Pink Floyd 1995 Pulse Screensaver

Originally distributed in a floppy disk (3½ in – 1.4Mb diskette) as a promotional item for the live album.

The screensaver was composed of several low-quality still GIF images, and looping low-quality sound samples from several Pink Floyd songs that appear in the album.

It is interesting that a 3 and a half minutes screensaver could be packed in such a small container as a diskette. As you’ll understand, the original quality (640X480 pixels) is not the best for today’s standards; but it was very nice back then (20 years ago) and quite appropriate for Windows 3.1 PCs (Windows 95 had not been launched when Pulse reached the stores).

Compatability : Whilst originally designed for the now obsolete Windows 95, We can confirm that the screen saver still works up until Windows 7 In compatibility mode.

You Can Download By Clicking Here

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