This exhibition features images taken from the book that accompanied ‘The Wall’ movie.

The 1982 movie had 14,000 individual hand-painted cels. The cels were created by 50 artists over the course of three years, in order to produce 20 minutes of animation.

There were five Pink Floyd performances filmed at Earls Court. London (June 13-17 1981)
for use in the movie.Alan Parker (Director) considered the footage a complete disaster and it was not used in the film. The cost? A massive $12,000,000

The movie premiered at the 35th Cannes Film Festival (out of competition) at midnight on May 23 1982

On July 14 1982 the film had it’s London premier at the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square.

The movie opened in New York on August 6 1982

Animations in this exhibit were made from collages that are in the book.

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