So, you think you know something about Pink Floyd? Test yourself out by taking any of these 16 challenges.  If you can complete any round on the first attempt, give yourself a Pink Star! This game is designed for FUN only and no real money is awarded.

(Please note, this section is not suitable for mobile phones)

ROUND 1 (Moderate)

ROUND 2 (Moderate)

ROUND 3 (Moderate)

ROUND 4 (Bit harder) Prepared by Dean Hebert

ROUND 5 (Obscure Stuff) Prepared by Christopher Hughes

ROUND 6 (Pretty Tough) Prepared by Ed Paule

ROUND 7 (Moderate) Prepared by RonToon

ROUND 8 (Soundclip question)

ROUND 9 (Moderate) Prepared by Mike Osborne

ROUND 10 (Soundclips & Picture)

ROUND 11 (Mixed bag) Prepared by Jeff Najarian

ROUND 12 (Tough!) Prepared by Ed Paule

ROUND 13 (Good mix) Prepared by Amanda

ROUND 14 (Good tough mix) Prepared by Dion Johnson

ROUND 15 (Moderate) Prepared by Vince Tampio

ROUND 16 (Very Difficult) Prepared by Vince Tampio

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