On the 17th June 1981 Pink Floyd played the last show of the 2 Year Long The Wall Live Tour in 1980 – 81 at Earls Court in London, Subsequently this was to be band’s last show with Waters up until the critically acclaimed 2005 Live 8 Performance.

The Wall Live was performed just 31 times in four cities: Los Angeles (7 shows), Uniondale (5), Dortmund (8) and London (11). The primary ‘tour’ consisted of 18 shows in L.A., Uniondale and London in 1980, but the band performed a further eight shows in Dortmund (13–20 February 1981) and five more shows at Earl’s Court (13–17 June) for filming, with the intention of integrating the shows into the upcoming movie Pink Floyd : The Wall which was released in cinemas worldwide on 15 July 1982.

The London shows are documented on the album Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81.

A Fleeting Glimpse correspondent Antony Meadley was at the June 17th show in London and managed to photograph the show, from the notes emailed in the pictures where shot on 35mm slide film, they may have degraded a bit over the years, and some are a bit blurry as it was quite dark.

This is the first time photographs of this date have been shared to the Pink Floyd community and our sincere thanks go to Antony for sending them in.