HomenewsDavid Gilmour Mini Concert On Jimmy Kimmel Show

 David will be appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Mar 28th (Hollywood Boulevard LA). At the time of writing there were still FREE TICKETS to the concert. We are advised that the concerts take place at a very small outdoor lot behind studio – maybe up to 500 people. It’s understood that these Mini Concerts are recorded for broadcast at a later date (sometimes up to a month later). If we find out the broadcast date we will be sure to let you know. UPDATE Songs played at Mini Concert were ‘In Any Tongue’, High Hopes’, ‘Today’, ‘Rattle That Lock’ & ‘Wish You Were Here’. The only song that went to air was ‘Rattle That Lock’. Here’s a whole bunch of brilliant photos and a couple of private videos. Official VideosYou can now view ‘Rattle That Lock’ & ‘Wish You Were Here’. In Any Tongue and High Hopes will be broadcast in June.

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