HomenewsRemember This? (World Scoop)

Remember This? We are advised that it’s not the Coachella Festival Roger will be appearing at, instead it’s a concert at Coachella around 4th or 5th October. (Filed March 12) NOW SEE THIS As you can see we first got a whiff of the Mega Concert in October at Coachella way back on March 12th.This was weeks before rumours started to circulate and it’s probable that those rumours spread from this site! This is going to be Massive and will feature Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Who, Neil Young and of course Roger Waters. Shows you the benefit of having reliable sources, so we can bring you these rumours with confidence. However, we are not going to spoon feed you all the details, just take the above link. SPOILER: Roger’s probable set list: (Highlight with cursor: Greatest hits set with a few solo tracks as well)



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