your order immediately and specify your book number when you order). The book costs a modest $36.95 (US) plus shipping. To order a copy of the deluxe, limited edition book, The Final Cut – A History of Pink Floyd 1982-1983 payment may be made through Paypal to (please mention 'The Final Cut book' with your PayPal order). Alternately you can also order The Final Cut book by mail using cash, check or Postal Money made payable to PFA Publishing. Send your order to: PFA Publishing P.O. Box 123 Crystal Springs, FL 33524-0123 U.S.A. If you have any questions, please e-mail: Please Click Here for shipping costs which should be included with your order. Footnote: There are still a few Comfortably Numb books available for sale. You can purchase one of these, which then makes you eligible to buy a copy of The Final Cut. Please contact the author for further details.

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