It was mid May 1970 and Pink Floyd were coming towards the end of a short USA tour. They were scheduled to play at The Warehouse in New Orleans on the 15th & 16th May. The show on the 16th May proved to be the last gig of this tour because as the band slept in their hotel they had $40,000 worth of equipment stolen, bringing the tour to a screeching halt.

Some of the equipment stolen included 4 guitars (amongst them David Gilmour’s original Black Strat which he had purchased just a few weeks previously from Manny’s in New York) an electric organ, a 4000 watt sound system, including 12 speaker cabinets, 5 Italian echo units, a bunch of microphones, two drum kits and miles of cables.

Before any of this unforunate incident happened the Floyd had completed their ‘Warehouse’ gigs and on the 15th a number of great pictures were taken and are now presented for your enjoyment.

THANK YOU to Vic Marsiglia who is the owner of these wonderful pictures.

In addition a BIG thank you goes to who host a fantastic site, documenting 360 Warehouse concerts and provide links to over 1000 items of memorabilia, are the original host of the pictures you see on this page.