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I just received my “Inside Pink Floyd” 2-DVD package from the Classic Rock outfit in Britain. Well…..

Unless your a big Mostly Autumn fan, then I suggest that you skip it. I repeat: don’t buy this thing.

First off, there is absolutely nothing new in it. Zero. Nada. The packaging makes claim to some rare unreleashed film of AHM. This turns out to be the last minute of the song from KQED.

Second, there are several errors made. Like the graphic which indicates the KQED performance occurred in 1969.

Third, the package reeks of Mostly Autumn promotion. Interlaced in the two DVDs are interviews with six different people. Three are lame music critics telling us what we already know. The other three are members of Mostly Autumn talking about how great Pink Floyd are and how they were inspired by our heroes. There’s also a short shot of Mostly Autumn on stage butchering Comfortably Numb.

Fourth, a small book comes with the DVDs. The book gives a one paragraph “review” of each song from each PF album. I read the pages on Piper and couldn’t bear to read any further. Bloody awful. And more errors too. Guess which song sounds like the theme music from secret agent James Barry [sic] 007?

Fifth, the package also included a 4-track promo sampler CD for Mostly Autumn’s new album ‘Passengers’. The sleeve makes claim to them being the ‘new Pink Floyd’.

Is this for real? I guess it depends on what your definition of what Pink Floyd is is. If PF is a certain type of sound, then MA makes a good imitation of the classic PF sound. If PF means progressive, pushing the boundaries of rock-and-roll, then give me Radiohead, not Mostly Autumn.

Thanks to Ed.

I completely agree. I got mine last week and I didn’t even bother watching the second DVD. It’s an agonizing watch to say the least. It’s plagued with dreadful interviews, ultra-lame reviewers and cheap low-quality videos that everybody saw.

It’s also a shameless plug for Mostly Autumn since MA’s label is Classic Rock Legends.

I feel robbed, angry and down 50$! Too bad I can’t return this junk.


Thanks to Philippe

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