These four pages were stitched in the middle of the program booklet. Paper quality and print quality are identical – also the format fits perfectly into the program booklet. This leads to the conclusion that the program booklet and the insert were produced by the same printer.
Some fans have removed the insert from the program booklets because it was understood more as advertising and covered the cenferfold photo of the program. Therefore, the inserts are now and then also offered separately on eBay. Strictly speaking, however, they always belonged to the german program booklet. Therefore, the pinholes of the stitching can always be found in the middle.

Interesting detail: “MAMA Concerts” (Marcel Avram) and “Marek Lieberberg” were actually two competing German concert promoters with different clients at that time. In this case, the two companies collaborated for the first time because the production costs of the show were so high that the financial risk was (unequally) shared. That’s why both companies also appear below in the acknowledgement: “It took us twelve years to build ‘The Wall’ with you. From the Munich Blow Up-Club in 1968 to the ‘Event of the Century’ at the Dortmund Westfalenhalle. It’s been a great journey. You taught us everything we know. Thank you Roger, David, Rick, Nick and Steve” [Steve O’Rouke – Pink Floyd’s manager at the time]. Marcel Avram, München and Marek Lieberberg, Frankfurt

On the page with the thanks from Avam and Lieberberg you can see the Western Wall, Hebrew: Ha-Kotel Ha-Maʿaravi, also called Wailing Wall, in the Old City of Jerusalem, a place of prayer and pilgrimage sacred to the Jewish people. It is the only remains of the retaining wall surrounding the Temple Mount, the site of the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem, held to be uniquely holy by the ancient Jews.

Other interesting details: The full-page “MAMA Concerts” ad references the first Star Wars film adaptation, which was still very popular at the time, by saying “… and let the force be with you in 81”.

The Marlboro advertising was also not accidental, because the cigarette manufacturer handed out free sample packs of 5 Marlboro cigarettes on the concert days to the concert goers in front of the venue (something that would certainly be strongly criticized today).

The full-page ad by EMI Elektrola – the German subsidery of the British record company – also sponsored the printing costs of the brochure. All the band’s LP’s released up to that point and the new limited edition box set of all Pink Floyd records were advertised here (1C 198-53 826-838).

Thanks To Martin Geyer for this rare contribution

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