Now in its 16th big year, Pink Floyd A Fleeting Glimpse continues to attract new audiences. The site is widely acknowledged as a great source for Floyd news and has picked up a massive cult following over the years. (We passed the 50 Million visitor mark way back in Nov 2012!) A Fleeting Glimpse (Or AFG as its become known) is used by a cross section of the Floyd/Waters online community, including new fans & crusty old fossils, who spend all their life researching Floyd. I fit into the latter category by the way, having been a Floyd fan since 1966. My name is Col Turner, and I run this site on behalf of fans all over the planet. Without your contributions the site could not exist. If you have anything Floyd related that you think may be of interest, drop us a line (  Don't forget, in the best Pink Floyd tradition, there are several hidden links on this site, can you find them? Col Turner ~ Gold Coast, Australia
Pink Floyd Exhibition In Milan Extended To January 2015 Due to international popular demand ‘The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal Remains’, will now continue to run in Milan until January 2015. Launched on 25 February, demand for tickets was such that the initial four exclusive weeks has had to be extended. The Exhibition opens on 19 September 2014 with tickets now available through to 18 January 2015. MORE INFO
Amused To Death 5.1 & Princeton Conference Further to our scoop that the world premiere of the 5.1 mix of Roger Waters’ Amused To Death, was to debut at the Princeton University Pink Floyd Conference on 12 April, the 5.1 Mix 1st review is now here, along with the Conference 1st review In a further SCOOP, we can now tell you that the 20th anniversary edition will have a new mix, along with the 5.1 mix.(IE a NEW stereo mix, as well as the 5.1 mix).It's further understood that there are plans for a 5.1 BD-audio release from Sony sometime in the future. Remember where you read it first! Pre-orders of ATD SACD ORDER NOW
Now Here! The FULL four part review of this conference, including an in-depth analysis of ATD 5.1 written by audiophile and AFG correspondent Julie Skaggs. Don't miss this, it's bound to become a classic! Enter Here
Ben Watt with David Gilmour / 'The Levels' (Live) From The Album Hendra
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Best of British Day Footes Music Shop are hosting a Best Of British Day at their store located at 41 Store Street London WC1E 7DB on Saturday 26th April. A bunch of drummers will be in attendance, including none other than Nick Mason. For more information click on the banner below.
Snowy White To Sell His Goldtop In a surprising turn of events, long time Pink Floyd & Roger Waters close associate Snowy White has announced he will be selling his beloved Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1957 guitar. No reason has been given, although it's understood that Snowy may be retiring later this year. The iconic guitar was acquired by Snowy in 1969 and has featured on every recording and performance since then, including the Pink Floyd 'Animals' tour 1977, the Pink Floyd 'Wall' shows 1980, Thin Lizzy 1980 - 82, the hit song 'Bird of Paradise in 1984, Roger Water's Berlin Wall show 1990, all the Roger Waters tours 1999 - 2013, and much more besides. Snowy has owned this guitar for nearly 45 years, and for over 30 of those years it was his only instrument, played almost every day. Note: as a working instrument, this guitar has had a certain amount of repair and change, including rewiring, refretting and new tuning heads. Most of the original parts have been kept. This guitar is offered 'as seen', with no apologies from Snowy as to its current condition. To register your interest in this original guitar email Peter at (Click image to enlarge)
IT'S BACK ON! The administration problems have been sorted out and we can now reveal that the the world premiere of the 5.1 mix of Roger Waters’ landmark 1992 release Amused To Death, will debut at the Princeton University Pink Floyd Conference. It will be played alongside 5.1 demonstrations of The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. The event will take place on April 12th. Read our EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the event by AFG correspondent Julie Skaggs. Don't forget that Amazon US are taking pre-orders of ATD SACD ORDER NOW (Added 4 April)
Can't Wait Until September? Reaction to the announcement of an official Pink Floyd exhibition in Milan in September/October has been extraordinary. For those that can't wait until then, we are pleased to announce that The Lunatics - Pink Floyd Collector’s Club are staging their own (not too shabby) exhibition in Turin in March. With guest of honour Adrian Maben this promises to be an event not to be missed. For full information click on the banner below. UPDATE: Adrian Maben will present two films about Pink Floyd: one is the documentary "Chit Chat With Oysters", with 55 minutes of unreleased tracks made during the filming of the movie "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii"; second is the new version Blu-Ray of the film, with the restored video and multi-channel audio.

The exhibition was an outstanding success, with a large turnout over the two-day event. There's a great article about the two Adrian Maben films over at that's well worth your time to read. In addition, below we have featured a number of photos from the event. (Click to enlarge). Our thanks go to Stefano Tarquini & The Lunatics. All pictures copyright Stefano Tarquini

New David Gilmour Music At The Pink Floyd Exhibition! It's been reported in the Italian language that Aubrey 'Po' Powell (Curator & Creative Director of the exhibition) has stated that NEW David Gilmour music will be heard at the Pink Floyd Exhibition later this year. 'Po' told (Loosely translated) "and by the way there will be a new music written by David Gilmour. I don't have the title, I don't know what it is, but I know he has been working on it for some time." Read the Italian interview with special attention to the VERY LAST paragraph. Our thanks go to for the lead on this story.
Look What Just Popped Up! The enigmatic video below just turned up on the official Pink Floyd site without any fanfare or explanation, and advertises 'The Pink Floyd Exhibition'. Now we are hoping that this might be the exhibition that Nick has talked about (Nick Mason came across the black and white film while he was piecing together archive footage to be used at exhibitions about the rock band) and we have previously reported on. (See story headed 'Lost Pink Floyd Treasures Found' below) If this is what we think it is, it will be the first major official exhibition since the Interstella Exhibition in Paris in 2003 & 2004. We have set aside a special area of the site where you will be able to access all the news of this/these exhibition/s as it comes to hand. Make sure you visit our Pink Floyd Exhibition Section

AFG WAS FIRST WITH THE NEWS ! OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED We can confirm that the exhibition will open on September 19 in Milan Italy until October 19. It's to be held at the Fabbrica del vapore See our Dedicated Page for FULL details and TICKET LINK.

Princeton University Pink Floyd Conference Princeton University will be hosting an interdisciplinary conference celebrating the music, art, and culture of Pink Floyd. The first ever academic conference to focus entirely on the band will feature Grammy Award-winning Pink Floyd producer/engineer James Guthrie. The conference will include surround playing of James Guthrie's recent SACD mixes of Pink Floyd music, concert-lectures, world premieres of acoustic compositions and arrangements inspired by Pink Floyd music, panel discussions, and a Q&A session with James Guthrie The town of Princeton will join the celebrations by hosting a Pink Floyd jam session, a public screening of the movie The Wall, and an exhibition of Pink Floyd album covers and art. Admission is free but registration is required. The conference will be held on 13 April and more details and a complete schedule of events can be found at the conference's website
Lost Pink Floyd Treasures Found Nick Mason has recently discovered unseen footage of the band. Nick came across the black and white film while he was piecing together archive footage to be used at exhibitions about the band. He said the clips show himself backstage with David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Syd Barrett at some gigs in the late-60s. He said: “There are some unseen bits and pieces. We have got a bit of backstage black and white footage – 8mm film – that we took ourselves.” Nick also repeated that "if there was another Live 8 we would respond if someone asked" but he has often said this in the past so we are not getting too excited just yet! Full Story (thanks Dave H). Psssst, we don't want to shout this out too loud but if you were a member of The Forum you might just find a link to some unheard Floyd material from the Animals recording sessions, but keep that to yourself. :-} UPDATE: There's also some early mixes from Wish You Were Here that have surfaced!! Read all about it in The Forum
New David Gilmour Album 'Confirmed'! Well the hints have been around for months and finally there is firm confirmation that David Gilmour is working on a new album. You will recall a couple of weeks ago we reported that David's wife Polly tweeted about "Crosby and Nash in the studio singing like birds tonight", well now out of the mouth of Graham Nash comes confirmation that he and David Crosby are 'singing with David Gilmour on HIS NEW RECORD'. This remark was made during an interview (12m 50s mark). Graham also confirmed that the album is being recorded at Brighton (David's house at Hove). Also, a couple of months ago, Phil Taylor (David's guitar tech) confirmed to Effectrode that David was pleased with the Helios Fuzz pedal he bought from them and will be purchasing another one "BEFORE HE STARTS RECORDING". AFG First with the news again.

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