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Over a year to construct, the all new AFG is now here! We have retained many of the exhibits from the old site and added a whole lot more. Take your time to have a good look around as there is a LOT to see. Some of the new features include a comprehensive guide to all of Pink Floyd’s (and solo) music, including Discographies and DVD/Blu-ray releases. Also, look out for the massive 152 page The Wall Comic Book, which is one of the attractions in our new Fun & Fantasy section. A lot of favourites have made a return, including the popular Pink Floyd Millionaire. Stacks more interviews have been added to that section and you can also find our new Picture Potpourri part of the site, with dozens of mixed images.

We suggest you check out our Concerts & Tours section, where we have reprocessed many of the images using the latest technology. Some of these exhibits are breathtaking, so even if you have been there before on the old site, it looks a lot different now!

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Royal Mail Issue Pink Floyd Special Stamps

  • 10 new stamps will be issued on 7 July 2016 to celebrate one of the most successful and influential rock bands of all time
  • Six stamps feature iconic album covers: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn; Atom Heart Mother; The Dark Side Of The Moon; Wish You Were Here; Animals and The Endless River 
  • A further four stamps within a miniature sheet celebrate the ground-breaking live performances of the band, from the appearances at the now legendary UFO Club, London in 1966 where they invented the ‘psychedelic’ light show; to the extremely ambitious staging for albums such as The Wall and the Division Bell tours
  • The Division Bell album cover appeared on a stamp in 2010
  • The stamps are available to pre-order online from 26 May at
  • The stamps will be available to purchase in 8,000 UK Post Offices from 7 July 2016

Roger Waters 2016 Tour Dates

Sun 09 Oct 2016 Indio, CA Coachella
Tue 11 Oct 2016 tbd
Wed 12 Oct 2016 tbd
Thu 13 Oct 2016 tbd
Sun 16 Oct 2016 Indio, CA Coachella

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have been requested by Roger’s Management to remove several dates that we had listed, which we have done in good faith. As soon as any dates become official we will re-list them. (Updated 25 May)