The information on the article to the left of this page isn’t quite accurate. The Pink Floyd Pompeii Exhibition originally opened in Pompeii’s Town Hall from July 4th to 31st 2015. However, it has now opened for a few months in the underground passages of the Roman Amphitheatre of Pompeii.

The exhibition, curated by the ‘Live At Pompeii’ (1971) movie director Adrian Maben, features over 250 photos and original memorabilia and also includes footage, (discovered by Maben a few years ago), including outtakes, interviews, smoke rings & party tricks, beer, oysters and all. (Known as Chit Chat with Oysters)

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii exhibition. July 9th 2016.

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The underground passages of the Amphitheatre have been made accessible to the public and following the exhibition they will be a permanent location for future photo shows. The roughly 80 metres of passageways were opened only in 1971 for the band’s concert and for filming in 1984.

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