In 1984 David Gilmour embarked on a tour to promote his album ‘About Face’. The tour kicked off on 31 March and went through to May 1 in Europe and then moved to North America from May 9 through to July 16. The pictures you see on this page were taken on June 8 1984 by Jim Grisamore at the UIC Pavilion Chicago, to whom we say a big thanks for sending them to AFG. You might also want to visit our other exhibition from the European leg of the tour on April 12 at Lyon (Lione) France

  1. Until We Sleep
  2. All Lovers Are Deranged
  3. There’s No Way Out Of Here
  4. Love On The Air
  5. Mihalis
  6. Cruise
  7. Short & Sweet
  8. Run Like Hell
  9. Out Of The Blue
  10. Let’s Get Metaphysical
  11. You Know I’m Right
  12. Blue Light
  13. Murder
  14. Near The End
  15. Encore Comfortably Numb
David Gilmour (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
Gregg Dechart (Keyboards)
Mickey Feat (Bass Guitar)
Jody Linscott (Percussion)
Mick Ralphs (Guitar, Vocals)
Raff Ravenscroft (Saxaphone)
Chris Slade (Drums)

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