Set List

Sheep / Pigs On The Wing, Part 1 / Dogs / Pigs On The Wing, Part 2 / Pigs (Three Different Ones) / Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5 / Welcome To The Machine / Have A Cigar / Wish You Were Here / Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-9 Encore Money   (Note: Bootlegs of the show on the 27th are in wide circulation)

From Melody Maker:

It had been an evening totally without mishaps.

The 12,000 natives packed into Frankfurt’s Festhalle for the second successive night on Thursday were in a generally friendly mood, for the Floyd hardly attract the standard aggro crowd of people like Zep or Purple. But in an audience that size it is a statistical certainty there are bound to be some nutters, like those who were throwing cans and bottles during the first set.

An announcement in the first interval to desist, bitte because delicate equipment was getting damaged. I saw another bottle smash on Nick Mason’s Hokusai painted drum kit–evidently a full one, for it sprayed his face with foam.

In the shadow of the PA columns, a group of “plain clothes” polizei, about as inconspicuous as a panzer armoured division in their uniform anoraks and regulation length haircuts, took photographs of the crowd to see if anyone was smoking dope. Their American counterparts in the Military Police also ranged through the crowd, checking IDs of hapless GIs out of the camp for a little night music, searching if they were AWOL or carrying exotic substances.

The band’s special effects department still hadn’t got the highpoint of their contribution to the show quite yet. In the middle of the “Pigs” section, which closed the first half, a gigantic inflated porker is meant to fly over the PA, emerging out of a cloud of smoke, clearing the stacks by a few inches, and making a circuit of the hall over the heads of the audience. Well, Mr. Pig made it over the stack all right without toppling the driver horns on the top, but the trouble was the smoke. The first three nights of the tour they couldn’t get enough product out of the rented fog-machine, so they tried a smoke bomb instead. That worked rather too well for comfort, filling the hall with billowing clouds of acrid, throat strangling murk, through which it was barely possible to see that something was happening on stage.

These great pictures were taken from the public domain Flickr site, and were posted there by Affendaddy Take the link to see more that are available there.