Haim from Israel gets to meet his hero

In January 2002 David Gilmour performed a series of 5 ‘unplugged’ concerts, starting in London, he performed at the Royal Festival Hall on January 16, 17 & 18th. He then performed 2 concerts on 23 & 24th January at the Palace Of Congress Paris.

  • Rick Wright was special guest at all 5 performances.
  • The show on 17th was known to have been officially filmed by 10 cameras. One of the cameramen confirmed that the filming was for a future DVD.
  • When David introduced High Hopes, he said that “it was from the last Pink Floyd album but maybe not ‘the last’
  • In London, Robert Wyatt sang on Comfortably Numb on the Wed, Sir Bob Geldoph was on Thurs and Kate Bush on Friday.

Thanks for these snippets go to Jonathan Hornibrook. lacrobat@globalnet.co.uk

All pictures (unless stated otherwise) in this series of concerts are kindly provided by Simon Wimpenny and are copyright.

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