Pink Floyd famously toured The Wall with a limited number of shows taking place from 1980 to 1981, because of the scale of the spectacle that Roger Waters had devised. Of this tour, only 1 leg took place in mainland Europe, with Dortmund in northern Germany being the lucky city chosen.

Even luckier still, was AFG reader Hugo Grimes, who happened to be in Germany at the time of the shows:

I had arrived in Dortmund to work for 7 months as part of my university studies.  I was very surprised/delighted to find out that Pink Floyd were playing at a huge concert hall within walking distance of my flat!

I also saw Thin Lizzy, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Jethro Tull, Blues Band, Stevie Wonder in the next few months.

Hope people enjoy them – I was sat in the front row – but my ticket said row 32 – so I only had a few exposures left on my camera – it I had known I would have bought another film!