I have lost count of how many CD’s & DVD’s have arrived at the AFG office over the last decade or so. Many of them promise that they have been influenced by Pink Floyd, but when you sit down to listen to them, you generally find that there is little to back up that claim.

I first heard about the Truth Movement’s new album, aptly entitled ‘Technology Analogy’ a few weeks ago, and on discovering actor Corey Feldman was the front man, immediately thought ‘here we go, another actor who thinks they are a musician’. I must confess to approaching this album with some degree of cynicism.

On unwrapping the album (which is made of special 100% biodegradable materials) The Floyd connections are immediately apparent, as the artwork of album designer Storm Thorgerson jumps out at you.

Front Cover

Front Cover

The Floyd connections don’t stop there though. Jon Carin (an integral part of Pink Floyd since 1987) and Scott Page (now called Scotty, who played Sax for Pink Floyd 1987 – 1989) both feature heavily on the album, which is dedicated to Richard Wright.

So now I’m suitably impressed, but what does it sound like? Stereo at the ready and fully cranked I sat back to listen.

The album opens out with an interesting (and authentic) jungle soundscape, with a narration that sets up what is to come. I immediately took a liking to the second track ‘ Ezekiel’s Wheels’ which is partly narrated, partly sung, and works extremely well.

Truth Movement offer a collection of different styles, but the Floyd influence shines through on many of the songs. ‘Breezy Day’ for instance reminded me of something Syd Barrett might have come up with.

‘Disconnected, although not particularly Floyd sounding, appealed to me as a good up to the minute song that speaks of the computer age:

“Turn on my computer, start up system run,
was not shut down properly, corruption has begun”

Inside Cover

The keyboards on ‘Coming Back Around’ are VERY Floyd sounding, as is the drumming, and Floyd fans will be very familiar with the first few bars.

‘Green Is The Colour’, although nothing like the Pink Floyd song of the same name, is a beautiful ballad, that tackles the issue of the environment. We are told that Some Green groups are already adopting it as their anthem. You can get a free listen to this song on Corey’s web site

Rear Cover

Rear Cover

The final track (Before the outro) called ‘Trust No One’ could have been written (and performed) by Roger Waters. Both vocally & musically I love this song.

A true ‘concept’ album, that takes on some of today’s issues, such as computer technology and the environmental

To his great credit, Corey doesn’t trade in on his Hollywood name, preferring instead to let this album stand or fall on it’s own merits. The album is backed up by LA musicians, Rob Heskin (guitars/writer) Chuck Irwin (drums/writer) Randy Morris (bass), and features contributions by Mark Karan of Rat Dog.

They say the band’s aim is to be a Pink Floyd inspired homage to classic rock, I think they have succeeded.

Conclusion: This is A BLOODY GOOD ALBUM.

You can order the album on Corey’s web site https://www.coreyfeldman.net/ Just do it!

Col Turner
A Fleeting Glimpse
November 2008

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