The Last Waltz

I just want that thing
When voices join in harmony
And in that fleeting moment,
Meaning coalesces on the ear,
All dark, dissolving, clouds the alleyways no more
And fresh bread scent of home pervades the air

No sandal soles
In dust of broken homes
Nor callused toes peep bloody from the garment hem,
And all the big parades
And shock and awe
And swagger on the carrier decks and medals
Jangle helpless in the face of what is fair

I just want that thing
When friends draw in, some living some begone,
Some brittle, none forgotten
All beloved everyone.

Then dash the glass into the fire
Then well up unashamed my heart
Beyond the reach of fear
Of faith, blind, bigoted and drear

And then across the great divide
Rise men and women unafraid
To dash in loss their bracelets at the wall,
And hearing them
Hope holds me in its thrall.

I just want that thing
When empathy prevails
When man evolves beyond the crass
And reason comes of age
When dogma, cant, and witchcraft
All are banished to the past
When voices join in harmony at last.

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